6 Mar 2019

......as I grasped Lee's cock in my hand and began to massage his balls in the other hand I could feel his cock throbbing. I started to gently stroke his cock up and down while looking at him. His eyes were fixed on mine and I could hear him starting to breath heavier as he was enjoying it. After a couple of minutes I leant in towards his cock ready to suck on it. As I ran my tongue up and down his hard shaft and gave his bulging purple head a little lick I could see he was aching for me to suck him off.

As I took his cock in my mouth for the first time I heard him gasp with pleasure. I slowly worked my way up and down his cock, sucking and licking at the same time. He grabbed the back of my hair and pulsed at it forcing me to suck harder and faster. I love giving blow jobs anyway but this was special as it had been my fantasy for years. My pussy was pulsing and getting wetter the more he groaned. I kept looking up and making eye contact and that turned him on even more.

After I had given his rock hard cock a good seeing too i stood up, dropped my bottoms and lace panties to the floor and watched his eyes light up. He could now see my freshly shaven pussy with my little stripe.

I sat back on the couch, spread my legs open as to invite him in. He didn't need to be asked, he knew what I wanted. As I lay back he knealt in front of my and started to lick my pussy. His tongue slid up and down my already soaking pussy. His tongue felt so good, just as I had imagined. He would keep looking at me and when he did I moaned a little more to let him know he was doing a good job. As his tongue flicked up and down, in and out of my pussy I could feel myself going to cum. As I started to climax I grabbed him hair and pushed his face hard into my pussy. I wanted him to lick that soaking wet pussy harder and faster so i could cum all over his face. He licked fast and hard and I let out a loud moan and my body shook and I came on his tongue.

My orgasm was amazing and I still couldn't believe it was my hubbys best mate giving me it. After he had finished he stood up in front of me with his big hard thick cock stood up. I know hubby said I could suck any cock I wanted as long as i let him know but I know my hubby would get off on me fucking another guy too, even if he wasn't there. So what do I do next? Finish Lee off with my mouth and send him home or take him upstairs and fuck him hard........