Written by Don

29 Apr 2013

So, I was fucking Sheila missionary on our hotel bed, while my wife Janey was impaled on Ted’s generous cock beside me.

It was surreal, seeing my faithful wife fucking a complete stranger (and without any pushing from me either), and she was loving it. Oohing and Aahing, and bouncing on this thick cock, while I hammered away at the curvy Sheila.

Eventually I could hold back no longer, and my friend gushed forth into Sheila’s warm and wet cunt, her pussy muscles seem to wring every drop from me.

I collapsed on to Sheila, cushioned by her large soft mounds, she whispered “Now lick me out, clean all your juice and make me cum again.”

Ever the dutiful gentleman, I shuffled down the bed, and put my tongue to her labia, licking, sucking, nibbling, prodding with my tongue as she writhed slowly.

I licked and swallowed all the juices seeping from her, and she loved it - gripping my head vice-like between her thighs.

Sheila then subsided and relaxed on our bed.

I struggled to my feet, and stood at the bottom of the bed, with Janey sat on Ted’s dick, her eyes wide as she gazed at me.

I remembered my camera, a small pocket digital Lumix, it was on the dressing table. I quickly reached over and grabbed it, turned it on, and began taking pics of Janey riding this stranger’s cock. I was afraid this might be a one-off and wanted some vivid pics as souvenirs (and to prove to both of us that this really happened).

Then, I switched the camera to video mode and stood there filming Janey and Ted. Sheila had recovered and came to me, took my now flaccid penis in her hand and licked and sucked me. My filming now moved down to capture this for posterity.

Sheila was an expert at oral, and I was amazed that she was already getting a response from my friend, slowly he came to life and was now semi-erect.

Moans from Janey made me look up and she was now climaxing on Ted’s enthusiastic pole. Ted, sensing Janey was coming, then responded and increased pace, and grunted as he spilled his seed in my wife.

Janey was done, and she lay back on top of Ted, whose cock now emerged covered in a silky sheen of his cum and Janey’s juice. Immediately Sheila was there, lapping first Janey’s pussy and then Ted’s relaxing penis. Janey was motionless letting Sheila do whatever she wanted.

After some minutes, we were spent. We all lay on the bed, Sheila and I cuddled, while Ted enveloped Janey with his arms and she nuzzled his chest (and played with his now resting cock).

We began to hear people outside in the corridor, and I looked at my watch beside the bed. It was 7:30, and hotel quests were obviously emerging to go down for breakfast.

“Is anyone hungry?” I asked.

“Mmm. Yes, come on Sheila, we best get moving.” Ted prodded Sheila in the back.

“Oh Ted, we’ve got more than a couple of hours before we have to get the train.” Sheila obviously preferred to stay put.

“Yes, but I need a hearty breakfast if we are going to be on the train for hours.” Ted gently maneuvered Janey so he could get out of the bed.

“You cannot go back to your room like that.” Janey finally seemed to be rejoining the rest of us. “Borrow our dressing gowns, but make sure you bring them back.” She laughed.

Ted and Sheila donned our gowns and off they went.

Janey and I cuddled up. “Are you OK?” I nervously asked, not sure how Janey was going to regard what had happened once we returned to real life.

“Mmm, yes I’m fine. Are you OK with what we did?”

“Very much, it was the craziest and sexiest thing.” I wanted to re-assure he wasn’t gong to get all jealous and angry – after all, I was as much to blame as Janey.

“Let’s shower and go down for breakfast.” With that Janey padded off to the en-suite, while I checked my camera for flicked through all the horny pics, and then watched the video – they were pretty good, and I made sure they wouldn’t accidentally be deleted by taking the memory card out and putting it safely away in my wallet.

After showering, we dressed – a change from the past 8 hours or so – and went down for breakfast. In the small breakfast restaurant, we spied Ted and Sheila already sat and tucking in. We joined them, and bizarrely began to introduce ourselves.

It turned out that they were married, but not to each other. They were work colleagues in Bournemouth for a business do, and were leaving today, going back to Leeds.

As much as I could in such a setting, I enquired about last night, their sleeping arrangements, and the corridor play. Sheila grinned and whispered that she and Ted had been seeing each other “on the side” for a couple of months, and this business trip was a heaven sent chance for some serious naughtiness. Hence fucking in the corridor, Sheila had wound Ted up and dared him to do her like that. Ted obviously rose (in more ways than one) to the challenge.

After breakfast, we all took the same lift back to the fourth floor.

As we stepped out of the lift, Sheila said to Janey, “I’ll return your dressing gowns in a couple of minutes.”

Janey, to my astonishment rejoined “Have you got time for another fuck before you go? Don and I have got all day.” Janey looked at me quizzically, as if daring me to dis-agree.

Ted butted in. “Our train leaves around 11, so we could manage an hour.” Sheila was pleased at this prospect. “We’ll be with you in twenty minutes.” And she rushed Ted back to their room.

So, another session was had, and very pleasant it was. Afterwards we exchanged email addressed and phone numbers. Then they were gone.

The rest of our break in Bournemouth was uneventful by comparison, but very pleasant.

I have just received an email from Sheila asking me to send her some of the pics.

I haven’t decided whether to send them or not.