Written by Mutard

13 Jul 2010

My wife is a size 8/10 with 36C breasts and runners legs and bum. She tends to favour jeans and a t-shirt, but at 38 looks better in skirt and top or dress.

On this occassion we were at a wedding, in Shropshire, and had left the main party to go to our room at about midnight, to have sex and sleep. While hotm and certainly worthy of attention hse is quite old fashioned, and the naughtiest she's been until this night, was sex talk of threesomes and orgies, which always made her come loudly, especially if one of the other cocks entered her at the same time as me, in the form of a vibrator.

Okay, so there we are on the bed, heavily petting, when the noise levels rocket, and we realise that some of the lads from the wedding party, unknown to us, are outside, less than 20yards away and raucous. We continue, she's braless with erect nipples and very damp down below, but suddenly my wife gets up, slips on her shoes and her dress (without knickers or bra, but still with stockings and suspenders) and says that she can't focus with all that racket she's going to tell them to shut up.

I turn the light off in our room, and watch from the window, initially to make sure she's alright. I can hear and see everything.

My wife arrives and is slightly put off by the fact that the group of men cheers when she approaches them, and ask her if she is the entertainment. She says that she was in bed but they were too noisy, to which the ring leader says he bets she could make some noise if she let him help her.

Its cold by now, and the lack of a bra soon has my wifes erect tits pointing through her flimsy dress material, much to the amusement of the men outside. She is fuming, but clearly doesn't know how to handle them. The ring leader tells her that he will quieten the lads down, if she dances with him to the music that is emanating from the bar. My wife is puzzled but can't see the harm, and says okay, but no funny business.

She tries to keep hi at arms lenght but he pulls her in, and she just tucks her head against his chest to get it over with. His hands start exploring her firm body, and gradually rest on her butt. Gradually he raises the hemline, apparently without her noticiing, and his friends whistle at the sight of my wife dancing with their mate, her stocking tops visible.

Another of the blokes came up behind my wife and stroked down her back and onto her buttocks, before pushing her shoulder length hair to one side and kissing. She instanly flinched, and then struggled a little saying she was married. The main man just laughed and said "where is he then? Why don't you try it with a real man love?"

She looked up and he kissed her, but instead of pulling away, she appeared to lean into it, and they kissed passionately. He now brings his hands forward, and skips off the shoulder straps to reveal her pert breats and erect nipples, tweaking them hard. I saw her wimper, and suddenly as he pressed his hands on her shoulders, she sank to her knees, and accepted it has he ground his hips towards her face. Within seconds, and to thecheers of his mates, his cock was out and pressed against her lips.

At this stage, she seemed to have second thoughts, but he held her head, and said you are going to do this, you slut, you may as well enjoy it, then he held her hair, and forced his cock into her warm wet mouth. Two others came an dsucked ona tit each, and suddenly my wife looked like a complete slut. I couldn't believe it.

She was now sucking for all she was worth, whilst fingering herself, when suddenly he came. Initially she swalloed, but he produced a lot, and the remainder went on her face and hair. She was then pulled up and laid over a table. One of the guys netered her et and waiting pussy, while another entred her mouth, She looked so hot. A couple of the lads then got their phones out and started recording the scene.

Sometime later, she returned to the room, where i pretended to have fallen asleep. She woke me up with a blow job, asking why I couldn't even stay awake for two minutes. The clock told a differnt story she'd been about 90 minutes.

Since then, while I haven't witnessed anything quite so extreme, she has been a very horny bitch, which is great. If you'd like to know more, let me know.