Written by 27starfish

22 Mar 2009

I recently travelled to Russia to meet my girlfriend after many months of cam sex on Skype. She's the most gentle and kind woman, two years older than me, just 5ft 2inches in height with jet black hair. Hotel sex is usually always hot sex, one because you usually relax in unfamiliar surroundings, two because every thing is usually so pristine.

She'd arrived earlier in the day, me late in the evening. As soon as I had checked in, we went to the room and I had a shower before we went out to eat at a Greek restaurant. Once back in the room, we both took a shower and finally ended in the bed together after all those months.

I soon found out that the gentle woman I knew on cam was wild for sex. Her pet name for me has always been Tiger and during sex she'd tell me to talk into her ear as I fucked her. I'd ask her if she wanted her Tiger's sperm deep inside of her, I'd ask her time and time again - do you want your tiger’s sperm now, warm, salty, to feel the explosion deep inside of you. This sent her absolutely wild, so much that she bucked in time with me. Sometimes I chewed her ears, licked her ears. She absolutely adored feeling my tongue on her thighs, then lapping up her moistness.

Every morning as we went for breakfast we passed the room cleaner on the way down the corridor. I always looked at her and said good morning, always offering her a warm smile and getting one back in return. She must have been only around 20, and she had the mix of Russian and Asian in appearance. I must admit that when in a hotel, the thought of the cleaner waking me up with her lips around my length has always been a fantasy thought of during sex with my partner. Particularly if she came into the room as my partner showered, that I could maybe get a quick wank from her, or even a dangerous quickie.

Near to the end of the week, after breakfast we came back to the room and it had not been cleaned, the 'Please Tidy my Room' sign still hanging on the door handle. My girlfriend and I started to get ready to go out sight seeing for the day and I suddenly felt a little horny and went behind my girlfriend and let my hands wander down into her knickers and enter inside her moist lips. I told her that I wanted a quickie that we are in danger of getting caught by the cleaner. I said if we go into the bathroom, at least we shall have the protection of the door if she came into the room.

I sat down on the toilet seat , my boxer shorts an trousers around my ankles and she sat on top of me and I entered inside of her. But this was oohh so uncomfortable and I was rather excited about getting caught by the chamber maid! So I knew that I shall be quick, that my baby can have her tigers warm cum inside of her, something she was very fond of indeed! So I lifted her up, and stumbled out of the bathroom and to the bed. I laid her down, her legs hanging over the side and entered my length back inside of her.

Just as I built a rhythm and without warning, I heard the door open and there she stood. There was no point jumping up - we'd been caught plain and simple. My girlfriend said something in Russian, and the pretty chamber maid walked over, took my balls in her hand and started to squeeze them. Within seconds, my girlfriend was filled with an explosion of cum, each squeeze from the chambermaid adding another explosion of cum deep into her. I heard my girlfriend screaming as each burst hit the back of her. I'd never had such an amazing explosion before in my life, even after watching the newest porn film, this one just emptied me!

Later that evening, we arranged to meet the chamber maid and pay for dinner, and that's another story altogether!