Written by Audrey

12 Apr 2010

I have told my hubby Berni I am writing this for the SH website, don’t think he believes I’m serious but as one 54 y/o lady who has been well fucked by a young hunky guy I feel very pleased with myself, my ego as big as Everest with hubby enjoying it as well. Not sure where to start but the evening I got well and truly rogered I’d never felt like so much meat before. Berni was one side, our new friend Greg was the other, both jokingly discussing fucking me. Agreed I (Audrey) was joining in, laughing at both men, encouraging them, all three of us very relaxed and lightheaded after a very fine meal, lots of strong red wine, and cocktails in a nearby bar.

It was late September but on the Algarve the weather was hotter than a UK summer. It was me and Berni’s 2009 holiday, our first real break after a year of running our business, a jewellery shop in the east midlands, and our first holiday since 2008. It was Tuesday night, four more before Berni and I flew back home and it was our first night out with Greg. We’d met him at the pool that came with our timeshare apartment block, small, private, just for the people staying in the six apartments. He’d had his wife with him for the first week but she had to go back to fly onto a conference in Athens.

On the Sunday we’d just said ‘hi’ but by Monday lunchtime we had introduced ourselves properly, learnt his name was Greg, the bad news about his wife shooting off, and invited him to join us in the sun around the pool. Being in our 50s, we’re not stick thin but we aren’t fat, in good shape, healthy and in the sun we’d both got very impressive tans. We guessed Greg was 28-30 y/o, good looking, tall, very fit bod, hairy chest, chunky gold chain, his briefs accentuating what looked like a good sized lunchbox.

Like most ladies around the pool I had gone topless and it was certainly very pleasing to see Greg admire my boobs, his gaze making my nipples even more erect. When I turned face down he offered to suntan cream my shoulders, back and legs. It was lovely, exciting, to feel a man’s hands massaging my back, making me feel very sexy, so pulling open the tie on my bikini pants felt good but I really didn’t know what I hope it would achieve. Greg knew, pulled them off my bum and ran the sun cream over my pink white buttocks.

Face down I had no idea what Berni was thinking, what expression he had on his face. I now know he was very pleased at seeing a young good looking fella taking an interest in his wife. At five Greg called it a day and went off, Berni and I went back to our apartment, ate, went out for a drink, Berni starting with some jokes about me and Greg, it all eventually leading me to tell him how I was turned on by Greg’s sun cream massage, Berni telling me his fantasy was watching me fuck Greg. “I might just do that!” I warned him.

Tuesday Berni and I got to the pool around 10 and Greg turned up an hour or so later, this time in lose fitting boxer trunks, me thinking ‘spoilsport’ to myself! As he pulled a lounger alongside mine my nipples went into overdrive and I handed him my tube of factor 15, turned face down and waited for those sexy hands to massage me. I didn’t say ‘take your time this time…’ but Greg must have read my mind and his massaging the sun cream was a lot longer, a lot deeper, tender than the day before and when his hands reached my thighs I let a leg fall from the lounger and I felt a shot of excitement as Greg’s hands and fingers worked in the cream at the top of my legs, fingers slipping under my bikini pants, my mind thinking something like ‘I’m a 30 years long married lady and I’m being turned on by having my back massaged by a hunky young bloke…’

I closed my eyes and fantasized about Greg pulling off my bikini pants, stripping off his trunks and a long thick cock the size of a wine bottle easing itself inside me. Wow! It didn’t happen of course and I remained face down soaking up the sun for a good hour before turning, noticing Berni out for the count, asleep under the umbrella. ‘Let me return the favour, cream your back…’ I offered Greg and he got up, I sat behind him on his lounger and poured my factor 15 over his shoulders, doing my best to massage the stuff into his skin, down his spine, across his back. ‘What about your legs? Stretch out and I’ll do them…’ He did and I didn’t need any ‘OK’ to pull his boxer trunks down across his bum, working my palm across his pink skin, one finger then a second down his crack, him shivering as I ran a finger slowly up and down over his arsehole. ‘Nice?’ I asked and he turned over, saying nothing, big naughty smile on his face, lifting his trunks, inviting me to feel inside.

