Written by biggirl_1970

23 Apr 2012

This is the continuation from my 13 hours of fun......

Meeting two was a quickie in the car he he but well session three now to set seen we have talked a lot from session one and this meet, he told me how bi he was and that he liked wearing female underwear wow I thought when he told me as I recently found out that a man in women knickers is a turn on and even more when they are mine…….(so when we meet briefly in car I took of my knickers and gave them to him) so he had them on for third meet.

We meet in afternoon this time so we could have longer, we got into hotel room and before we got through door we were all over each other dress come of very quickly had hold ups on and his favourite knickers on they stayed on his trousers come of and shirt but his cock slid out of the side of the knickers he was wearing for me. We lay back on the bed moved my knickers to one side and he slid deep in me and started to fuck me was so turned on was like hot knife through butter, before you knew it we were exploding together.

We lay further up the bed and cuddled and kissed he he within 20 mins I was riding him again knickers still on and coming all over him again…… finally all cloths of and he was taking me from behind again mmm this hotel much better for this position as beds higher. Now like I said his bi so was time for me to play one we had cum again I have gone down and taken him in my mouth and could taste both of us on his cock wow amazing and my tongue then wondered from his cock to his arse and I really really enjoyed ringing him and letting my finger gently play with hole he was making some sexy noises that where getting me wet again…… I got of the bed and come back with my little lipstick toy and some lub I showed this to him and asked him would it be ok for me to fuck him with it a smile come across his face and took that to mean yes (this vib is the shape of a large bullet and has a couple of settings on the vibrate )……….. so got a pillow and put it under his arse and then with plenty of lub in hand I gently started to slide it into his arse very slowly so he could get used to it and the sensation of the vib, when it was all in I held it there and started to stroke his cock…….. when I thought he was ok with the toy I started to gently slide it in and out and now I replaced my hand with my mouth round his cock, so was fucking his arse and sucking his cock at same time. He told after was an amazing sensation and intense like nothing he has ever had before.

We were worn out so had a break and just laid in each other’s arms kissing and cuddling again and recalling how amazing that had just been…… after a while I told him I had something for him to ware he looked at me and said what was it so I went to my bag and pulled out a black all in one number and asked him if he would model it for me, there was a little twinkle in my eye I’m sure when he said yes so he put it on for me and got to see that turned me on and him so made him fuck me in it mmmmm

Lets just say we didn’t get much sleep that night and we were both sore for a couple of days after but we both left the hotel room with a smile on our face…….

The fun continues when we can…………