Written by loving wild

12 Feb 2008

This is the update to the story of what happened to me with the man next , so it is worth reading the first part before you read this update. The first part is entitled How I was transformed from a young wife into a full blooded woman.

After our last session it was three days later that Mike called me on my mobile and asked if my husband had gone to work and I told him yes. Good Sheila has gone out for the day so come round when ever you want so I put on a tiny thong a skirt and a tee shirt and went straight round.

I was on a high and I was dying to be fucked by this wicked man all I could think of was that lovely cock inside my pussy.

I ran in through Mikes back door and threw my arms around his neck and kissed full on the lips. Whow girl what brought this on,,, nothing I just want you to fuck me,, steady Sam he said we have got all day. Mike made me a coffee and we sat on the sofa and I was stroking his leg. I was breathing heavily and panting I could hardly wait for him to get into my knickers again.

Mike then leaned over and put his arm around me while is other hand went under my short skirt and started rubbing my pussy through my knickers. I was soaking wet, as my juices were flowing heavily, I was as horny as hell. Then mike stood up and said lift up your legs and as I did this he removed my sodden knickers and held them to his face. This was so erotic as I sat there watching him suck the gusset of my tiny knickers .Mike stop that,, come and eat my pussy but he continued to suck my knickers until all the juice had gone.

Now I’m going to eat your juicy cunt so I opened my legs for him are far as they would go,, giving him full access my inner parts. Mike buried his face into my pussy lapping and sucking my love juice and covering all of his face in my liquid. When he came up for air he kissed me full on the lips and I could smell the pungent juice. This sent me over the top as an orgasm exploded within me as I was licking his face so that I could tatse myself. I wanted more as I told him to fuck me and slam it to me really hard,, because I really love my pussy banged. Mike ,s cock was ridged like a flag pole and he pointed it at my soaking wet pussy and without touching it he slid right up me in one trust as I was so wet.

Mike was banging me so hard it hurt but it was electrifying and I was on the verge of cuming again,,, when he let a flood of spunk deep inside me. I could feel his spunk in my pussy and as he withdrew it ran out down my thighs. After we had finished I was exhausted so mike said lets go to bed,, ho I couldn’t fuck again just jet. I know he said,, we can have a sleep and fuck later. As I made my way up the stairs he pinched my bum and I ran up the stairs like some giggling school girl. We went into the bedroom and we both fell asleep on his double bed. It was some while later that I awoke feeling Mikes fingers stoking the outer lips of my pussy.

But I had the shock of my life as I looked up I saw that my wrist’s and ankles were cuffed to the rails of the bed. Ho my god I screamed,, what are you doing,, don’t worry my gorgeous creature I woudn,t harm you. Although you are twenty one,, your are still a girl sexually so I am going to make a woman of you,, so relax and enjoy it. Mike started to push two fingers up my pussy then circling my anus covering it with my love juice. I had never had anybody play with my bum hole before,, but I was feeling was very sensuous. As he played with my bum I felt a finger slowly enter me, then after a while two fingers.

Then he leaned forward and took a chocolate flake from the bedside cabinet and said this is for you. It wasn’t one of the soft ones but one of those covered in hard chocolate. Then he put the flake at my bum hole and slowly pushed it in and out,, My god I was hyper at what he was doing to me. Slowly he pushed it further and further in until it popped right inside my bum and my hole closed so it was fully inside me.Mike then put two fingers in my pussy,, I could feel them rubbing against the flake separated by the thin piece of skin that separates my pussy from my bum.

Now what Mike ,, how will I get the flake out again just push it will pop back out. I pushed but nothing happened until he told me to relax and push my bum cheeks together. Then slowly I felt it start protrude from my hole until eventually it came all the out. Mike held the flake to his mouth and began eating it as I lay there in shear amazement with my wrist,s and ankles still cuffed to the bed. He eat most of the flake apart from a small piece about an inch long,, this he offered to my lips. Ho no Mike I couldn,t eat that, yes you could it taste divine now open your mouth.

I reluctantly opened my mouth as he fed it to me, I was in a hyper tension state and I ate every bit. I actually enjoyed it whether it was the taste or maybe Mike had me feeling so horny as I craved for his cock once more. Mike undid the cuffs and turned me over on to my hands and knees at he edge of the bed. Once more he filled my pussy to the hilt with that beautiful cock of his. He just stood still and told me to push my pussy back and fuck his cock,, I have never done this before and I was loving it. I was now in control as I pushed back and forth slowly at first gradually quickening the pace. I felt my orgasm coming as I rammed myself back and fourth on the that rock hard weapon. Then I felt him unleash his steaming spunk in to my pussy as I to came with full blown orgasm.

I then got dressed with what little cloths I was wearing to return home next door to greet my husband home from work. When he came through the door I flung my arms around him and I told what mike had done to me that day. After I had finished telling him he just stripped me naked in seconds and had me on the floor near the front door. Ho Sam open you’re your legs I want to smell and eat your stinking pussy as it smelt of my cum and Mikes spunk. He lapped away shoving his tongue in as far as it would go,, He came up to kiss me and once again I was tasting mike’s spunk.

It was the following week before I got to see Mike in a sexual situation and by this time I was gagging for him. It was the Wednesday morning and I expected Sheila to have left for her mums but she was still there. So we sat chatting and drinking coffee she left about an hour later,, my god I thought that she was never going to go. Mike and gave it ten min before we went to their bedroom, we had so much lust for each other that we were naked in seconds. We were rolling about on the bed caressing and kissing each other in a frenzy, knowing that here last night Sheila would have probably been fucked by Mike.