I gave Berni a quick look. Still asleep. Around the pool didn’t look like anyone was looking at us. My hand slid along the top of his thigh, under the material then – wow! He was rock hard and felt like he had a 12 incher under here. I cracked that old one, ‘You got a gun there or just pleased to see me?’ I squeezed the head between my fingers, pulling the foreskin back, wishing I could put it in my mouth, suck it, lick it, maybe go all the way, suck him off, have him cum in my mouth.

I now felt very sexy, very aroused, my bikini pants getting very wet. I lent forward, don’t know why I said it, as an old married lady should have known better but whispered, my mouth very dry ‘…do you want to go somewhere…your place?’ Greg gave another naughty smile, brought himself up, kissed me on the neck, then bit me, teeth sinking in ‘Wow!’ I let out. ‘Sure…but what about hubby?’ I gave Berni another check. ‘No probs…if he wakes he’ll think we’ve gone to the beach…’

So, that’s how I came to suck Greg off, he laid out across his bed, my kneeling between his legs, head bobbing up and down as I took as much of his length in my mouth, then releasing it, only to sink it deep to the back of my throat. When I first started sucking him the taste of his cock was mindblowing, dirty, greasy, sexy, then he started to give out lots of pre-cum and that was a new, amazing taste, sharp, lemony at first then it thickened, more like cum and the taste became minty, like I was sucking a Polo!

Then I heard Greg speak, ‘…why don’t you…’ I stopped sucking, looked up at him. I really wanted to but felt so guilty. I knew Berni wanted me to fuck Greg but he wanted to be there to watch me, join in…I felt awful...I wanted to fuck Greg but knew it would be cheating on Berni and that I just couldn’t do it… ‘A blow job now…I want you to cum in my mouth…we’ll fuck tonight…when Berni is there….both of you fucking me, how’s that?’

With that he dropped his head back, closed his eyes as I slid my mouth over his length, fingers now stroking his cock, others squeezing his balls. It took another five minutes or so, Greg moaning away, louder and louder, when his body suddenly stiffened, he gave out a loud ‘Jeez!’ and everything in my mouth seemed to explode, two spurts of red hot spunk hit the back of my throat. I pulled back, three more jets landing on my tongue, filling my cheeks. God I was a whore! Sucking on his cock as if I might miss a precious drop or two of his cum, eventually letting him go, falling across him, my spunk filled mouth kissing him very passionately.

I finally broke away, ‘Good?’ He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, ‘That was fucking mindblowing girl! You certainly know how to give good head!’ I felt very pleased with myself before I suddenly remembered I had a hubby, left alone by the pool. I got off the bed, ‘See you later…’ and went straight to the pool.

Berni was awake, reading his book, ‘Wondered where you got to…’ I felt very guilty, mumbled something about going to the beach with Greg. ‘Where is he?’ I looked down into my bag, pretending to look for my cigarettes, continuing to mumble. ‘…went to his room…be down later…’

‘What’s that?’ Berni’s finger ran across my neck. Shit! It was Greg’s bite. I dug out my mirror. It was clearly a bite, a lovebite, an inch long, two sets of teeth marks very obvious! I wanted the ground to swallow me up but it didn’t and Berni lent across, whispered, ‘You’ve fucked him, haven’t you?’ I looked him straight in the eye, ‘No I haven’t, as it happens! But even if I had, you’re the one who said I should fuck him!’ Berni kissed the lovebite, ‘Not complaining! Great a young good looking guy fancies my wife! Only wish I’d been there to enjoy you giving him a good seeing to…’ I now felt less anxious, ‘We didn’t fuck, darling…I gave him a blow job…told him I wanted you to be there when we fuck, wanted you to join in…’ Berni gave me a big smile, ‘Tonight, then?’ I was now smiling, ‘Yes, tonight…’ and gave him a very passionate kiss.

