Written by unfaithful wife

4 May 2009

First of i would like to say Hi to all the readers of SH,, also i would like to relate my experience to you all. This started some ten years ago at the age of 26. My name is San and I was a shy married woman,, and I had no experience of men to speak of. My first boyfriend was after i had left school. I had not had a sex education so i was totally inexperienced. The lad i was dating was Johnny who i dated for six months.

During this time we would make love nearly every day barring periods. In all that time we never used protection so how we got way with out him impregnating me was a shear miracle. Then years later I met my future husband and after three moths we got married.We stayed with his parents until we bought a house of our own. Some months later i met a woman called Jen who i went to school with,, and we struck up a great friendship. She lived just three miles from us,, we used to visit each other every week,, I went to her house on a Tuesday and she came to mine on a Thursday.

Jen was what you would call a loose woman,, and she always had plenty of men hanging around her place. She would often ask me if i was interested in fucking any of them. But i let her know that i was happily married. Then she gave up asking for a couple of years. That was until a guy she knew called Terry asked her if i wanted to go out with him and i told her no. She told me he had a big cock ,, i told the answer was still no. Anyway I said how do you know that,,and she replied I've fucked him many a time. She said you would,nt regret it he,s a fantastic screw.

I told her i,m still not interested so she did,nt mention it again,, that was until about three weeks later. When this Tuesday i was at Jen,s house, when there was a knock at the door and when she answered in walked Terry. We all sat talking about this and that the Jen asked if i would make three tea,s. So of i went to the kitchen to make the tea and left them two talking in the lounge. Then suddenly I jumped as i felt a hot breath on the back of my neck.

It was Terry and he put his arms went around my waist as he whispered to me ,,,has Jen told you that I am dying to fuck you. I pulled away and told yes she has,, but i,m happily married. That's not what i asked you,,, I said I want to fuck you,, I can,t,,, so don't ask again. I thought that was the end of the matter but Jen had this desire to make me unfaithful and cheat on my husband. Every week she would try and talk me into fucking Terry,, i think she wanted me to be like her a compleat slut. I knew that she would not give up but i loved my husband and at that moment in time he knew nothing about it.

It was like she would not rest until i was fucking him,, and after a few weeks he was always in my thoughts. Even when my husband was fucking me I would think of Terry,,, i was trying to imagine what his cock was like,, and how it would fill my aching pussy. As my husband licked my clit i would orgasm heavily,, and he would comment on how much juice was coming from my pussy. He would sometimes ask whats made you so horny,, I would him that it was him. But really it was the thought of Terry inside me but i,m married.