Written by Paulrcouple

24 Jun 2011

I will take over the story now sorry about Paul's spelling one day he will use the spell check

My mother went home and Paul started to tell me about him and young Bob in the park toilet we ended up on the bed me fucking my self with my vibrator sucking Paul's cock at the same as he told me the story it did not take me long to cum then Paul got between my legs and gave me a good fucking telling me it soon wont be a fantasy about young Bob.

We started talking about Bob he was about 12 years younger than us a bonny young lad i said he was to young he might tell people in the pub Paul said he is not going to tell his mates he gave me a blow job in the park toilets is he yes ok lets have.

We got to the pub about nine our normal time. All the usual crowed in but no Bob i felt deflated Paul said hes bottled it we had a couple of drinks then we spotted him at the bar he got a drink and came over to use all and said hello. I smiled at him and gave him a wink he seemed to blush all the night we kept smiling at each other when i was playing pool i made sure he got a good look at my boobs we bending down to take a shot i kept looking at him and licking my top lip so sexy i sat on a stool so only he could see me i opened my legs wide and flashed my knickers at him god i was so fucking horny Paul told me to cool it or you will slip up and someone will see.

We all chated as normal nothing said about going back to our house Bob went to the toilet Paul followed him just after Bob came back first and smiled at me and winked.

Paul came back and smiled and said come to the jukebox and put some thing on with me he told me he was going to come home with us he knows were we live and he will follow us a bit later Paul said when he went into the toilet he was standing having a wee Paul stud next to him when he finished Paul got hold of his cock and said is this going to fuck Jane to night Bob said yes Paul told him what to do. I was so horny i went to the toilet went straight in a cubicle pulled my knickers to one side and frigged my self off i was soaking i had to dry my self to stop it running down my legs. I went back to Paul he said get the drinks i went to the bar Bob was there i stud next to him he was on the pub phone telling some one at home he was going to be late he was going to a party he smiled at me i smiled back and said a party you will never forget and winked it was so horny nobody else new what was going on.

We all got sat back down chatting playing pool talking to every one the bell went for last orders we got our last drinks Paul told me to hurry up so we left first we got up to go and Paul whispered to Bob don't be long/

We got home i told Paul i had made my self cum in the toilet he pushed me on the couch and started licking my pussy i was so worked up a came straight away i started to suck Paul's cock it was only a short while before i felt a jet of cum hit the back of my throat we were both so worked up i swallowed the lot. we stopped i went into the kitchen and got us both a drink we sat there waiting for Bob to come it seemed ages then there was a knock at the door Paul went to let him in.

Paul got him a drink he told me to get dressed in my kinky under wear i went up stairs.

I came back down stairs in my stockings basque and suspenders it was all quiet in the lounge i opened the door quietly the were both stripped off Paul was on his knees Bob was standing in front of him and Paul was sucking and wanking his cock. Bob looked at me i walked over and started kissing him our tongues exploring each others mouth then i felt him go ridged i new he had cum in Paul's mouth he stud up kissed me and let some of Bobs cum in my mouth we both swallowed it all.

We had a drink and a talk Bob told us things about him self we told him things he said he had always wanted to fuck me and dreamt of this happening i told him he had been mentioned in our fantasies often Paul said well lets get on with it i got on my knees and started sucking Bob it was the first time i had touched it Paul was right he was a big lad for 20 much bigger than Paul's for the next 3 hours they fucked me licked me sucked each other all over our lounge i was spit roasted my vibrator up my bum and it was the first time i had anal sex Paul had tried but i could never take it there but i was so horny and worked up it went in easy it was the first time i had been double penetrated. We fucked that much we could fuck no more Bob got dressed and went home we went to bed and fell asleep that was a stsrt to a great friend ship which lasted for about ten years we even took Bob to meet other people couples loved an extra cock more to come if interested