So, to the evening, all three of us sitting on the long settee, one of my Streisand CDs playing, one table lamp on, big glasses of red wine, Berni to my right, Greg to my left, me in my red mini skirt, tanned legs well on show, one of our shop’s heavier chains on my left ankle, gold flatties, black low cut top, matching purpley lacy bra and knickers underneath.

Who was going to start our evening’s fun? I decided not to wait and talking to both guys nonchalantly unzipped Greg first, then hubby, slipping onto the floor, easing out Greg’s cock first, a quick lick and suck, then switching to Berni, easing his shaft out and giving his cock head a slow suck. Both guys were up hard and I sucked both for a few minutes, getting quickly aroused, eventually lifting myself up and spreading my legs across Greg’s lap and under my skirt I felt his hardness at my knickers. I lent forward and we kissed, his tongue deep inside my mouth, my hand stretching out to grasp Berni’s cock and give it an energetic wank, breaking off from kissing Greg to drop my head to suck Berni’s cock head. As I did that I felt Greg’s hand go under my skirt and one then two fingers find their way into my knickers, pull them lose, then maneuver his cock head towards my pussy.

I broke off from sucking Berni, got up and unzipped my skirt, throwing it off behind me. I then slid back onto Greg’s lap until his cockhead was touching the nylon of my nicks. I was teasing him and he was smiling then laughing, then he pushed himself towards me, his cockhead pushing against my knickers, into my pussy. I pulled the nylon away and slid forward, his cockhead pushing my pussy lips apart, me giving out a little ‘wow!’ as the first inch of his eight entered me.

Berni was now wanking himself and I gave him a wink, pulling off my top, unclipping and removing my bra, as Greg put his hands on my bum and began to push me further onto his cock and I pushed myself forward, Greg licking both my nipples, his cock sliding in my pussy over my flowing juices, his full 8 inches feeling absolutely fabulous, me gasping in a very girly way as his thickness filled my pussy, his cockhead at my womb.

I began to ride in and out on his cock and almost immediately I orgasmed, collapsing forward, Greg’s mouth latching onto my left nipple, sucking deeply, releasing it, licking it, then biting hard, me giving out a loud yelp, Greg switching to my other nipple to repeat it all, me yelping again.

Wow! I thought…this really was very good! I lent forward and kissed Greg very passionately, his hands massaging my boobs, squeezing my nipples, me breaking away to continue the slow ride on his eight inches, Berni getting up to present me with his cock. I greedily took it all in my mouth, as if eating it all, then releasing it to concentrate sucking on his cockhead.

But Greg wasn’t too pleased, ‘Hey babe….focus…you fucking me or what?....’ With that I broke off from Berni, he falling back onto the settee, as I brought both my legs up and put my feet on Greg’s shoulders and began to slide to and fro on his cock faster, harder, letting out a string of ‘…come on lover, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…..harder, harder…’

He responded, shoving his hips forward in quick thumping, heavyweight strokes, the excitement, enjoyment, ecstasy fast taking me over, my head beginning to swim with the delirium, the intense satisfaction of this guy’s long fat cock filling me, in and out, over my clitoris, my sexual responses growing all the time, ‘Oh my god Greg, this is so fucking good….don’t stop, keep going…fuck me, come on, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…’ I repeated it endlessly, my head now yellows and blacks as my ecstasy went from one higher plane to another, enjoying the pain of Greg lovebiting my nipples, my boobs, my neck, our mouths crashing together in a wild, torrid wantonness, his tongue deep down my throat.

I was almost completely out of it when I heard Greg give out a loud moan and a ‘Oh my god, yes!...’ before his 100 mile an hour hips crashed to a sudden stop, his body lifting and, deep inside me, the full eight inches of his cock whiplashing two, three, four shots of his spunk, its heat quickly spreading deep behind my belly button, across the flat of my stomach. God, I thought, that was so fucking good, his cum feels so fucking good inside me, I felt like a real woman, attractive, intelligent, clever, on top, in charge, fucked by a young good looking hunk of a guy, as young as my own son!

