Written by Terry_Sue

20 Dec 2011

My last post dived right in to the middle of our cuckold life experience. Perhaps I should have explained how it all began!

We had been swinging for about a year but I had noticed that Sue was happier when we met single guys, rather than couples, so we had gravitated towards this type of set-up. Basically, she didn't want to share have to share cock with any other woman. When we met David he was much more assertive and confident than any of the other guys we had met. Our first session was in a Belfast hotel and, when we were all naked I couldn't help but admire his cock. It was fairly long but was very thick and was so hard that it stood straight up against his tight stomach muscles.

I was fucking Sue first, while she sucked David's cock and when I finished he moved on top of her and started slipping his tool in and out of her glistening pussy. He soon increased the tempo of his strokes and in no time her pussy was taking a pounding as he fucked her hard. He then bent her knees up against her breasts, which were by this time covered in a sheen of sweat, and really rammed his cock home.

He had been doing her now for at least 20 minutes and she was squealing out his name as she came over and over again. Finally, he plunged into my wife and shot his load. They lay in each other's arms, kissing and gasping for air, and eventually he slid his tool out. It was still rock hard and Sue stared at it and then, in a tone she had never used before, told me, " You take the couch tonight, Terry, I want David all night on my own".

"Turn the light out", she told me. So I lay in the dark all night listening to them whispering and giggling and doing an awful lot fucking.

I pulled myself off twice and thought about the shift in our relationship. It actually excited me to be talked down to.

The next morning, even though it was time to leave, she still wanted more cock. I was dressed and they were both naked, with her hand on his thick shaft and his two fingers in her pussy.

"Why don't you ride me now Terry", she whispered with her eyes half closed as he fingered her to a cum. I couldn't resist as she turned round and waggled her tight ass at me so I dropped my pants shuffled over behind her and slipped in.

I had just started to move when she said "You can't fuck me as well as David's big cock can", and it triggered something in me and I came at once.

As I pulled my pants up they were both sniggering and as I went out the door he was screwing my wife and sucking her large boobs again.

She joined me in the car about 45 minutes later, gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me she was David's now and to get used to it!!