Written by JamesB

9 Mar 2007

Carol started work in my office as a secretary/pa to the MD. She was early 30’s, no kids, and her husband had recently moved to our area for his job. She had been very friendly towards me at work, smiling and chatting, but there was no question of anything sexual. She said they didn’t know many local people, and as I was having a party for my birthday I invited them along. The party went well, Carol and Steve seemed to mix well with my friends, and as everyone left they thanked me and Carol gave me a peck on the cheek, which seemed to upset Steve a bit, but he said nothing.

The next week at work, Carol was even more friendly than usual, but nothing obvious was said or done till the Wednesday. We were in the office together, Carol leaning forward over the desk with me facing her. I couldn’t help but see her breasts and nipples down the front of her dress - she was braless. She looked up and saw me looking, then laughed and said I shouldn’t be interested as her tits were too small to be worth it. I was a bit taken aback, but just said I liked slim figures like hers, to which she replied that Steve did too, so she was very lucky. I took that mention of her husband to be a ‘warning’, so I said no more and we got on with our work. The next day, Carol was wearing a rather unflattering, loose fitting dress and she had bare legs, which was unusual even though the weather was warm. We were alone in the office and she told me that Steve was upset at me looking at her breasts, so I apologised and said it really shouldn’t upset him, he should be proud of his very attractive wife. She laughed and said he was always jealous, but that she liked to tease him sometimes. She told me that he had been cross with her that morning because she wouldn’t wear a bra to work, so to tease him more she had taken off her tights and panties just before she left the house and he had been left holding them as she slammed the front door. I think I must have looked a bit surprised, but then Carol turned away from me and lifted her skirt to show her bare bum – ‘see’ she said, ‘no knickers!’ then she dropped her skirt, picked up some paperwork and quickly walked out of the office. My cock sprang to life – she had a beautifully slim, firm round bum and lovely thighs – and couldn’t get the image out of my brain.

I didn’t see her again that day, but on the Friday afternoon she called into the office to ask if I would like to come to a bbq lunch at their house on the Sunday. I accepted and joked that I hoped Steve had forgiven me – to which she replied that he was even more jealous when she had told him I’d seen her bare bum, but that he wasn’t me, so not to worry.

I arrived at 12.30 on the Sunday to find just Steve, a surprise because I had assumed there would be other guests. He welcomed me, took me through to the sunny back garden and got me a glass of wine, saying that Carol would join us in a few moments.

