Written by Athena

24 Aug 2018

How we Got here.

Part 1

This is a long story so I’m going to break it down hope you enjoy.

Hubby was going away for a week but before he left he secretly ordered me a present. It arrived the day before he was about to leave, he had told me he spent a fair bit of money on it but didn’t tell me much else. That evening he nervously said I could open the present, why was he a bit dubious I thought? I had an idea of what it might be but then then had very mixed emotions at what I found, Inside the box was one of the latest rabbit vibes, (now I have had a rabbit before and wasn’t impressed). Hubby assured me he had done his homework on this! It did feel nicer to hold and softer to the touch maybe he was right but it would have to go on charge for now.

The next day off Hubby went and it wasn’t long before I got a message “SEXT you later, want to know how well your new toy works out Love you”. I sent a cheeky one back “looking forward too it xxx love you”. Feeling naughty just before bedtime I decided to take a shower and take a few selfies which I immediately sent to hubby “having a shower and shave before I play xxx”. “Wow very nice miss you”. Followed by a rather sexy demanding message “shave it all off xxx”

It’s not long before I get out of the shower and I’m lying on the bed before I have the next message “you all smooth clean and sexy now”. Well he was going to have to wait a while before he got a view of my smooth soft pussy, I had to get a glass of wine ???? and my new toy lubed up, I wasn’t too mean and sent him a pic of two firm nipples, Yes I was getting excited at thought of trying out my new toy and sharing the experience with him. Here goes feeling a little anxious I squirted a little lube and rubbed it around my already moist clit and pussy hmmm the new lube even felt good slowly and cautiously I inserted my new rabbit, instantly I could feel it reaching places the other didn’t and I arched my back and slid it in as far as it would go. Hubby had done his homework, I hadn’t turned it on yet and I was almost cumming. I moved it in and out slowly taking a quick video for him while I did. I paused to send the clip. Then braced myself to turn it on..... Oh My God that went from Nice to Fantastic I hit the record button and it was long before I was grapsping at my breasts and arching my back in sheer extasy the ears of the rabbit were massaging my clit and the head inside me was just in the right place after I climaxed I sent him the clip but yet there was another button to try, before I got a chance to insert I got a message saying “WOW you are hot look what you made me do xxx! “ and a clip of him masterbating. Now that was nice to see and watch as I slipped in the rabbit to my very wet pussy I pressed the buttons on the rabbit and phone and nearly hit the roof, I wasn’t expected it to massage my inner pussy quite like that, I was trying hard not to moan with pleasure as it pulsated an massage just the right place, my back arched my ass raised a little off the bed Golly this thing was going to make me squirt and then I did juices seemed to fly in all directions and with shaky hands I reached to press stop on both the rabbit and phone, Hubby was going to get a great clip this time, a few minutes passed and I text back saying “glad you enjoyed it xxx. so did I you horny wife xxx”. And a great video clip of him cumming, we said our good nights and agreed that hopefully tomorrow nights sexting would be just as good.xx

So The next evening I received my first message “Hey Sexy ready? Tell me your fantasy ????xxx” We know each other very well and he knew that if I was going to confess anything it would either be when I was drunk, aroused or in a message. I was ready for this and after the thrill I Had with my new toy last night I was eager to start!

We sat drinking our glasses of wines smiling at each and occasionally touching each other’s legs it didn’t take long before we reached in and had a quick kiss.

“ WoW wasn’t expecting that Keep going I’m hard already xxx”

we decided to take things upstairs and stood facing each other in the bedroom, I carefully removed her dress from her then unclipped her bra letting her lovely big breasts and hard nipples free with both hands I gently massaged them and went in with my mouth to lick and suck on those perfect nipples. I felt her hands behind me unzipping my dress and then unclipping my bra I let go her breasts and she returned the favour dropping my dress to the floor and setting free my boobs, That felt good but what felt better was when she began to rub and gentle tickle them with her fingers and tongue.

“This is SO hot keep it going sexy XxX”

I was going to keep it going because I had been keeping a lot of this in for a long time.

I moved one a hand down to legs and began moving my fingers slowly up the inside of the thighs until it reached an inviting damp pussy, She took in a sharp breath and let out a slight moan of excitement and I began gently caressing her clit and pussy. We moved towards the bed and I sat her down and began to move my head lower licking and kissing as I went until my tongue reached the top of her clit. I heard her gasp again and felt her push her pelvis towards my face, I delicately circled and caresssed every part I could, she was squirming and moaning as i did.

“Fking hell where did all this come from this is amazing XxX”

Time to get serious I put on the strap on and she got on all fours, I slowly entered her and started to thrust slow at first Then faster and faster until we were both moaning and cumming together.

“Can I help finish this? It’s amazing XxX” Hubby text

I was so excited and wet from all the typing I sat back and began rubbing my nipples and pussy waiting for the first message.

“ Lying on the bed facing each other you again entered her, you also felt a familiar body with a hard cock pressing against your back. As she moved against you, you felt me slowly slide inside you and start thrusting from behind”

Yes that was a nice ending I was almost cumming from playing with my self and a few strokes more let out an amazing orgasm.

“Hope you enjoyed xxx”. I sent

“Sure did we will have to talk more bout this at home XxX” was the reply.

The rest of the week was more exchanging of pics and fun with the rabbit. But that text was my first realise and real admission of my bi side and part1 of this story. xxx