Written by Rex

13 Dec 2007

My ex-girlfriend was an extraordinary tease, and is now a perfect cuckold wife to someone else. She worked as an interior designer, designing and project managing interior schemes for a raft of famous clients. One of her clients was an esteemed doctor in his mid 50's, very distinguished, tall and handsome in a refined way. My girlfriend was 31, with long dark hair and an amazing figure with the sexiest little ass that made men stop and stare in the street when she wore mini skirts or tight fitting trousers.

She always talked about Dr. X in a very subservient way, and was often late back from site-meetings with him. I began to wonder if there was more to the relationship than purely professional. She began to attend early morning site meetings too, and became evasive or downright angry when I questioned her as to the location of these meetings. I recall feeling intensely jealous and yet at the same time secretly thrilled by the fact that I might be being cuckolded. When I began to imagine what they might actually be doing together I found it intensely erotic. I would masturbate furiously whilst considering that they might be engaging in lewd sexual activity. I never confronted her with my doubts but became ever more vigilant as to her comings and goings.

After the first project was completed, she announced that she had been invited for a celebratory dinner by the esteemed Doctor X. I remember watching her get ready for the evening, bathing and applying perfume as usual. Then she selected as an undergarment a lime green metallic swimsuit, very high cut on the thighs and with a metallic shimmer that set off her pert little bottom to perfection. Strangely she chose to wear this swimsuit back-to-front, the result of which was to push her perfect nubile breasts up and together giving her a much more impressive cleavage than normal. She looked sensational and I told her so as she prepared to leave. She turned, gave me a beautific smile and said "Don't wait up, I might be quite late..."

Needless to say I did wait up. As I waited for her to return to the apartment we shared together I ran through in my mind all the little telltale signs that I had noticed in recent months that were somehow out of character. The lateness, the sudden unplanned 'important meetings', the early morning swimming sessions with her friend Diana. I became more and more convinced that if she had not done so already, then tonight was the night she would cuckold me with this eminent Doctor. My cock was so hard and throbbing painfully I felt if I touched myself just once I would dissolve into an explosive orgasm. Watching the clock as the hours slowly ticked by my imagination went into overdrive as I envisioned all sorts of possible scenarios. The waiting was pure agony and absolute ecstasy at the same time. By about 1.30am my imagination was running wild, and I heard a taxi pull-up outside our apartment building. I glanced out of the window and saw my beautiful girlfriend disembark, turning as she did so to give a lingering goodnight kiss to her fellow passenger. She came upstairs into our apartment and I immediately asked her how her evening had gone and explained that I had been worried about her as it was so late. She smiled and turned to go to the bathroom, I followed her and embraced her in a passionate kiss. She tasted strange, different somehow, and pulled away from me saying she was tired... At this point I could bear it no longer and told her I had to know what had happened between her and the doctor. She feigned total innocence and told me that she had had a business dinner pure and simple. End of the matter. I asked her if she loved me and she replied that of course she did. I told her if she loved me we had to make love right away. Again she protested saying she felt tired, but I insisted and eventually she reluctantly agreed. She said she needed to pee and went off to the bathroom. When she came back I told her I need a drink and went off to the kitchen to fetch some water. On my return I darted into the bathroom where I saw the green metallic bathing suit lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. Instantly alert, I picked it up and inspected it. I smelt the crutch and as I did so my fingers encountered a glorious, gooey, sticky mess. I put my face right into the crutch and inhaled deeply. The pungent odour of another man's semen filled my nostrils and I was instantly electrifyingly hard. I licked tentatively both revolted and terrifyingly turned-on at the same time. Walking quickly back to the bedroom with my cock advancing in front of me at full mast I leapt into bed and grabbed my beautiful girlfriend in a passionate embrace. She loved receiving oral and after a lingering kiss I wriggled down her body to find her dripping wet snatch. Just as I was about to inhale her pungent aroma of female sex juices mixed with the other man's come she pulled away saying "No I don't want that". I turned her over on her front and she stuck her beautiful pert bottom in the air and I could see her glistening wet snatch shining with a mixture of her juices and the good Doctor's come. At this sight my cock was bucking and twitching wildly and I knew I must enter her soon or I would spill my precious seed all over the bed. I slid into her effortlessly gliding up her well lubricated passage. The feeling was sheer bliss, unadulterated delight as I felt her vaginal muscles squeeze the come out of my wildly pulsating cock. I continued to come for perhaps 30 or 40 seconds, longer by far than I normally would and with so much more semen. I stayed inside her for a further minute or two and was suddenly overtaken with a powerful desire to lick my come out of her well oiled gash. I had never felt the desire to do this before and felt slightly ashamed and yet incredibly turned on knowing that I would be lapping up not just my semen but that it would be mixed with the semen of the illustrious doctor. She aquised to my wishes and I spent a further 45 minutes pleasuring her with my tongue and bringing her to several more orgasms.

The next morning I longed to discuss her activities with the Doctor the night before but she would hear nothing of it preferring to busy herself with the schedule of work for the day. From then on whenever I broached the subject she continued to deny that anything untoward had ever occurred between her and the Doctor. We recently made contact again after 12 years and have reversed the experience where I am now cuckolding her new husband, more of which to follow…