Written by Lorraine

22 Jan 2014

How on earth did I get here? Seven years ago I was a 41 yr old happily married woman who had only ever slept with her husband of twenty years.

Then I met David through work. He was tall, fair, blued eyed, younger than me and very charming. Work at that time had become difficult for me and David became a shoulder to lean on. Soon he became a cock to sit on!

Hubby was working away from home and frankly I was lonely as the kids had flown the nest. I would meet David every couple of weeks at my sister’s flat which I looked after while she travelled with her work. We would spend entire days in bed and its fair to say that this was my sexual awakening. I realised that hubby had never really satisfied me in bed but that David certainly did – I had more orgasms in the first month with David than I had in my 20 yrs with hubby.

David was everything hubby was not – attentive, creative and passionate. Hubby was a missionary position two minute shag. I had no idea that hubby suspected something was wrong and he collected his evidence for about 6 months before confronting me on one of his home visits. His suspicion had been aroused by me not being at home somedays when he called me, nor had I answered his calls to my mobile (I was too busy being joyfully fucked). The extra miles on the car (Sister’s flat is near to David, some 60 miles from me) and the extra petrol on the credit card bill. Eventually he got hold of my itemised mobile bill and spotted the hundreds of texts between me and a particular number – David’s.

Hubby gave me an ultimatum – give up David or we would split. I was angry. Hubby had always followed what he wanted to do, working abroad leaving me alone in the rainy UK to bring up the kids for months at a time on my own. I told him I’d buy him a new suitcase if he wanted us to split. This surprised him as he never thought I would stand up for myself in that way.

So, for the last 5 years hubby has known that I have continued to see David (although David does not know that hubby knows). In fact, after a short time he began to ask me about my exploits with David and about a year later he announced (having looked online for conditions like his) that he believes he may be a willing cuckold.

Soon my sex life with David became a joint affair – when hubby was not overseas he began to encourage me to meet David (something I hadn’t normally done when he was around). Hubby would be waiting for me to return and although I was exhausted after a long session with David, plus a long drive, he would insist that I join him in bed where he fucked my sloppy pussy for a couple of minutes before rolling over to sleep, leaving me to wonder what in the world was going on.

Sometime after that he began to want to lick my spunk ladened pussy before fucking me. To be honest, I found it a bit too much but at least I could stay married – having my cake and eating it.

One day I took the train to see David – it was winter and I was worried about the weather. David fucked me in the morning took me for lunch and as I wasn’t driving he took me out to lunch, bought a bottle of wine then insisted that as he was driving that I drink the Lion’s share of it. It was the first time I had been drunk in his presence and he took full advantage of me that afternoon – back at my sister’s flat David took my anal virginity. I was 45 years old.

That evening I arrived home a little worse for wear. Hubby spotted it immediately and insisted that he take me to bed. I just lay there as he licked my pussy. As he did so, David’s spunk oozed out of my bum. Hubby realised what I’d been up to that afternoon. ‘Did he take your arse?’ he asked me. ‘Yes’ I said. ‘Did you enjoy it?’ he asked me. ‘loved it’ I said. ‘you never let me’ he told me. ‘you never took me out to smart restaurants for lunch’ I said. ‘is that all it takes to get to fuck you? He asked. ‘no, but it certainly helps’ I told him.

With that he lapped at the spunk from my arse, then brought himself up on top of me and fucked me for all of twenty seconds before adding his load to David’s morning deposit in my pussy.

‘will I be allowed to fuck your arse one day?’ he asked. ‘no. its for David only’ I said. We both went to sleep and didn’t wake up until morning.

Since then I have continued to see David whether or not hubby was away. I knew that I loved hubby enough to be happy to stay with him but that I loved David on another level and would not be letting him go anytime soon.

Then, a year ago I met Mark and my whole world changed again. Mark is even taller, even younger, even more of a stud than David and has a lovely big black cock to which I am now addicted – but more of that later.