Written by jane

8 Jan 2010

Hi , well festivities over and both hubby and I too busy at work to have any fun, but now what with the weather and the january slow down hubby told me he would treat me with a night out . We went for a nice . italian meal in Darlington the meal was great, 1 of the waiters was very fit but not for me . After the meal we went into town for a drink , I was thinking if that was my treat for my hard work, it was sweet but not what I was expecting.

I did notice that Steve kept looking at his watch, and at about 10.30 he said we needed to be at a differant bar , so without finishing my drink we set off for the bar in question. When we arrived I went to the loo as Steve went to the bar, when I returned Steve was still at the bar so I motioned to him that i was going to sit in the corner where it was a bit cosier. As soon as i sat down a young lad came over and asked me if I was on my own. I told him I was supposed to meet a friend there to go clubbing but she wasnt there yet, I then noticed Steve walking towards us , as he saw us talking he turned towards the bar with the drinks, luckily at this point the young guy asked me if I wanted a drink , and off he went to get me one , I looked over to Steve and winked at him , he knew what I was after ! The guy came back drinks in hand but also with two of his mates, well best get the formalities out of the way he said , Im Tom , this is Adam and Lee is it ok to sit with you until your friend arrives, yes ok i replied In which they sat down tom on one side and the other two on the other side . The questions rained in was I married where was hubby , would he be annoyed if he saw me now . Laughing i told them yes I was married no he would be turned on and then I pointed to him at the bar lol if you could of seen there faces as Steve started to walk towards us.

Laughing we all introduced ourselves again , and then Steve sraight away asked the guys if the would like to come back to ours , Drinks finished we booked a taxi for five within minutes it arrived and we were on our way home. It takes about 10 minutes to get to Middleton St George normally but with the snow falling it was more like 25-30 , I knew what was coming and I was soaking, finally we arrived Tom offered to pay for the taxi and we rushed into the warmth. . Steve went to get drinks I sat on the sofa with Adam and lee each side of me , I knew what i wanted so I leant over and started to kiss Lee hard on the lips, The turned to Adam Mm he smelt nice I was soooo fucking horny now I needed cock, Then Tom and Steve came in the room , Typical said tom I pay for the cab and I miss out !!! With that I got up and went down on my knees rubbing the front of Toms jeans , unloosening them I pulled them down along with his pants mmmm nice cock not too big just nice I took him in my mouth slowly taking him to the back of my throaght then taking him in and out , I could here him gasp , it was then I felt my dress being lifted and my thong being removed , soon A tounge was fucking my pussy , then Adam stood in front of me wanking his cock in my face mmmmmm 2 cocks to suck what a lucky slut i felt , I noticed hubby wanking on the sight b4 him , he had seen it b4 but it never fails to turn him on soon whilst sucking on the two cocks I felt Lee start to fuck me . mmmm fuck me harder i said harder , with that Lee was fucking me forcing me to take more cock in my mouth , It was to much for Tom he told me he was cumming and I sucked him harder letting him know I wanted it in my mouth , he held my head as he shot his load into my mouth not missing a drop I swallowed the lot , Then I felt Lee start to cum fuck I was so horny by now he slapped my arse calling me a slut. I needed a drink so sitting up Steve passed me a drink and asked if i was ok , mmmmmm of course I am .I told Adam to lie on his back , his cock was hard and big I went down on him trying to take it all in my mouth but failing to , then making my way up his body I straddled his cock, The previous load of cum helping me take all of his 9 '' god it felt good as I was fucking him Steve stood in front of me offering me his cock I sucked him whilst riding Adam , Adam told me he was about to cum and Steve pulled his cock from my mouth wanking himself over my face, Adam came , I could feel his cum and Lee.s sliding down my thighs onto my stocking tops , my face was covered in cum I must of looked a mess, steve the suggested going up to the bed , so off we went for another 2-3 hours of the four of them abusing me totally and me taking everything they had to offer, Steve fucked my arse whilst they in turn had my mouth and pussy all at differant times. I awoke in the morning the room still smelling of sex, cum in my hair bruises and marks on my thighs but totally satisfied . I had a shower then put my robe back on went down stairs to be met with a cooked breakfast and Steve and Tom telling me to hurry up as it was bed time again ,,,,,,,,, mmmmm whats a girl to do lol