Written by Ditto

5 Sep 2019

My girlfriend and I live together, been together 2 years. We realized fairly early on in our relationship that we shared the fantasy of sharing her with another man, ideally in a MFM threesome. We would work ourselves up and having amazing sex thinking about it. She's so hot and gets a ton of male attention wherever we go, which we both love.

Implementing the fantasy in reality, however, turned out to be a little more difficult than we thought. We had some creepy/flaky encounters that really turned her off and so we put it on the back burner for a while.

Then it all changed. We decided to go to a local nude beach. We had never done that before and thought it would be fun. We took a little booze to enjoy in the sun. We were lying out, relaxing, enjoying the view and the water. I was a little tipsy and horny, so I decided to re-ignite the fantasy by asking her about the best "casual" sex she ever had (i.e. not with a boyfriend). She smiled, then blushed and told me about a friend she had mind-blowing sex with before we started dating. I got all the juicy details of how he fucked her for hours, how hot he was, how big his cock was, how much he came, and so on. Needless to say, I needed to lie on my stomach to hide my excitement and couldn't get enough. Hearing her talk about fucking another guy while her bare body was out for the whole world to see almost made me cum on the spot.

Finally, I asked her if she still kept in touch with him (they fucked about 3 years prior to this conversation). She replied that they texted once in a while, but he knew she had a boyfriend and was very respectful about it (good sign!). I asked if she wanted to fuck him again, and she blushed and nervously said, well yes, it would be fun. I told her to get out her phone right there and text him and see how it goes.

Long story short, she texted him, the flirtations began, and she explained our situation. He thought it was odd, but was happy to play along. Then sadly he didn't want an MFM threesome. We were both disappointed but decided we'd be OK with her playing alone. He lived a good distance away so the fun had to wait.

It was about 6 or so weeks later, he happened to be near where we lived. It also happened that I was on a job setting up a comms system in huge warehouse. It had to be done after hours. I hadn't seen her for nearly a week and was beyond horny. When she texted me asking if she could go on a date with him, I simply couldn't say no. I saw her a few days later and we could not stop fucking for almost 24 hours while she told me about their date and what happened after.

He fucked her like an animal and has the biggest cock she has ever had. He was rough in a good way (bruised her arse) and she said she had some of the best orgasms of her life. In short, she loved it. I didn't even know my cock could stay hard for that many hours. It was amazing for both of us.

Since then, she's seen him a more, whenever she can get to him. She basically worships him. We've developed a light cuckold dynamic where she teases me that his cock is her favourite and gets precedent over mine when we're all in the same town. Nothing makes me cum quicker than hearing that. She asked me if I would go down on her when she next got home from him. I was very nervous and uncertain that I would be able to. She saw my reaction and said, please just try it once. I did, and she had some serious of mind blowing orgasms, she came over and over. That got me really turned on and so I fucked her. While I was fucking her she kissed and sucked my mouth. Her tongue was licking the inside of my mouth and face. She loves the taste of cum. We both came, it was fantastic.

Now I can’t wait to eat her when she has seen him. For both of us it’s such a buzz. I really wish that he would do a threesome with us. My girlfriend wants that too but we now are going to find someone suitable and make sure it happens.

She has seen another guy but so far she has only blown him. She had hoped he might be the one but his cock is nowhere near as big as her fuck friend. But after blowing him she came home smelling of cum and we had a hot fuck. She really wanted it and after we kissed and swapped tongues, she got on top and rode me. She can spray when she comes and she lay back and flooded me with her juice. She is one hot fuck.