Written by Sataisfied Sylvia

1 Aug 2016

We were both just over 30. He was a budding novelist when he wasn't working his day job as a free lance technical manual writer for high tech consumer product companies. He had had one novel published without much success and needed a website if he were to self-publish his next novel, which is why I was in his flat that evening. I'm an independent website designer and this was our third meeting to discuss the website I was designing for him. I don't usually need three meetings, and certainly not in the client's flat, but we had been attracted to each other from the instant we first met and this was really a date.

We had just finished our takeaway Chinese meal and were cleaning up afterwards when he reached across me for something and his hand accidentally brushed my breasts. I sucked in a sudden breath as he realized what he had done and quickly apologized, but his eyes had instantly turned heavy lidded with rising desire. I had spent the entire meal time trying not to think about sex with him, but without much success. Now, with that single accidental touch, my leashed desire had been brought to the surface and I could barely breathe from wanting him.

He saw the desire in my eyes as I saw the same thing in his facial expression. It was difficult to think clearly with him standing so close to me. My bum was against the edge of the counter and his body was blocking me from stepping away, not that I wanted to. Every nerve ending in me thrummed in anticipation of the kiss that his facial expression said he wanted to give me. He moved just a bit closer to me, enough for his hard thighs to press against mine and push me firmly into the counter, arousing me even more.

As he stared into my face with growing desire, he shifted his position slightly and I could feel the swell of his erection against my lower abdomen. I instantly wondered how big could it be if it felt that large through the layers of material of his trousers and pants, and my arousal increased another notch. His eyes became more animal-like, telling me he was every bit as aware of his actions as me.

He braced one hand on the counter top next to me and slipped his other hand around my waist, pulling us tighter together. My heartbeat increased and my breasts grew heavy beneath my blouse. I felt my nipples harden and realized he would be able to see them poking through my loose fitting blouse since I hadn't worn a bra. My entire body tingled with anticipation of his first real touch. He moved his forehead closer until it touched mine. Behind me, his fingers made lazy circles against the small of my back. I couldn't wait any longer.

I slowly cupped my hands around his face and sealed my lips against his in a gentle but probing kiss. I nibbled at him with my mouth and lips, urgent and insistent. He moaned and kissed me back as he moved his hands to the back of my head, running his fingers through my hair as he deepened our kiss. I felt the first probing of his tongue against my slightly opened lips and quickly invited him in. Our tongues danced against each other and then we were wetly sucking each other's mouth, our passion rapidly rising. At the same time, our hips were rolling against each other in clear invitations to something more.

He stopped kissing me long enough to concentrate on unbuttoning my blouse. As he did so, the palms of his hands had discovered the absence of a bra, so it was no surprise when he pulled the two halves of my blouse apart and my naked breasts with their already hard nipples came into full view. My breasts are my best feminine feature, full without being too large, firm, and very well shaped as some, female as well as male, have said to me in the past. He momentarily stared at them speechless, then he moaned as his hands cupped around them, gently rubbing and caressing. When his thumbs brushed my nipples, an intense yearning filled my breasts then moved down through my tummy and settled in that sensitive area between my legs at the top of my thighs. I needed to feel him in me.

Sensing my need, he pulled my shorts and panties together over my hips, down my legs, and off. He then gripped my bum with one hand as he slid the other over my lightly haired mound, and slipped his fingertips into my feminine groove. He found it already moist and slippery as he ran his fingers up and down its length, momentarily stopping several times at the top to flick the sensitive nub there. He played with my delicate parts for a minute or two until I moaned my need for more. Kissing me deeply, he pushed two fingers inside what was now a very wet and swollen cavern and explored my inner charms. It felt so good my hips involuntarily flexed upward in time with the movement of his fingers.

My moans soon deepened as he increased the speed of his thrusting fingers. I started to swoon, rolling my head back as my open mouth moans became more intense and guttural. I was at the point of no return and he sensed it, for his fingers were now moving in a very rapid fucking rhythm. I felt a climax rushing outward from my center and started to gasp in time with my hip movements. He thrust his fingers even harder into me and pushed me over the edge. I screamed out my climax as my body trembled and shuddered with the rolling waves of orgasm sweeping over me like an unstoppable tide.

He held my body upright with the hand tightly around my waist even as the fingers of his other hand helped me to completion. It was a long climax, almost certainly due to the fact that the last one I had experienced at the hands or penis of a man was many months before. When I was finally finished, I felt a strange combination of pleasure, gratitude, and embarrassment. He sensed my emotions were conflicted and drew me to him, and softly kissed me. He allowed me to work them out myself without asking questions.

