Written by Cuckhub763

21 Nov 2013

We have been advertising for single males to meet for sometime and have had a few replies and a few unsuccessful meets.

We were contacted by a guy called Alex who responded to our ad and we arranged to have a drinks meet at a local hotel.

Now my wife Grace ( name changed) is a slim sexy 50 year old with the body of a 25 year old ,size 8 ,34c breast and legs and arse to die for.

We arranged to meet in the hotel bar ,We had decide this was an initial meet to see if we get on and to see if Grace fancied him.

She got ready for the meet ,taking a shower and making sure her pussy was completely smooth.

She dressed in a white see through thong ,white suspender belt ,nude stockings and a white push up bra.

On top she wore a checked blouse and shirt tight pin striped skirt and black heels

We arrived in the bar and went to get drinks and a guy came in ,who was Alex ,but we went and sat in a booth and I texted him to come over .

I sat one side of Grace and he sat the other,we chatted and had a few drinks and got on well.When Alex went to get more drinks I asked Grace if she liked him which she did,I then went to the bar and told Alex that she fancied him

Alex returned with the drinks ,we sat chatting. Alex started to touch Grace's stocking leg and left his hand there ,she didn't do anything to remove it .

He started to rub he leg and move higher ,I rubbed her other leg pushing her skirt higher exposing her stocking tops and glimpse of her panties.

Alex started brushing her panties with his fingers and grace struggled to keep her legs closed.

I then suggested that if we were to meet again Grace would like to see what Alex's cock was like.So I suggested we went into the disabled toilet together.

We made our way and we all quickly darted in and locked the door .I pulled up Grace's skirt exposing het stocking and panties which were now wet.

Alex said very nice ,I then pulled her panties to one side showing her completely bald pussy ,Alex started to finger her and snog her

He took his massive cock out and Grace was more than impressed.As he pushed her against the wall snogging her and rubbing her cock up and down her wet slit

She then turned around to show her arse and get his approval .

With all parties more than happy we need to leave the toilet

Grace and I left first and we meet Alex outside the hotel and arranged to meet soon