Written by Niceguyme2009

7 Mar 2013

We got back to the room and embraced. I slipped my hands down over her bum and lifted her skirt to expose the bits I had seen earlier. Within minutes we were naked and I was between her legs licking her soaking pussy lips and flicking my tongue over her erect clit.

Take me from behind she said and assumed the position on all fours. Despite all we had drunk my click was rock hard and raring to go and within seconds I was sliding it inside those lovely pink and wet lips. As we had fucked earlier I was able to control myself from cumming too soon but occasionally withdrew my cock fully as I love that initial feeling as it touches a hot pussy. On a couple of the occasions that I was sliding it back in it slipped out and ran across the top of her bum hole ( at this point I had never had anal sex at all ) and she murmured positively. The next time I withdrew I decided I would would rub the top of my cock around her bum hole to gauge the reaction. That's nice she said, why don't you get the oil ( we always like to include massage as part of our sex life ) I reached for the oil and nervously took of the cap top. I dripped a good amount around her bum hole and on my cock and started to slowly slide my cock over her opening. She started to push back and I held my cock pointing towards her hole and the tip entered her. We did this a few times with her increasing the amount she pushed back until eventually my cock was fully inside her arse with my balls up against her pussy. I started fucking her slowly at first then increasing the tempo as her moans of passion increased. I was in heaven as I had two "firsts" tonight. A big of exhibitionism and now anal sex !! I looked down on the dressing table and saw the camera we had brought for the wedding and thought " in for a penny, in for a pound " and picked it up and started taking pics of us fucking. This made us both even hornier and it wasn't long before I shot the biggest load of cum up her arse I could remember. We had never taken cheeky pics before so this was a third "first" and was turning out to be quite a day..... More soon