25 Jun 2019

As we have all found our way through the ever-growing deluge of social media (anyone remembers the MSN chat rooms) I have settled with Whatsapp as my favorite for close friends. we have all fall into patterns of chat. One of my newer friends (let us go all 'James Bond' and call her 'M') The following conversation started with our normal greeting

M- Morning

lep- morning how are you

M- Good thanks

M- Need to Squirt

lep-sleep well

M-Nope had such a headache

lep-You, do? what is stopping you

M-Better now after Paracetamol

lep-Oh not good

The Twist started to mature in my head only for it to be sidetracked

5mins later a video is posted to me the content is 34sec of magic I do what I always do press the play button and close my eyes: yes I know, I'm a pervert and listen to a very sexy woman pleasure herself. A mix of verbal and sensual tones.

I rose to the occasion so to speak. This is followed by the watch which reaffirms that the audio was the perfect symphony for the visual.

Ah to hell with it I throw the twist into the mix.

lep-was going to call and help bring you off.


lep- not want to cum again?

M- I planned to walk along the canal

lep- Another cum would put a spring in your step

lep- should I call

M- Yeah sure

@ this point, I thought it rude not to tap the call button on Whatsapp

From here, this is Written with a little license as sexy as her voice is, I don't record phone calls

what I can't replicate are the sensual vocal sounds that I will leave to your imagination

lep- morning sexy

M- morning

lep- you still not wearing Knickers

M-I'm lying on the bed without knickers

lep- I take it you have a towel under you

M- giggles

lep-and where are your hands

M- another giggle

lep- I take it your fingers are wet

M- very wet

lep- and you playing

I hear those telltale sounds sensual and low

lep- imagine my cock teasing your clit

M- That makes me so wet

lep-and slippy will have to make sure where it slips

M-more giggles oh yes

lep- god it felt good slipping into you

M-oh yes

lep- so comfortable so right

lep- and oh so wet

M- yes so wet again

The sounds that follow tell me M is is one very horny and wet I can hear her play and she is very wet

M- are you hard

lep- remember how hard I was when I teased your ass

M- Oh yes

lep- It was so horny as you pushed back

M- oh god, I remember, I made such a mess

lep- the mess was worth it

lep-it felt so right

By this point the conversation was slipping as the sensual sounds had taken over both of us remembering both of us ramping up

Stroking my cock exceptionally hard and edging closer to cumming. The only thing more prevalent in my brain was the sounds coming through the speaker of the phone a mix of heady sensual vocal utterances and a very wet pussy been played with and gushing.

Lep- I'm close

M- Oh Oh ........O god

the trigger 'O God' a vocal trigger that rocked my loins as she hit her crescendo

I felt that feeling rise slowly washing over me the sounds at the end of the phone rising more. I join the explosion. the 1st cum hits close to my chest the rest hit my stomach a few more strokes and orgasm sends nerves off throughout my body that is truly worth it.

As we both come down we pass salutations and end the call

We revert to Whatsapp

I send a picture of my torso covered in cum 'Messy belly covered in sticky cum' not my best pic shot, coming down from an orgasm.

lep- that was horny

M- oh yes it was

lep- thank you

M- thank you ;)

lep- well friends are supposed to help each other

15 mins later I get a pic of M on her walk

Lep- wonder why you're smiling?

lep- Looking as sexy as ever

lep- any spring in your step

M- I'm Running

lep- hehehehe now that is a spring in your step

An hour and a half later as I'm working I spot a picture message

the conversation returns to day to day.

It's a decade since I last part took in Phone-sex. WOW!!! what a way to enjoy some old school fun

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