Written by Flanker

24 Mar 2014

I had met Dianne on a soft flirting site and had been flirting with this married 40 year old for some time. She lived a quite short drive from me (just by Birmingham airport). We had started texting and sex-texting on a regular basis, I had been trying to get into her Knickers for what seemed like ages. Then one day while flirting by text, I dropped her the "well I'm free this Friday night" text as I had done so many times only to be knocked back. This time her reply came back "Well so am I lol"

At Last I thought. We arranged to meet up in a nice little Pub local to her by the airport, have a few drinks then fuck in my car, She asked me questions on what to wear etc, to which I had replied that I'd like her dressed quite tarty, short skirt stocking etc. She made me aware that her Husband would know about this meeting so she would be texting him through the night to let him know how things were going, Of course I said I didn't mind this.

Friday came and I arrived the Pub after a few texts as I had trouble finding the Pub even using the Sat Nav.

I got a drink and went outside for a cigarette, Diane text me saying she was just getting in to a Taxi and was terrified, She arrived about 5 minutes later. And how pleased I was to see she looked exactly like Pictures, she smiled as she got out of the and commented that I too looked exactly the same as Pictures.

We had a couple of drinks, until I went on to soft drinks due to driving, Diane became more and more confident as the drinks flowed, saying that she had decided that we were going to fuck within 10 minutes of chatting with me, towards the end of the evening and many texts to her husband we went out of the Pub for a Cigarette before leaving, she was quite merry by this time and confidently kissed me deeply as our bodies came together, we then got into the car and continued to kiss as I began to let my hands roam over her body, Diane had the most superb figure, gorgeous breasts and naturally tanned skin. Diane commented that it was so exciting snogging with a man other than her Husband because it had been such a long time since she had kissed anyone but him.

As we sat in the car talking I slowly ran my hand between her legs over her hold up stockings before slowly rubbing her pussy through her now wet thong. " I can't wait to fuck you" Diane said, Ok I said you know the area where are we going quiet to do this, Oh my God she said I didn't think of that! She didn't know anywhere, and I certainly didn't. I'll Text him she said (her Husband)to see if he knows anywhere. We drove off the car park after a few Texts she said "I just don't know of a place to go" Then out of the blue she said. "We could go back to mine" and giggled.

To cut a long story and conversation short. We soon pulled up on her drive. She had text her Husband to say we would be arriving and to get himself upstairs out of the way. We got in Diane made Coffee and we chatted and kissed in the Kitchen, I was soon rubbing her pussy again through her thong. She then Text her Husband again telling him to sit in a Chair in the corner as we would soon be coming up.

We entered the dimly lit bedroom and Diane lay on the bed with her back to her Husband and beckoned me to join her which I did. The room was quite small so although sat in the corner her Husband was very close to us, I Kissed Diane deeply as my hands moved over her clothed body, she undid my shirt and I removed her top, she lay on top of me as my hands worked around her ass until I slowly began to slide a finger inside her I then rolled her over and began to finger fuck her while my thumb worked on her Clit, she stopped me for a moment then after some trouble with my Belt she undid and pulled down my Jeans, I stood up off the bed so they fell to the floor, she slowly wanked my cock then only inches form her Husbands gaze she slowly took it into her mouth, I held the back of her head then gently began to fuck her mouth, as she sucked on me I released her Bra and stooped over slightly to play with her now free and very very nice Tits.

After a while I pulled her up to me, and began to kiss her again as she stood in just her hold ups and tiny black thong, I removed her Thong and began once again to finger fuck her. She pushed me back on to the bed pulled off my shoes socks and jeans so I was now naked she then climbed on top of me and I pulled her up until she was sat on my face so I could taste her she then came on my face and I can tell you she was fucking soaking.

I then had to break off for a moment find my Jeans and stood in front of her while I rolled on a condom. Then getting her legs in the air I positioned the tip of my Cock against her sopping wet Pussy. I could make out that her Husband had his cock in hand and was slowly rubbing it.

I entered her slowly and pushed until I wad fully up her to which she lets out a high pitched sigh. Then holding her legs high I began to fuck her, slowly at first but building up a nice speed.

Diane was quite a noisy fuck and egged me on as I began to fuck her harder, I then changed position so I was fucking her deeply from the side, "Oh Fuck you Bastard" she panted breathlessly.

I then turned her round to face her Husband off the bed with a hand on each of the arms of the chair he was sat on and entered her from behind Fucking her hard and fast as she Screamed again telling me was a Fucking bastard I was as she came again. She then said " Let me Fucking ride you" so I lay on the bed She removed the Condom and began to suck me Taking it as deep as she could then waking me then sucking me again, She then slowly licked and kissed her way up my body until she was breathlessly kissing me while rubbing her soaking pussy up and down my throbbing cock.

Then without warning she took it inside her unprotected and slowly began to ride me slowly and I mean very slowly as I played with those gorgeous Tits. Diane was still getting her breath back and she turned to her Husband (the 1st time she had spoken to him while all this was going on)saying "go and get me some water" She asked me not to move as she slowly rode me bearing down hard on my cock, moving sometimes a bit quicker then slowing down again, then suddenly she said "Oh fuck I'm squirting" so she fucked me harder, as her Husband returned she was loudly telling me she was squirting and she had never squirted before, He in the meantime just placed the water on the bedside table and returned to his seat.

Diane was knackered (her words) So I now took control again lifting her legs and fucking her hard bareback, I asked her where she wanted my Spunk, she "replied anywhere you want I was fit to burst so I pulled out and pushed my cock into her breathless mouth and came so fucking hard that she was unable to swallow it all, I then flopped on the bed as my Spunk dribbled down her face neck and on to her Tits. Diane took this opportunity to degrade her man by going to him, thanking him for what had happened and kissing him while covered in my Spunk.

She then returned to me on the bed while her Man made us coffee, she offered me a cigarette saying that she never smokes in the bedroom but this was not an ordinary night, So we lay on the bed chatting in each others arms, drinking Coffee made by her man (strange feeling to say the least).

It was now about 4:30 am and I said that I should make a move so got dressed to leave, Diane told her man her could get in the bed now as she saw me downstairs to leave we kissed at the door and she said to drive carefully and Text her when I got home.

This was the first of many exciting times with Diane I will relate them if any interest is shown.