I fell forward and we kissed, passionately, Greg obviously very pleased, eventually breaking away, almost whispering, ‘…that was so fucking good babe, one of the best…you really are something else…’ We continued to kiss for another few minutes before his limp cock began to fall out of my pussy, his cum everywhere. I got up, need to go to the bathroom, picked up my knickers and pushed them into my pussy, soaking up his seed.

I’d completely forgotten about Berni. He was still there, looked like he had wanked himself to orgasm but took my hand, then pulled away my knickers and began to lick Greg’s cum in my pussy, his tongue going deep inside. God, it felt good! I was being turned on again. My hubby was tonguing me and turning me on! I stood there, stroking his hair, moaning quietly to myself, letting out an ever louder series of ‘...oh my god…oh my god…oh my god…’ as my head told me I now wanted my hubby to fuck me, Greg moving behind me, his hands on my boobs, squeezing my nipples, kissing my neck, then biting me very hard, low on my neck, me letting out a very loud ‘oh my god!’, my head just a total blank, just ecstasy, Berni sucking me, Greg biting me, massaging my boobs.

I felt myself falling forward, Berni catching me, easing me down onto the settee, opening my legs, holding his cock, now again long and rigid, guiding it towards my opening, the cockhead sliding in smoothly thanks to the lubricating affect of Greg’s cum, Berni then ramming it all in, me giving out a ‘…mmm…wow…feels good!’ As he began to pump me I held out a hand to stroke Greg’s cock, his also growing long and hard again, pulling it towards me, opening my mouth, licking, kissing, biting the head, then taking it all inside, filling out my cheeks.

An amazing experience, hubby fucking my pussy, me sucking off my toyboy! For some reason I found myself thinking it would make a great photograph or porn video, but not too long before I slipped off again into ecstasy.

Both guys having already cum once were now on longer fuses and it wasn’t too long before I was experiencing one bone shaking orgasm after another as Berni fucked me in slowly increasing strokes, him kissing, sucking, lovebiting my nipples while above me, only too pleased to allow Greg to fuck my mouth, me gagging slightly as his massive cockhead touched the back of my throat before it slid out only to return a second or so later as he also began to ramp up his speed.

It was Greg who shot first. A good ten minutes after we started, he grabbed my head, shoved his cock deep inside my mouth and released four spurts of really hot spunk, straight down my throat, resulting in me coughing and spluttering, Greg pulling out, a final jet of cum resting on my tongue.

I recovered, head back, aware of a dribble of Greg’s cum at the corner of my mouth. I held out my arms, hands around Berni’s head, bring his mouth onto mine, both of kissing very passionately for ages, Berni enjoying tasting that final jet of Greg’s cum that had now settled in my cheeks.

Then we broke off, me sensing Berni was ready to shoot. He did a minute or so later, letting out a loud ‘Shit, yes!’ before he froze, and felt his cock deep inside me shake with one, two, three, four spurts of cum, me feeling really great as the cum’s heat spread out across my tummy , deep inside me behind my belly button. We kissed again, very passionately, me thinking that Berni had shot a lot of cum this time, not just a few anemic dribbles, the session had made him a lot sexier, very horny, his balls rising to the occasion!

Well, Greg got dressed and said his goodbyes, I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and zonked, ready for sleep, I climbed into bed only to find my sexy hubby up hard and ready to go again! I couldn’t say ‘no’ and we had another very exciting and satisfying fuck. I let my baby doll panties soak up hubby’s cum and quickly fell asleep.

Yes, we saw Greg again for two more threesomes and with Berni’s approval Greg and I had two afternoon sessions, including anal, fantastic experience, something me and Berni had done but not for years but something we now do almost every week, mindblowing for me when hubby is in my arse since it really feels like he’s got a 12 incher!

Then we all made our way to the airport and back to the UK. As we run a retail business we’re not too sure about the swinging scene, don’t want to be too public, can’t easily do weekends away, but we did put an ad on a swingers website and met with two couples just before Christmas, and another two in February, had a nice time with them all with some great sex but we haven’t done much recently, although Berni wants us to do some threesomes, meet up with two of the young single guys we’ve been exchanging emails with. Sure we will, the thought of it as I’m writing is making me very wet!