Written by S lut

7 Dec 2016

It was a Saturday evening in the middle of Summer, it had been a really hot day and I had spent it chilling out in the garden chatting to friends. The heat always makes me feel horny so I headed for the shower to get ready for a night up the local. The shower was the same as any other the fingers stayed in certain places longer than was really necessary but it felt so damn good. As it was a hot evening and I was feeling a bit on the horny side I dried myself off and settled on an outfit to wear, long black skirt with splits up each side to the thigh and a teal vest top, oh and a pair of high heeled shoes. But that was it, far too hot for underwear. The local pub was busy and hot, lots of people enjoying the end of a Summer day with a pint and a catch up with friends. I made my way to the bar to order a drink, I had already had a couple at home so was on the way to being quite tipsy. I noticed straight away a few guys for the local cricket club, so wandered over to say ‘hi’. The first drink went down quick so i queued at the bar for another right infront of a couple of guys from the club. As i reached the bar I felt myself being pushed forward. Not able to move as i was pushed right up against it I felt the warmth of another body right behind me. OMG there was a guy pushing up against my ass and he was quite clearly excited to be doing so. Through the thin material of my skirt I could tell that his cock was larger than average, a lot larger than average and strangely I started to get aroused. I didn’t know who it was but I had my suspicions that it was the Club captain as I couldn’t see him standing with his friends. I went to move but he held my hips close to his now very hard cock so I had no choice but to feel his erection against me, I don’t know what came over me but I started to move my hips back and forward onto him. I could feel the wetness between my legs as my clit began to throb, I need to get fucked by this guy but I know i really shouldn’t After lots of flirting and more drinks i left the pub with some friends more than a little worse for wear, The club captain was nowhere to be seen I assumed he had gone home to his girlfriend. When I got home i lay on the sofa while the others went for something to eat in the kitchen, I was pretty out of it so just stayed put. I heard a knock at the door but it didn’t really sink in then i heard the club captain chatting to the others, he had obviously followed us back. I must have drifted off because the next thing i remember is that it is dark and everyone has gone to bed. But there was still someone in the room with me, standing over me. I felt a draught and realised that my top had been pushed up and my tits where there totally on display. I stayed very still and pretended to be asleep, what the hell was going on? I felt a hand stroke my stomach before moving up and gently stroking my left breast. I could hear heavy breathing and at that moment i knew it was the club captain. As he gently massaged my breast he rolled my nipple between his fingers and I could feel it becoming hard. I was getting off on this but it was so wrong! I pretended to stay asleep wondering how far he would go. He stopped for a little while and walked away, i thought he had decided it was time he went home but within seconds he was back standing over me almost thinking about his next move. He kneeled down and I felt his warm mouth around my nipple as his tongue flicked relentlessly over my pierced nipple, I loved it, I was getting so wet and I really wanted him to touch my pussy. I didn’t have to wait long. With one hand he pulled my skirt up to my belly button exposing my freshly waxed cunt, i felt so exposed but i didn’t want him to stop. He opened my legs, i didn’t resist, and i heard him groan as his hand explored my bald smooth mound. His finger soon found my swollen and throbbing clit, thank god he was going to give it some attention at last, it was almost painful it was that engorged and aroused. As he circled my clit with his finger and flicked my erect nippes with his tongue I could feel my whole pussy start to tingle, I thought i was going to cum there and then. He stopped with his fingers and I was so frustrated I wanted to scream at him to carry on but then he would know that I wasn’t really asleep, so I lay there to see what he would do next. I didn’t need to wait long, the finger that had given such lovely attention to my clit was now stroking the entrance to my cunt, i suddenly felt really vulnerable and shy as he could feel the wetness he had created, he slid his big finger deep into my pussy, oh god it felt so good, I love to be fingered so this was just heaven for me. Slow and gently he fingered and teased my sex for what felt like ages. Its almost like he was teasing on purpose and he knew what i needed. He slid in a second finger again working slowly and gently for a while before building up pressure and speed before finger fucking me hard and fast, I felt the orgasm build and before i could stop it, It happened. My pussy clamped down on his fingers, soaking them and the pleasure and relief was so intense I could have cried. This was all the invitation he needed and i felt him climb on the sofa, shorts down to his knees as he grabbed my hips and pulled them upwards towards his cock.. One swift push and he was balls deep, I gasped, I couldn’t help it. He was so big, bigger than I had ever had before. My pussy felt so full and like he was stretching is with every thrust. I groaned and i was rumbled he knew i was awake, he let out a little laugh and grabbed a handful of my hair. ‘I Knew you were awake you horny little bitch, just like I knew at the pub that this is what you wanted.’ he held my hair and fucked my pussy hard and fast, stopping short of cumming, he then flipped me over onto all fours and took me from behind, i felt him part my ass cheeks, it felt warm and wet round my hole as i realised he had just spat on it, as he roughly fucked me he stuck his finger deep into my ass, I squealed but this didn’t stop him, I had teased him up the pub and now it was payback. He fucked me hard for another 20 minutes before i felt his cock twitch and he emptied the contents of his balls deep into my greedy little cunt. He seemed to cum forever there was loads of it. He pulled up his shorts and patted me on the head before telling me that this wouldn’t be the last time and that next time he wouldn’t be coming here alone. I wondered what he meant by that but didn’t give it too much thought as i was on a post orgasm high. After he left i put my hand down to my sore and battered pussy to feel how much cum he had pumped in to me, it was everywhere. I rubbed it around my lips and clit before scooping some out onto my fingers to taste him. I drifted off to sleep on the sofa dripping his cum with memories of a very hot night and anticipation of maybe another.