Written by Flanker

31 Mar 2014

So I had had my 1st Bull experience and had found it strange but very exciting. I had text Diane when I got home and she had said it was amazing,she had no regrets and was looking forward to doing it again soon.

So we arranged to meet again not the following Friday, Diane had said that if I came direct to hers we could get a Taxi out to have a few drinks and that a Taxi would be a better idea so that I could leave the car and have a few drinks myself then maybe stay over (sounded good to me).

I pulled up at her's around 7 pm on the Friday evening and she met me at the door with a long lingering kiss, she took me to the kitchen, made me a Coffee and said to give her a couple of minutes while she finished getting ready.

We were soon in a taxi heading for the pub, chatting about the last encounter, Diane said that she had had many erotic times with her Rabbit during the week thinking of that night and what was to come and that she hadn't let her man so much as touch her. I asked where he was and she replied that he would be in thee Pub we were going to but he didn't know we were coming.

We got into the Pub and both went to the Bar Diane had her arms around me as I ordered the drinks then we went and sat on a large leather sofa in a corner. I asked her to point out her Husband as I really had not seen his face well enough the week before to recognize him.

She pointed him out, Sat the bar where we had just ordered the drinks, she smiled at him then kissed me and slowly rubbed her hand across my crotch, He watched us from the Bar Diane opening her legs every so often flashing to him, I told her to go and remove her Thong which she did so the next time she flashed at him he got a nice view of her freshly shaven pussy. It was soon 11:30 and Diane was all over me and I was dying to Fuck her, so I asked if she had a Taxi number, she replied that she had told her Husband not to drink and he would be giving us a lift back so we went out to their car we lent on the car snogging heavily, Diane broke off momentarily to Text him to come out and take us home then we continued to kiss as he came and got into the car starting up the engine.

We very merrily climbed in and continued some very heavy kissing, Diane told him to drive slowly, on the journey I took out Diane's lovely Tits and sucked on them while working my hands on to her soaking knickerless pussy, it was frantic with Diane pulling at my Jeans to release my now throbbing cock wrapping her hands around it as I finger fucked her, We reached there house and he got out and opened the front door we both clambered into the house in a half dressed state, me holding up my Jeans, Diane with Tits still out and skirt up around her waist.

Diane led me to the Kitchen and told her Husband to make Coffee, she then proceeded to take down my Jeans and and there and then began to suck on my Cock I held her by the hair and forced my cock slowly as deep as I could until she was gagging slightly pulled it out and then slowly back in again, Diane then said " For her Husband to bring the drinks up to us in the bed room when she called him to, with that said we went upstairs. We were soon Bollock naked with Diane on top of me sucking me deep while I licked her really soaking pussy paying particular attention to her throbbing Clit Diane gushed over my face as she came I kicked and fingered her before slipping a wet finger slowly into her ass, Diane was simply whimpering oh fuck oh fuck you bastard, She breathlessly called to her Husband to bring the drinks (I couldn't have given a fuck for Coffee by this time).

He walked in to the site of his lovely wife sucking on and wanking my Cock while I was licking and finger fucking both her ass and Pussy. Diane stopped and said Let me get my breath back, She held my cock in one hand and took her drink from her man in the other while slowly wanking me, he handed me my drink then went and sat in the corner. Diane put down her drink and said "I need that Cock Now". She stood up and I went around the back of her slowly entering her from behind, She taunted her man saying "Ohhhhh yes this is what a real Cock feels like" I spat on her ass and again slowly slid a finger in her ass while slowly fucking her, then I lent down and whispered asking her if she would like me to fuck her ass, OMG I've never was her reply, I told her I would be gentle then took me soaking Cock from her Pussy And positioned it at her Ass before gently begining to slid it in "Oh fucking hell" Diane gasped I asked if she wanted me to stop but she said "Noooooooo I want it" I slowly fed more Cock into her until I was fully in then slowly fucked this very tight ass, Diane quivered as her legs began to buckle she went forward on to the bed as she came.

I withdrew from her Then entered he pussy again, Oh fucking hell Diane said as I held her swinging tits fucking her pussy slowly again, both of us were sweating and quite breathless by this time, I turned her onto her back then began to fuck her again, pulling her hard onto my cock, Her Husband was wanking furiously. Diane told him to stop and come closer she held his cock then slapped the end of it. "Go down Stairs now you've had enough fun" she said to him he left the room then we got back to raw rough fucking, I would Fuck Diane hard up to the top of the bed then grab her thighs and pull her back down the bed, Diane got louder and louder obviously for her husbands benefit. We seemed to fuck for an age Diane on top then flipped over, Finally I Put her legs over my shoulders and fucked into her as hard and deep as I could both coming really hard as I emptied a massive load into her.

I got off her absolutely spent Diane hugged me giggling soaking wet with both sweat and my come oozing from her, do I get the wet patch now then she said cuddling up to me, no I joked call him to clean you up I said, "you know what that's a great idea" she said on that she called him up and laying legs wide open "said I need you to clean me now". "I'll get a towel was his reply" NO! you'll get here and lick me clean, and you no what he fucking well did to between her legs licking my warm come from her while she softly stroked me, then she lay him on the bed and sat on his face, while asking me to light her a Cigarette, when she had done with him she sent him back down stairs and we went to sleep.

I woke in the morning feeling really fore filled from the night before, I woke Diane and told her I should be going, ok she said but could we have a quickie before you go, It was quick frantic fucking, but we both seemed to enjoy it, I dressed and she saw me to the door, told him he could go to bed then kissed me good bye, Text me when your back and let's get together again soon she said. Hope you enjoyed this, I did and it was just the 2 nd meet of what turned out to be wonderful and experimental times for us all. I will relate this if interest is shown.