It was a very warm day, and I was pleased to see that Steve was in shorts as well, at least I hadn’t misjudged that. After a couple of minutes of chat, Carol called a cheery hello as she came out through the sitting room to join us. She was wearing the tiniest bikini I had ever seen – just three small triangles covering her nipples and the lower part of her tummy, hardly above the hair line. Steve groaned and just said ‘oh Carol’ in an exasperated tone. She laughed at him and told him not to be so ‘difficult’ – then she added ‘Jim’s seen my tits and bum, anyway’, as if that made it ok. She certainly had a lovely body, slim, firm and with a flat tummy, small waist and that tight little bum I had seen earlier in the week. ‘Just get me a glass of wine and stop moaning’ she told him, and he looked at me lifting his eyes as if to ask what could he do with her. Carol then took the offered glass, and turned away to fuss with the salad. Her lovely bum was on view again – it was a bikini thong she was wearing, with just a thin strip of material between her bum cheeks. Steve ignored her, he had obviously seen the bikini before, but my cock was straining in my shorts. I tried to pretend everything was ok, and started to chat with Steve again. He refilled our glasses and Carol went off to the kitchen to get some more stuff. ‘I hope you don’t mind Carol being a flirt’, he said, ‘she’s always been like that and it drives me crazy, but I love her and so I just have to accept it’ he explained. ‘She’s got a lovely body’, I replied, ‘any husband would be grateful for such an attractive wife’. ‘Yes’, he agreed, ‘but it drives me mad when she teases me like this’. ‘Don’t worry’, I said, ‘she looks great and just enjoy it’. He looked doubtful, and explained that he was excited by her naughtiness but that he always felt jealous when she showed off to someone else. Carol came back to join us carrying some plates and Steve got on with the bbq. ‘Has he been moaning to you about me’ Carol asked. ‘Well’, I replied, ‘I can see why he gets worried, you have a lovely figure and any husband would want to keep you to himself.’ ‘Oh he can’t do that’ she said, ‘he’s only got a small cock and it’s not big enough to keep me happy’. Steve didn’t even look round, just carried on fussing with the bbq, and Carol went over to him. ‘Tell Jim’, she ordered, ‘tell him you’ve only got a small cock and that I need more’. Steve sighed and turned to me, ‘it’s true,’ he said, ‘she does need someone bigger than me to keep her happy.’ Then turning to Carol he added, ‘but Jim doesn’t need to know about that, does he?’ ‘Well he may do’, she replied, ‘if he wants to help out sometime’. I was very clear from the bulge in my shorts that I was delighted at the thought, and Carol smiled as I replied that I hope it would be sooner rather than later. Steve looked at me and said ‘If you can help it might be a good thing’ then turned back to his bbq duties. Carol said ‘help yourself’ and started to serve salad and stuff onto her plate. She went over to Steve and took some food from the bbq., then said ‘well you can’t expect Jim to help if he doesn’t know what he’s getting.’ Then she ordered him to undo the knot at the back of her bikini top, slipping it off to reveal her pert breasts and pointy nipples. Steve ignored her and went to get himself some food, I joined him and we sat eating and drinking for a while, Carol topless and me with a big lump in my shorts. The wine flowed a bit, and Steve appeared to get a bit more relaxed. Carol finished her food and lay back on a sun-bed with her glass of wine. Her tiny bikini thong was obviously wet between her legs, the thin material doing nothing to hide the shape of her lips. I complimented Steve on his bbq cooking and he and I chatted, with him seeming to ignore Carol as if she weren’t there at all. After a few minutes, Carol called to me to ask for more wine, and I duly obliged. As I leant down to fill her glass, she opened her legs a little and pulled her thong to one side, showing a neat, hairless pussy, looking very wet. She just said ‘If you don’t mind, I could do with some help looking after this’, and by now my cock was straining in my shorts. I looked at Steve, but he just looked down at the ground, avoiding my look and his wife’s state of undress. ‘Don’t worry about him,’ she said, ‘he will do as he’s told. If you want some fun we would be more comfortable inside’. I saw Steve walk away down the garden, Carol sat up on the sunbed and started stroking my cock through my shorts. ‘It looks as if you need some help too’, she said, smiling. Then she got up and pulled me through the doors into the sitting room. ‘Come on,’ she said, ‘I really need to come soon, don’t keep me waiting’, and she slipped off her thong, lay back on a sofa and said, ‘Will this do then, or did you want to go upstairs?’ ‘Here’s fine,’ I replied, ‘anywhere would be great as long as Steve is ok’. ‘Just ignore him, he might watch from a distance but he won’t interfere’. She then started to undo my shorts, tugging them down and grabbing my cock as it sprang into view. ‘That’s nice, I need it in me soon’ she said, putting her lips around the end of my cock and working her tongue on the underside. I didn’t need much of that treatment before I was ready to come, so I just warned her and I felt her hand start to play with my balls and her mouth tighten around my cock. I shot four or five jets of come into her mouth and she hardly seemed to notice, swallowing it all without spilling a drop. As she licked me clean she said ‘I hope there’s more where that came from – stick that lovely cock in me quickly, I need it inside me’. I looked at her and asked ‘condoms?’, but she said ‘never mind that, just put it in me’. Never one to refuse a lady, I got between her legs and she fed the end of my cock into her waiting pussy. ‘That’s better’, she said, ‘Just push it in me hard and give me a good fucking’. I started to do as she asked when I noticed Steve standing outside looking in through the open doorway. It put me off a bit, but Carol was starting to enjoy herself, so I concentrated on giving her the fucking she craved. Because I had just come, it was easy for me to keep control, and before long I was rewarded with a scream from Carol as she came hard. I felt her cunt tighten around my cock, but she seemed to want me to carry on right through her orgasm so I kept up a steady rhythm and within a minute or so she came again, her face flushed pink and her eyes tightly shut. ‘Don’t stop’, she cried, it’s so good, fuck me some more’. I was getting tired and a bit concerned about Steve, so I told her to turn round and I would come in her from behind. She slipped to her knees on the floor and put her head and shoulders on the sofa, offering me a delightful view of her tight little round bum and easy access to her sopping wet pussy. I pushed into her hard which she seemed to like, and after another few minutes I could feel myself starting to come again. Carol started to make funny noises as her face was buried in the sofa, and as I was about to come I heard her scream again as she came as well. I shot my come right up inside her, and held her still as I emptied my balls and her cunt muscles milked me dry.

