Written by saraj

29 Dec 2014

OMG all my fantasies have come true, last Friday I had the most amazing sex with my brother in law. I have been married for 20 years and hubby and I have been swingers for the last 8 years it has really spiced up our sex life, he loves to watch me being fucked by other men. My fantasy was to be fucked by my brother in law as I knew he fancied me, he has told a number of people how lucky his brother is to have me and how sexy I am, he is so good looking and I have been told he is a great fuck. Paul and I had fantasized about me fucking Pete for a long time, Paul saying that he knew Pete would fuck me at the drop of a hat.

It was last Friday my works Christmas do, held in a hotel in London, as there was a lot of us we got cheap rooms for the night, so I had booked a room along with the other girls. we went to the bar and had a drink then went into our room for dinner, after dinner the music started, I was tipsy by then as all they had on the tables was wine. after a couple of dances I went out to the bar to get a vodka and saw Pete. I went over and asked him what was he doing there he said it was his Christmas do as well he said that I looked really well and very sexy, he pulled me in for a kiss and moved his hand to my arse, he said ladies don't wear thongs, to which I replied I'm no lady. I went back to our room and carried on dancing, within 5 minutes Pete was behind me dancing away, a slow record came on and he pulled me to dance with him. he put his arms round my waist and put my arms round his neck, we swayed to the song, he then put his hands on my arse and pulled me into him I gasped as I could feel his hard cock, he said can you feel how horny I am, I said god yea, he asked if I could do anything to help him. I said no as your my brother in law, he said so what no one will ever no. the song finished and we went back to the table, Pete kept getting me drinks until I was really drunk. At the end of the night he said I will walk you back to your room. I text Paul to tell him what was going on and he said enjoy but keep your phone on so I can hear you. In the lift he put his arm round my waist stroking my bum, I groaned as I was feeling really horny, we got to my room and I opened the door, he pushed me against the wall, pulled up my dress and slid his finger into my wet pussy, he finger fucked me until I cum. we both stripped off and he laid me on the bed, he put his head between my legs and licked my dripping pussy, he then laid on top of me in a 69 position and my god his cock was so thick and hard, I sucked him he kept pushing his cock into my mouth until I was chocking. He got of me and put me on my knees on the bed and climbed behind me and fucked me doggy style, then layed me on my back and fucked me, in fact he fucked in every position I could ever want. we laid down and we both dozed off, I awoke in the morning to his fingers rubbing my clit we fucked another two times and have arranged to meet again, my pussy is still sore.