Written by loving wild

8 Feb 2008

Hi everybody,, my husband wrote about what happened to us and this was posted under the title ,,my new wife taken by the bastard next door,, well this is my version of what happened. Hi my name is Sam and I was 19 years old when I met my husband to be we fell madly in love and six months later we were married. I have dark red hair and a stunning look-er with a figure to match so my husband tells me.

Many people could not believe that I married him because as he puts it,, he class’s himself as an ugly sod. After a couple of years and a little reluctance on my part we started using sex toys,, like vibrators ect .

I will not call my husband by his name as we know lots of people around where we live and he would rather I just referred to him as my husband. Next door there is a couple Mike and Sheila who are in their early thirties which is around ten years older than ourselves. We often would have drinks or meals in each others house and we became close friends. We got on very well with mike and Sheila and we eventually went on holiday together at Blackpool and had a very good time. Upon our return my husband told me that mike had said to him One night,, (when we girls were at the loo) I am going to have you wife.

He looked very worried when he told me this,, but I reassured him that I would always be faithful to him and not to worry. He later told me that he had seen mike at the bathroom window wanking while I hung out the washing. He would have seen right up my legs as I always wear short mini skirts.

While we were fucking that night in bed I would found myself fantasizing on how it would be to have Mike make love to me. Knowing he was watching me made my juices flow and I never stopped wearing those short skirts.

At times we did watch some porno films,, always of two or more men fucking some housewife. which got us both worked up and horny. As I thought more and more about what mike had said to my husband. I very often found myself walking around in a pair of wet panties during the day.

.I was at home was some weeks later on one sunny afternoon when my husband was at work,, when I noticed Mikes van arrive home and he said hello as I opened the back door. Mike said Sheila is out today so do you fancy making me a coffee ? so I invited him in. Mike asked where my husband was,, I told him he is at work,,, ho great. What do you mean great,, ? well we wont be disturbed,, but we are only drinking coffee.

I know said Mike but I would rather be drinking something else,, and me like an idiot said we don’t have anything stronger. Ho but you do Sam,, you have something much stronger and sweeter. Like what / I asked like you pussy juice he replied and I could drink it all day long. I felt my face starting to blush but I also had a feeling of excitement in my tummy. Then I remembered what my husband had said about him watching me hanging out the washing and my pussy was beginning to tingle. Just then Mike put his hands on my shoulders and kissed me,,, I pushed him away and said don’t kiss me. I’m married and I love my husband dearly

I know but I want you ,, and I’m going to have you.

So I asked him if it was true that he had watched me bending over at the cloths line. Yes I have always watched you hanging out your washing and I have wanked about you all the time.

You make my cock rock hard when I can see up you short skirt and see your gorgeous legs and that tiny thong slipped between you sexy arse cheeks. I imagine myself sticking my head up your skirt and licking your pussy through you knickers. And when we have been round to yours I have even taken your dirty knickers’ right out of your linen basket in your bedroom. I was pretending to use your toilet then I would put your knickers in my pocket,, take them home so I could suck them later. I have sucked the gusset clean tasting your sweat deposits left there by you sweet smelling pussy.

I stood transfixed as he spoke to me so crudely then I suddenly realised he had his hand was on my skirt on my left arse cheek. Then he said I have been dreaming of this day and now its here,, so tell me you don’t want this and he stepped back. This was when my husband had come home from work (although I did not know that at the time) he put his hand up my small skirt as I slowly opened my legs.

I kind of flinched and made a moaning sound,,, my mind was racing and I suppose I was letting him know that I wanted to be fucked. He laid me down on the floor took off my shoes and put my toes in his mouth and began to suck them. I was moaning a little louder and I did nothing to stop him. My eyes were completely closed and he began to kiss my legs travelling up to thong. I responded to him kissing my thighs by saying that this was the moment that I also had been waiting for.

My mind was in a whirl as I just kept thinking that he had been watching me hanging out the washing and ogling my legs and arse. It also run through my mind that he had told my husband that he was going to take me. To be honest I had thought about him fucking me sometimes when my husband was in me. I had wondered how big his dick was and what it would feel like to pushed all the way in my pussy. I don’t know the exact size of his dick but it was big and fat and much bigger than my husband.

Now here he was about to take me,, and here I was just letting him take advantage of me,, ho god,, how I wanted him. He slowly parted my legs further ,, and I didn’t put up any resistance as he pulled my thong off in one sharp pull. I felt his tongue travel up my legs and slowly lick my hairy pussy. I immediately put my hand around is very erect cock and began to wank him off when suddenly his cock began to jerk I felt him shoot all over my hand.

I was almost coming myself but I wanted to save my orgasm for later as this was only the beginning for me and I wanted more,,, much more.

He moved from my pussy and began to kiss me on my lips at the same time I opened my legs really wide and I still had his cock in my hand which was now getting hard again. Slowly he guided his cock against my dripping cunt,, and penetrated me with ease . I let out a moan of pleasure and screamed: ”Oh, God it feels sooo good Mike,, it feels soooo good,, I want you. As he kissed and caressed me , he started to fuck me slowly, fully penetrating my pussy. He was withdrawing his cock almost coming out only to push it back in again, each time a little bit faster and deeper. He whispered in my ear Sam,, hoooo Sam you are a gorgeous creature,, I have soooo longed to fuck you. Then he said what would hubby say if he could see you now laying here underneath me taking my cock to the hilt.

You know I told him that I was going to take you,, and there was nothing he could to stop me and I have kept that promise as your cunt is now full of my cock. I began to move my hips to match his trusts,, I know// what ?,, he told me what you said about having me. Maybe he should have kept to himself ? because its only made me think about you all the more,, and it always makes my pussy wet. I then came with an earth shattering orgasm as he let go his some of semen inside me. He continued to ram my pussy and I was screaming for Mike to fuck me harder. I could feel my juices running down the inside of my legs when I suddenly screamed,, Mike,, Mike fuck one up me now. He let go a another rush of warm semen deep into my tummy I have never felt so much cum swimming around my pussy.

I had just took part in the most erotic sexual experience of my life and did not want it to end,, I wanted more of the crude bastard. He fucked me another three times that afternoon,, I could not stop kissing him and caressing him. I just loved the taste of his cock in my mouth after it had been in my soaking wet cunt.

When he left and I was slowly returning to my senses my husband came in and told me that he had witnessed what had taken place. He told me he had seen me cheat on him,, I said I never meant to cheat on you. But maybe you should not have told me what Mike had said to you. Because this only got me wondering what it would be like,, and once he came on to me it only made me want him all the more.. He took hold of me and positioned him self between my legs,, He wanted to see and smell my recently fucked pussy. When I spread my legs my pussy lips were wide open and full of Mike,s white, creamy semen. I almost cum on the spot as he tentatively began to lick my outer pussy lips.

I was rotating my hips faster all the time and then I pulled his head tight against my pussy screaming for him to drink Mikes spunk. He began eat my pussy and he greedily swallowed every drop as a massive orgasm ripped through me. Please darling , fuck me,, I want to feel you inside me I cried,, I want to cum in me along with Mikes spunk.

I was shouting out mikes name,, Mike ,,Mike fuck me Mike,, this must have pressed all the right buttons as my husband came with a force and shot his spunk in along with Mike’s..

We kept fucking until the easily hours of the morning,, after we slumped to together, hugging each other very tight. I was in remorse after remembering that I told me him that I would never cheat on him but I had done just that.

Mike fucked me another six days over the next three weeks and I will post in the next few days of what actually happened between us,, other wise this would be to long