Written by chris

14 Sep 2015

Our life together has been a rocky road 22 years married, kids, work pressure all the usual stresses led us to a place with little time for each other and a dwindling or more accurately non existent sex life. I do have a submissive tendency which has turned my wife off me and I was getting very frustrated with the lack of sex. Julie is an attractive 43 year old size 10 after a gruelling campaign to get her body back in shape and we can afford for her to dress well. its been hard living with her and only getting a hand job every couple of weeks. She told me she can live without sex.

We were heading for a divorce as I was struggling to cope and then it happened.

my wife was in town shopping for clothes as she was going away with a few girlfriends for a weekend in Nice France when I ran into her as I was on a call to see a client. I had finished the call and had the rest of the day to myself so I ended up following her around. We ended up in the House of Fraser lingerie department and I jokingly suggested she might listen to my suggestions as to what she might pick. She tutted and said don't get excited you wont be seeing them and then I don't know why I said " I know it would be just a pleasure to help you pick something you will enjoy on your trip" she said really looking at me quizzically.

she giggled a bit and said " go on then what should I buy or what are you going to buy for me" I choose a lime green bra and panty set in satin and lace which I knew would go well with a dress she had bought 2 weeks earlier. she nodded approvingly so I moved onto a powder blue lace set with hipster knickers. Again she nodded and said I should bring you shopping more often.

I then picked out a black and red racy number Julie said why did you choose those you know I wont wear them for you. I replied " they will go with your little black dress and make you feel special" she said but they are sexy and you don't turn me on then she uttered those words. "I don't really see you as a man anymore more as a friend in fact the way we are shopping your more like a girlfriend".

I laughed and said we would end up having coffee in costas at this rate which she said come on then and yes buy me the red and black as well. At Costas I said well talk as friends then tell me what you'd tell the girls. She asked are you sure you can take it I nodded then she said " Ok hun but remember you asked to be treated this way"

The conversation started slowly talking about the trip she had planned with her friend Kate and about Kate's husband and what a nice chap he was the she said " much better than the wimp I married oh god he's useless in bed, small and cums so quickly. I dint know what to say but oh that's a shame came out of my mouth. then she said " that little black and red outfit is so sexy do you think my boyfriend will like it" I nearly sputtered the coffee all over the place.