Mike told me to lay on my back then reached over to the bedside cabinet and pulled out a tube of ky jelly. What’s that for I asked ? I want to fuck your arse was his reply, after the last time with the flake I could hardly wait as he squirted the jelly on to my bum hole. Mike pushed one finger slowly as he reamed my bottom then two fingers,, then more jelly then three fingers. He was opening up my you bum hole until he said that’s now four fingers,,, do you want more ? Yes I pleaded. He was stretching me and it was painful but the excitement over rode the pain, I was saying don’t stop,, please Mike give me more.

Imagine my disappointment when he pulled his fingers out,, but squirted in more ky jelly then pushed his fingers back in,, right Sam relax your arse muscles. With that he rolled his thumb inside his hand and slowly pushed it in until his whole hand was now sliding inside my bottom. God Sam you are one beautiful creature you have taken it all I,m in past the knuckle on my wrist. I was screaming for him to fuck my arse as he began to push his writst in and out of my bottom making me orgasm there and then.

It seemed to go on for ages but I suppose it was only a short time in reality but the sensation was mind blowing and I was loving it. When he eventually pulled out I heard my bottom give a loud farting noise,, then he replaced his hand with his cock. My bottom retracted and as it gripped his cock as he slammed to my my virgin bum hole and filled me with his creamy spunk. Ho Mike I cried that was wonderful but instead of taking his cock out he left it there a little longer, draining the last of his spunk into my arse. Then Mike took a glass from from the bedside cabinet and told me to squat down and push his spunk into the glass. After I had pushed it all out into the glass he offered to my lips and told me to drink,,, so I opened mouth and swallowed it all.

Mike squeezed me tight and said you know I told your husband that I would take you,, I new you wanted me from the start, it was only a matter of time. Mike asked if I could come back Friday as Sheila would be out most of the day,, of course I replied and I want to fuck you always. My husband could hardly wait for me to tell him all the details that night and I did not wash my pussy as I know how excited he gets at eating my smelly cunt.

It was murder waiting for Friday even though it was only two days away,, and all day Thursday I could hardly stop thinking about him while playing with my pussy. At last Friday came and as soon as my husband left for work I rushed round to Mikes. But Sheila was there again so I had to injure nearly two hours pretending it was her I had come to see.

I drank that much coffee I was nearly floating but all I wanted was to get mike back up those stairs and in to bed. Once in the bedroom we stripped off not that it takes me long with the minimum of cloths that I wear. My mind was racing ,, I wondering what he had in store for me today as I thought I have already experienced every thing sexual Mike wanted me to lie on the bed while he cuffed me again then he got on top of me and slid that big cock into my waiting pussy. At last I was where I had longed to be for the last two days fucking mike again. .

As I felt is cock quicken in pace I started to cum,,, and at the same time he let go a flood of spunk filling me up. I just love the feeling of his spunk swimming around in side my pussy,, and knowing later my husband would be eating it. After he withdrew he lay on top of me in the 69 position,, his tongue was lapping at my open pussy and I was sucking his cock. I was sucking that lovely thick cock and I wanted to cum again but that dam coffee was stopping me.

I found that I could not build an orgasm as I was bursting for a pee and I urgently needed to go to the loo. Mike un cuff me ? I want to go for a pee,, he replied not likely you will have to pee here.

I cant do that it will soak the bed, no it wont because you are going to pee in my mouth so as I can drink down your sweet piss. No I cant do that Mike,, but he said you have no choice you are cuffed to the bed. He was right I had no choice in the matter,, my bladder was aching so I slowly let my pee trickle from my pussy. As leaked out mike opened his mouth he began to drink down my pee. I found this mind blowing that he wanted my pee in his belly and I managed to orgasm. Just the site of seeing him drink me had sent me over the top I couldn’t believe that people took part in something like this. Then I heard myself say un-cuff me I want you to pee on me,, I taste your pee in my mouth and drink it down.

The most erotic part was lying together with each others dried pee on our bodies and I have become addicted to its taste. We fucked for another three hours and as he had told me ,, I have taken you from a girl,, and made you into a full blooded sexual woman . I will always be grateful to him for opening up my sexuality,,, because but for him I would still be that girl. The best part was lying together our bodies covered in drying piss and I have become addicted to its taste

There was a lot of washing and drying to before Sheila home but we managed it together so she would never know what had taken place.

The next time that we fucked three days later Mike was coming to my house but he had not turned up at one o’clock as promised. He eventually arrived one hour late telling me he was held up because he had just fucked a 50 year old MILF. I was go smacked I didn’t realise that he was also fucking somebody else. But I thought what the hell,, All I want is him to keep fucking me. We went up stairs to my bedroom where he started to strip and himself at the same time. Right mike stick that hard cock in me now,, not so fast he replied I have a treat for you. What’s that then I asked ,, this he said suck it as pushed his cock toward my waiting lips. Now you are going to taste another woman,, my cock is covered in her dried juice. I wanted him so much ,,I didn’t care and I took is cock in my mouth and sucked until it was clean. I was in such a state that I came and shortly followed by mike filling my mouth with his spunk. Mike fucked me twice more that afternoon and I like that much I think that I might be a nympho. We have not fucked recently because his wife caught him fucking that fifty year old MILF. So she has been keeping a very close eye on him but I am still wearing my short skirts and he tells still wanks while watching me from the bathroom.

Hopefully when things die down we will get back to fucking each other again but for now I remain frustrated. My husband is unhappy with the situation as he just loved to clean out my pussy with his tongue after mike and I had fucked. He can’t wait for Mike to get back in my knickers and he is not even bothered that I don’t take protection . But at least I still have someone’s mouth to pee in as this gets my husband rock hard and he just loves the taste of my pee