Written by slick60dream

27 Jan 2011

Before you carry on reading this short story (fact not fiction) i'd like to warn you that it doesnt contain many of the usual aspects of the great stories on here such as threesomes, gangbangs, etc etc just a bit of a tease which I hope that the readers will associate with.

What is it about a woman dressed either in a wrap around dress which reveals a lot of leg from time to time or indeed a woman wearing a shortish skirt that you can see riding up her lovely stocking clad legs as she moves about on the chair?. Surely with us men anyway, its the idea in our heads as to what is further up!!(the promised land,is she wearing panties etc).

How many of us have found our eyes straining to see further up a womans legs, if we see her stockings tops or get lucky enough to feel them,isnt the excitement & anticipation at its peak before moving onto her hopefully moist pussy lips ..........anyway i'm drifting off the point of my story.

Last night Jane & I went to a local Bar, I'd asked Jane to wear her shortish Red Dress on with the stockings that i'd bought for her from LoveHoney, which she duly did & posed for a few snaps before we went.(im loading them onto the site soon), anyway we were at the bar having completed our first drinks, Jane went to the Bar to buy the second round and as with short dresses, it rode up her bum a little.Now she cant wear panties with this dress and as she walked the fair distance to the Bar I could see her stocking tops visible below her dress.

She adjusted herself slightly when she was waiting to be served but what happened next made me smile.A TV screen was showing a football match right above her head at the Bar & she was moving back & forth to watch it, around her but behind were 4 guys all watching the screen too, all very normal, but I could see one of the guys checking Jane's arse out, he then moved slightly back and actually took a photo of her arse & stocking clad legs with his mobile!!!.

When Jane came back with the drinks I told her she had admirer, told her what he'd done etc, she laughed & said "well hopefully he'll have a good time tonight looking at my arse, I should charge him"!!.

She then went to the loo & I noticed when she came back that "her admirer" was now subtly placed closer to where we were sitting, so much so that when Jane sat down & crossed her legs, he could no doubt take further snaps of her stockings.

Needlesstosay when we got home we had great sex, talking about her "admirer" & what he was doing at that time looking at her pics.

Ok its not your usual story, a little tame maybe but its true & I do think that sometimes a tease or glimpse of stocking on a lovely pair of legs is just as erotic as seeing everything on display.

Id welcome any comments good or bad & am going to download the photo of Jane prior to us going out very shortly