Written by Good Listener

19 Jul 2016

A further exploit of Mary and her lover Steve took place close to Christmas last year when she was out with the girls but really just an excuse to fuck with him. I was not expecting her back until lunchtime next day as she already arranged to visit him instead of getting a taxi back home. Of course I was very much in favour of this arrangement as they had enjoyed plenty of fun nights already and it seemed natural that his place would be a further venue for their sexual unions. She had been fucked there before so knew the layout of his house, an old large semi left to him as he was an only son after his parents had passed away six years ago and within two months of each other. he had apparrently done it up nicely and she enjoyed being there.

This particular night Mary was in a highly sexual mood having not seen him for three weeks down to his workload as a courier for a national company, obviously Christmas deliveries were manic and he was up at five and on his rounds at six with a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility. He had been doing the job since his business became a victim of the recession despite it being able to sustain itself up until the end of 2013, he was not getting any new clients so wrapped it up in favour of a steady income from delivering parcels.

Mary arrived as agreed at just after half past ten and they were in each other's arms and kissing immediately with the prospect of a long night together as it was Sunday and his day off. When she said that he seemed a bit on edge it did not register, but he soon got her new dress off and had her laying across his bed in her stockings and suspenders, thong pulled to one side and his tongue deep in her willing cunt . He had his cock down her throat as they lay in the classic sixty nine position deep in the throes of foreplay, she told me she thought she heard something but was engrossed in her fun so took no notice until she became aware of somebody looking from the bedroom door at her with her mouth full of cock and her cunt riding Steve's tongue. 'That is a fantastic sight', she heard and jumped in fright then recognised the figure as Craig, one of his mates from the pub who she had met on her first date and Steve had flashed her pantieless cunt at him in the bar.

Steve said sorry to Mary for not warning her he was stopping the night too but hoped she would not mind. Craig was rubbing his cock over his jeans and Mary put two and two together immediately. 'This is a set up isn't it?' She was already worked up and she astounded him as she said 'Looks like I am in for double the fun, get yourself over he and get that cock out I want to see what else is going to fuck me' The tension was broken and Craig stripped off double quick and joined them on the bed with his cock bouncing wildly near her face. Taking a cock in each hand she played and sucked them and they talked dirty to her which only added to the fun. Her cunt was going to be double penetrated and it was the beginning of a night where sleep became secondary as each of her men seemed to gain sufficient stamina to fuck again as soon as the other had come. She was getting some serious spunk filling and she also had the luxury of having a squirt among her more normal orgasms.

Her return home did not transpire until late the next day as the frenzied night had led to a morning of sleep to recover and then both guys had her again courtesy of some soothing cream to reduce her inflamed lips, sufficient for her to get fucked by them both before they could not produce any come except for a little dribble. Mary reluctantly announced that she needed to go home and recover but hoped they would do it again soon and that was the start of her having double lovers on a regular basis right up to the present day. As I speak, she is getting ready to go out ad meet them at Steve's house, they have been taking photos of their antics and she has loads on her i phone and I get to see the action while remaining at a distance, miraculously still absent from the house. Luckily Craig and Steve live far enough away and only on occasions have they been close but mary has suggested she does not want the neighbours getting any ammunition to supply a divorce procedure and this has done the trick, whooppee do