Written by sue s

14 Oct 2011

I'm a 48 year old divorced lady, living alone for many years. I have been a housekeeper at a large city hotel for most of those years, last year I moved home to a nearby small Derbyshire town finding myself a job at a hotel in charge of the other four housekeepers.

We have always had our fair share of lonely male guests who would expose themselves to us in the hope that we would help them with their erections, I would deal with the situation by looking at their erect cocks and laughing before leaving the room.

One morning I went into what I thought was an empty room, having knocked the door and received no reply, after a few minutes a man emerged from the bathroom naked and sporting a massive erection, on seeing me he rushed back into the bathroom, returning with a towel around him and very appologetic although still obviously from the bulge, still erect. I ran from the room but surprisingly found myself aroused, possibly due to the fact that I had not had any sex for many years.

That evening just before I finished work the man known as Mr David came looking for me , saying that he was mortified about what had happened that morning, I foolishly told him that I didn't mind and indeed that he had a nice cock.

The next morning I went to his room, although he should have left earlier he was still there, I appologised and went to leave but he called me back, he was in bed, naked, I sat on the side of the bed chatting to him, he told me that his wife had died and that he had not had sex since and only relieved himself, much the same as myself.

I pulled the sheet down exposing his very erect cock, I couldn't stop myself I reached across holding his cock and wanking it, he started to groan asking me to suck it, I soon had it in my mouth sucking it hard till he shouted I'm cumming, exploding his cum into my mouth and hitting the back of my throat causing me to swallow it,this was my first time of swallowing, it was very nice and salty.

About two weeks later there was a note in my pgeon hole from Mr David saying that he would be staying at the hotel that night and could he olease see me, I went to his room, finding him in the shower, he came out naked not bothering to cover up, well I had seen everything by now, after chatting for a few minutes he kissed me feeling my boobs with their now rapidly hardening nipples, he removed my top and bra fondling my aching boobs and sucking on my nipples, he then lay me on the bed removed my trousers and panties, pushing his fingers into mt now open and very wet pussy, it had been a long time since I had felt like this, I sucked his cock to full hardness before he pushed it into my tingling pussy, fucking me hard, I climaxed a couple of times before I felt him jerking and he filled me with his hot cum.

This was the first time of many with Mr David and others since, which I may write about if I manage to pluck up the courage to do so