Written by Paulrcouple

31 Aug 2010

I answered the phone and was asked if that was Paul and was I up for a threesome and was told he`d got my number off the back of the toilet door in the park or was it a joke? I replied yes it was a joke and put the phone down. I told Jane what was going on and on our way to the pub called in the park and erased the number. On our return at 11.30 the phone went again and it was the same thing bit a different voice. The evening after I went to the park and THERE it was even with times to ring so it was obviously someone who new us well.That night in bed the phone went and I put Jane on and she found out it was a 24yr old called Brian and she told him to phone at 7.30 on the the Thursday to make arrangements for Friday which he did and we arranged to meet in a nearby pub (not our local. We spotted him straight away when he walked in the bar looking very nervous its not quite the same as pushing your cock through a glory hole to be sucked off. I approached him and we went and sat in a quiet corner for a few drinks. When he got up to go to the bar I asked Jane what she thought she said it was up to me but the smile said yes. We took a short cut home through a small wood it was dark and I could`t resist pinning Jane up against a tree and kiss her and grope her tits she dropped to her knees and took both cocks in her mouth and sucked us both off on straighting up she said lets get home. She started to undress in the hallway and lay on the sofa legs splayed in the air and invited Brian's mouth between her legs and after fetching her off he mounted her and thrust deeply into her didn`t take long at all I followed and felt his spunk warmly embracing my cock has to felt to be believed. We came round and had a chat and drink, after 15mins Jane went to the loo and I told him to follow and take her to the bedroom , I followed on after 20mins and was greeted with the sight of him giving her a good shafting doggy way I slipped my rock hard cock in her mouth but she said no she wanted us to suck each other. With no hesitation we where soon locked in a 69 position and Jane was over us fucking herself with a vibrator.We both came and I stood up and kissed Jane and filled her mouth with his cum , we had often talked about this since the first time with Steve.

After a couple of hours we parted company promising to keep in touch.

Monday evening Jane was reading the local evening paper and there was Brian with new wife after getting married Saturday afternoon, hell of a stag party. We never did hear from him again.