Then Steve came towards us and I saw he had his stiff cock out, but it was really small. I pulled out of Carol’s come-filled pussy and went to sit on the sofa, expecting Steve to fuck her as well, but he got down between her legs and started to lick her out – with my come still running out of her. Carol looked up and smiled at me – ‘that was good for a start’, she said, ‘but I could do with some more when you’re ready’. Then she moved to take my come-covered cock into her mouth, licking it clean and sucking it back to life. A few moments later I heard a cry from Steve and saw that he had shot his load onto the carpet as he was licking his wife clean. Carol told him to carry on licking her as she was about to come again, and she did. ‘Oh that’s nice’, she said to me ‘look what my sucking you has done, you’re all hard and stiff again, don’t keep me waiting.’ She turned round and offered me her bum again, and I wasn’t slow at slipping my length back into her wet pussy. This time I was able to control my speed and depth, and started the long kind of fuck that I really enjoy. Steve moved to underneath his wife in a sort of 69, then I felt his tongue on my balls as I fucked her, and although this was new for me, it felt good so I carried on. Then I felt his tongue on my shaft as I slid in and out of Carol, and realised he was rubbing her clit with two fingers as well. She was screaming with pleasure and about to come when I moistened my thumb and gently pressed it against her pink rosebud hole. I felt her tense for a second, then her muscles relaxed and my thumb slipped into her. That was all it needed to push her over the edge, and her body shook as her climax peaked. I suddenly knew I had to come, so with a few more thrusts during her come, and her muscles tightening around my cock and thumb, I shot a load of hot come deep inside her. I was hot and tired, so as my cock wilted I slipped out of her pussy, to see Steve pushing his tongue towards her gaping hole. Carol squeezed her cunt and a big blob of my come slid out of her pussy and straight into Steve’s mouth. He kept his mouth open and she squeezed again to give him another big dollop. Then he pressed his face against her open and wet pussy, obviously using his tongue on her because she came again, a short, hard come that made her scream with delight. Carol rolled over and lay on her back, recovering, her legs apart and her well-fucked pussy fully open and very messy. Steve stood and looked at his wife – then turned to me and told me she would want more soon! We went out to the bbq to get a drink while Carol cleaned herself up a bit. Steve and I were sitting in chairs when she re-joined us, still totally naked. Amazingly, my cock started to stiffen as I looked at her, and I couldn’t hide it as it stuck up from my groin. Carol was holding a glass of wine and looking for something to eat, but when she saw my cock she came over to me, turned round and went to sit down on my knees. I just put my cock against her pussy and she sat down fully on me, my length sliding easily into her wet cunt. Steve looked a bit embarrassed and Carol laughed at him, telling him that if he had a nice big cock like mine, she would sit on his lap. Steve got up and went into the house, leaving his wife to enjoy herself. We didn’t see him for the rest of the day – she said he often went out on his own when she was feeling sexy!

That afternoon was the start of a sexy friendship that’s still going on – if either of us is feeling in need of a fuck we get together, usually at her house, and have great sex. Steve doesn’t get involved, usually he’s in the house, sometimes not. Mostly it’s him who opens the door to me - he knows what I’m there for, and I just ask where she is – usually in their bedroom, naked and waiting.