Written by a lost man

3 Mar 2012

How things can change, we are a happily married couple my wife Sue has worked for a company for quite a few years, it was taken over by a Dutch firm three years ago and that was some thing that changed our lives for ever Sue is the office manger, after the take over some people lost there jobs there was a lot changes but she was keep on

It was a month or so after the take over there was a social evening to meet the new bosses I was invited as well it was in a plush hotel a meal and informal chat, we had the meal and sat in the bar area and one of the new bosses came to our table and introduced him self I will call him Mark its a dutch name but sound like Mark, to be hones I was impressed by him he was charming to both of us and included me in the conversation and seemed please to meet us,Mark stayed with us for a time and then moved on to other people to do his PA thing, he was soon back with us and spent most of the evening with us on and off

At the time I thought Mark was a very nice bloke and Sue was taken with him I did say she was lucky to have a boss like him, he was mid forties fit looking as if he worked out a lot the next week Sue told me he wasn't based in the UK but would be come here on part time bases, it was that Friday afternoon Sue phoned and said we had been invited out for dinner with Mark,, that evening we ended up at one of the better restaurants in the area with Mark, once more he was very charming and we had a lovely time he let us see photos of his family and asked loads of question about us, we both thought he was a guy away from home and felt a bit lonely

It was maybe a month later, Sue came home from work and told me Mark is back I couldn't help but notice she seem pleased he was over here, a day or so later we where asked out again, another most enjoyable evening this happened a number of times over the time he was here, we shared to to get quite friendly by then, it became the the nor when he was over, he take us out or we had him over for meals at our house, not long after that Sue came home to tell she been promoted, at the time I did think it may have some thing to do with Mark, he had a reason she was now in contacted with him a lot more so they talked on the phone at work

As time pasted he would phone the house I some times talked to him, with what I do for a living I some time have to be away for a few days at a time,it was one of them times coming up and we had Mark over for a meal and he said he like to take us out, I am not sure if he know I would not be here or not, when I told him we have pass on that as I not be at home he asked if he could take Sue any way, would I mind I found myself given permission to him to take my wife out with out me, Sue and me did talk about that night she seemed quite happy about it

I was away Sue and Mark had there night out she told me later its was not jest the meal they went on to a club and danced together, but the thing she didn't say was they went out the next night as well, you need to remember this is over a few months, it became a regular thing when I was away and Mark was here, I didn't realize or put two and two together Sue would tell him when I was going to be away and he make sure he was over here at that stage it was not obvious to me that they fancied each other I trusted both of them, as time past I did start to notice a few things she talked about him a lot and if he phoned she be all smiles and giggles and when they meet with me there she kiss him and they hug they became more tactile some time sit together and Mark put his hand on her knee and one night I was at the bar and when I came back they where talking and stopped when I sat down and that night we all had a bit to drink we got a cab home I sat with my back to driver and they sat on the back seat quite close together and he had his hand on her leg most of the way home

The next day I asked if he ever tried it on, she said don't be silly, then she started to get presents flouts and alike and one night he was at ours and Sue went to see him off and I happened to go into the hall and it looked as if she kissed him on lips, I stated to take notice more then there was the glances they gave each other the odd whisper it made me suspicious, then one day I was saying to Sue maybe we should put Mark off a bit as he is always here maybe we see to much of him, that upset Sue I was told not to be stupid his only lonely it was almost a row

It was the next time I was away I was in the midlands for three days Mark knew I was away at that time,he asked me about it, and he said in a joking sort away he would not be here to look after my wife for me, it was my first evening away I phoned Sue about six I asked what she was doing tonight and was told jest watch the telly, I called at ten to say good night and the land line rang and rang so I tried her mobile the same thing ten minutes later she called back it sounded as if it echoed like a bathroom I asked where she was she said at home, I tried to call later and the phone was off and the land line was answer phone, in the morning I call she picked it up we chatted she told me the phone had played up last night then I heard a shoos I am sure I heard a mans vice, that night I called at tea time, then at eleven it rang a long time she did pick it up and sounded very flushed and didn't want to talk the next evening she phoned me saying she was going round a girlfriends I tried her mobile three times it was switched off she called me the next morning say her battery was flat, I got home that afternoon I was unpacking my case to put my cloths in the wash basket and there was some sexy underwear why would she wear them if I was away

Sue came in about five she seemed sheepish a bit jumpy I had a few question about the phone she was flushed, I asked if she heard from Mark she said his in Holland, she was tense all evening, that night in bed I tried it on we always have sex if I have been away

Sue said she was to tired the next day I had a look at the phone and there was a few calls to the hotel number where Mark stays funny if his in Holland I knew then some thing was going on that was the start of some thing that was going to change every thing in our life foe ever thee is more to tell