Written by wifewill

1 Sep 2009

This happened some years ago, I had always wanted to see my wife fucked by other men but she wasnt keen on the idea. One night I went to the pub with a mate leaving the wife at home, when we were at the pub my mate Roy said he always wanted to have my wife, I said when we leave the pub Roy could come with me for a coffee and try his hand with my wife, he was very keen to give it a try.

We arrived back at my house, my wife was still up in the lounge, I went to the kitchen to make coffee and left them some time, when I went into the lounge Roy had got most of my wifes clothes off leaving in just her waist slip, he was sucking her tits and he had got his cock out and was trying to get between her legs, but sylvia was to nervous to go any futher that night. I said to Roy we had better call it a night as Sylvia was too ttense to go any futher. She told me when Roy had gone that he made her suck his cock. Roy had a very big cock it was about 10\", which made my 5\" cock look very small.

A few nights later Roy and I went to the pub again and we intended to give it another try with Sylvia later that night. After the pub we went home for coffee, Sylvia was still up. i went to make coffee and left them some time again, when I went in the lounge I could\'nt believe what I saw, Sylvia was naked lying on the rug with her legs wide open and in the air and Roy was on top giving her a real fucking, Sylvia looked at me and said go in the kitchen I am alright this time and carried on fucking. I realised then that Sylvia was not on the pill and way they were going at it she could get pregnant so I dashed upstairs and got a them a condom. Sylvia did\'nt want to stop but she did and rolled the condom onto his cock, I left them to it and they went at for over a hour.

This was the start of some fantastic sex sessions which I will tell you about later if you want to know.