Written by jerryberry

30 Nov 2009

I am writing this as I know M & E often read stories on SH. We meet up several times a year, they are old friends of C. Whenever we meet up M always has to have a feel of C, she doesn't much like it but always lets me know what's happened and it seems to set her off!! When we meet at M & E's we always end up in the hot tub with M touching C whenever he can. The last couple of times I've been forced a bit close to E who likes to grab my foot and rub it against her rather ample pussy - she gets a lot from that as I found out last time! as we came to get out, M made a grab for C and they fell back into the water, deftly E grabbed hold of my quite erect cock and within seconds had my hand almost entirely inside her whilst she jerked me furiously under the bubbles. C looked across, she knew exactly what was happening when she saw my face and suggested we stay in for a few more minutes!

I pumped away with my whole fist as E brought me to the point of coming - not in the water she said, upsets the chemicals!

We got out and as C went upstairs to shower and dress, me M & E were left downstairs. E wasted no time she was on her knees with m's cock in her moth whilst pulling me such that I was behind her, she wanted that hand back in her, she liked that. As for my stiff cock, that found a home in a very tight arse, knowing C would not approve and knowing she would soon be down for coffee made us all work fast and within less than 3 minutes E had a good mouthful from M and I was emptying into her deep inside.

We tidied up, I went to the other shower and we all met back down for coffee in the lounge. From where I was sitting no-one else could see what I could as E sat her legs slightly apart with my cum dribbling down onto her seat.