When I kissed him back with confidence and passion, he lifted me up in his arms and said, "Let's take this to the bedroom," as he headed down the hall and deposited me onto the bed. I slipped off my blouse and lay back totally naked to await his pleasure. I propped myself up on my elbows as I watched him rapidly discard his clothing. For a deskbound worker, his body was amazingly muscular in a slim way and very fit, with the hint of well defined abs and very well developed pecs. With his trousers gone, he sported a substantial bulge within his pants. I held my breath as he slid them downward to reveal his assets. He was half hard, but rapidly growing to a full erection without any hand action. I smiled as I saw he had a beautifully shaped cock that appeared to be a bit larger than average in both length and girth, which was good since, from past experience, I knew I was not capable of taking a huge cock, but needed a slightly above average one to adequately stretch me and be deliciously snug inside.

I laid my head back down on the pillow as I waited for him to mount me. When that didn't happen, I noticed he was kneeling at my feet and just staring at my stretched out body. I asked what was wrong and he said, "I'm waiting for you to open yourself up for me." I quickly raised my knees and splayed out my thighs to give him a complete view of the feminine charms lying at the juncture of my thighs. He moaned with lust and desire, and told me I looked beautiful. He stared a few moments longer, evidently taking in the image of me lying there so he could remember it later on, then slowly moved between my legs.

He leaned forward and brought his face down to my groin and proceeded to eat me with long strokes of his tongue. He lowered his torso onto the mattress, slid his hands under my bum and pushed it upward so he had greater access to my slit and the pebble-like nub at the top. He proved to be world class in giving oral sex. He ate me with gusto and skill, knowing just how I liked it, and soon had me on the edge. I was moaning out my pleasure when he asked if I was ready. I replied in a throaty voice, "Yes. Now. Do it now!" And he did, bringing me off within seconds. This climax was as deep and long as the one he had given me with his fingers, and I wailed out my pleasure for what seemed like forever, my hips thumping up and down on the mattress as the rest of my body shuddered. Without yet putting his cock inside me, he had given me better sex than I had ever experienced. The man was an 'artiste'!

When finished, my body collapsed and my legs flopped wide open, but he gave me no respite. He rapidly crawled between my legs and slipped his cock inside with a single thrust. My pussy was so swollen and wet from two climaxes, it gave his cock no obstacle to sliding in all the way with no resistance. Before I knew it, he was fully up me with his hands under my shoulders and thrusting slowly and steadily into me. It felt heavenly and I lifted my legs to rest my lower legs behind his thrusting thighs. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and neck in a loving embrace, and kissed his lips as he thrust into me with a steadily rising pace.

I loved the way he felt inside as well as his rhythm. It was perfect and matched my need. He fucked me like that for several minutes until he could feel my passion rise from my energetic body movements in fucking him back. From that point, his pace increased in a steadily rising manner as he drove both of us toward a climax. When I got close, I tightened my grip on his body with my arms and legs with a rising urgency. He sped up, then said, "Tell me when you're about to come."

Within just a few seconds, I gasped, "Now. I'm right there. Make me come now!" He thrust into me with hard, deep, and fast strokes. I felt my orgasm fill my belly and explode between my legs. I screamed out. "I'm coming! I'm coming!! Oh, my God! Don't stop! Fuck meeee!!" My body descended into the depths of release a quivering mass of muscular contortions I never knew it could accomplish. Somewhere along the way, I felt him ram his cock repeatedly into me with the most powerful strokes and explode several times, flooding my insides with his hot liquid.

We continued to slowly fuck each other as we came down from the heights of passion until our bodies finally stilled. We slowly and reluctantly rolled apart, then came together facing each other on our sides to lie like that as we cuddled with our arms and legs deliciously entwined. As I lay in his arms, I realized I had never been fucked so well. I was totally satiated and knew I wanted to have a long term sexual relationship with him. About that time, I felt his cock begin to get hard again. I looked into his face and his eyes were open and there was a wicked smile on his face. I said, "Really? So soon?" He just widened his smile and replied, "You really get to me. I wanted you within five minutes of meeting you that first time. It was very hard to hold off until your desire caught up with me. I'm gong to want to make love to you forever."

With that declaration, he rolled me over onto my back. I opened my self to him again and he took me a second time, again pounding into me at the end to make me come. I had another delicious orgasm under him, and then we resumed our cuddle. I stayed with him that whole night and we made love in all the standard positions by morning, some several times. He had to go to work, but I remained to work on his website. That evening we again spent the whole night in each other's arms and enjoyed the delights of sex almost every hour or so.

Over twenty-five years later, we're still together. He still is fit with wonderful abs and pecs, which give him, in his mid-50s, the stamina to pound his cock into me for as long as it takes for me to come. I've never looked at another man in all that time for, as Paul Newman is famed to have said, "Why go out for hamburger when I have steak at home!"