Written by jpjenny

7 Apr 2019

My hubby announced that he was going to have some of his mates round for a few beers and watch the big footy match on the telly. I told him that was fine and I would make myself into town for a few drinks with a couple of my friends and leave them in peace. I didn't want to get in the way and cramp their style. I know what lads are like when they get together. My husband has went to their houses and when they all get together they can be pretty rowdy to say the least. so I left the house about 8 and went to the pub with Claire and Amanda, their 2 husbands were coming over to ours.

We had a nice evening and maybe about 7 or 8 glasses of wine each, so I was feeling in good spirits. we talked about normal everyday stuff, like work and places to go on our summer holidays etc. About 11 I ordered a taxi to take me home, as i thought my husbands night would be coming to an end and I didn't want him sitting at home all on his own. Claire and Amanda lived within walking distance of the pub, so they decided to stay on for a couple more drinks and then head home.

Now, Im 34, slim brunette, size 8, with 34b size boobs, and have never had any bother getting attention from other men, which really turns my husband on. Ive had some amazing sexual experiences in my lifetime, before and after ive got married. i was quite a late starter sexually, but I make the most of it now, and will continue to do so as I know when I get older men wouldnt find me as attractive. so I got my taxi and headed home. Its about 20 minutes to my house from town.

When I arrived home, I paid the taxi fare and made my way into the house. I could hear talking in the livingroom, so I knew that not everybody had went home. I slipped in quietly and peeped in through the living room door to see who was there and what was going on. I knew the football match would have been over long ago. My husband was there with Steve and Robbie and I couldnt believe what I saw. They had hooked the lap top up to the TV and were watching porn. On the screen there was a girl on her hands and knees being spit roasted by 2 guys. I thought to myself, l,ll slip quietly up the stairs and slip into bed without anyone knowing i was there.

I made my way quietly up the stairs, but as l reached the top of the stairs, the toilet door opened and out came James, one of my husbands work colleagues. He was only 19 and had been working with my husband for about a year, a nice pleasant lad, very quiet. He said Hello and I told him I was just heading to bed, as I didnt want to disturb them. My Husband must have heard us talking, and popped his head out of the living room." hello love" he said," come on down and say hello to the guys. We,re just messing about, as us men do". he laughed.

I headed back down the stairs and into the living room. The Tv was on Sky news and the lap top was sitting on the table. they obviously didnt think I had seen what they had been watching. My hubby poured me out a rather large vodka and coke, something that makes me very horny and he gets me to take when he wants something saucy to happen. "I,ll just pop upstairs and change." i said. "No,"Said my husband," You look gourgous the way you are." Robbie nodded his head in agreement and Steve smiled and gave me a wink.

So, l sat down on the sofa between my hubby and James, the other seats were occupied by Robbie and Steve. We chatted away, normal stuff again. After a couple more vodkas l build up the courage and told them what l had seen them watching and told them they were very naughty boys and should show a bit more maturity. They laid the blame on James saying that he was too shy with the ladies and hadnt had much sexual experience. James blushed and nodded his head in denial. My husband rose to his feet and lifted the laptop and hooked it up to the telly. " We were just wondering what you girls get up to on your hen nights" A few clicks on the laptop and on came a video of a batcholerette party with a male stripper dancing around, going up to girls and them sucking his cock. " No it is not," i replied. Although its the type of hen party i would have loved to have had.

The video lasted about 10 minutes and it had made me quite horny, between that and the vodka. "My wife is a saucy wee thing,"said my husband, " When we go on holiday this is the way I like her to sit in the bar. She loves to tease." I was wearing a white skirt and a white blouse with a white half cut bra underneath. He came over to me and opened the top 2 buttons on my blouse so you could see my cleavage. he then went to my skirt and slide it up, exposing my legs. You could just about see the gusset of my black knickers covering my pussy. "Hows that guys," said hubby. They all nodded in approvement. James sat beside me blushing. " What would you do with that James," he asked. James just went redder.

He put on a different video. This time it came under the caption, Wife with younger man. it was a woman sucking off a young man and then him fucking her. It was really horny. My pussy was tingling now, wondering were this was gonna go. My husband reached over and took James hand and put it on my leg. "Could you handle that James," he said. the other 2 laughed. " i could suprise you," he replied. Clearly rising to the challenge. "Go for it then," taunded my husband. James started to slide his hand further and further up my leg, looking at me and then my husband to see if we were going to stop him. I,ll go as far as it takes l thought, after all it was my husband who started it and it was up to him to stop it. I was now rising to the challenge. I could feel james hand reach my pussy. He started to stroke my pussy with his index finger through my panties, and l could feel my juices starting to flow. "If any of you tell this. I,ll kill you." l said. "Dont worry. It will go no further and this room." said Steve. Robbie nodded in agreement.

James was now getting into it. He was now rubbing my pussy with 2 fingers through my knickers, adding more pressure with every stroke. l could feel my pussy juice flowing through my pants and so could James. l could see his cock bulging through his trousers. My husband reached over and took my hand and put it on his cock. l started to rub it through his trousers and felt it grow bigger. My husband unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on my blouse and opened it exposing my bra. He then lifted one of my tits out of the cup and started to suck my nipple. " Shes all yours James," he whispered," Show us what you can do." Getting the green light to go ahead, James grabbed my knickers with both hands and pulled them down and took them off. He got down on his knees and buried his head in between my legs and started to lick my fanny. His tongue circled around my clit and then darted in and out of my pussy. This was not the actions of someone who was inexperienced, and l was loving every minute of it. He lifted my legs up and his head went further down and his tongue started to circle around my asshole, l could then feel his wet tongue darting into my asshole, a very pleasant experience l must say, before returning to work on my pussy once again. I needed fucked desperately by now.

I pushed James away, because l was on the brink of orgasm, and l wanted to save that moment for when he penetrated me. James stood up in front of me and l unbuckled his belt, opened his trousers and pulled them to the floor. He stood before me in white briefs with the biggest bulge id ever seen in my life. I pulled the front of his briefs down and out popped the biggest cock id ever seen in my life. It must have been about 9 inches and unbelievably thick. I was now wondering if l could handle this monster. I looked around the room and everyone was staring in disbelief at this monster that was pointing at me. What the hell, l opened my month and welcomed it into my mouth. Slidding my mouth up and down his cock, trying to get more and more in every time l slid up and down his shaft. It tasted really good and my fanny was now dripping with excitment thinking about what lay ahead. " Oh my God. You know how to suck cock," I heard Robbie say. James started to pump his cock into my mouth. He pulled out and l started to lick his balls while wanking him at the same time. "Its time," l gasped, and lay back on the couch. I looked over and Steve had his cock out stroking it as he watched the show. James got on top of me and eased his dick into my wet pussy. He started slowly and gently, easing it in with every pump. Eventually, he picked up speed and started to fuck my fanny. In and out, the pleasure was immense as he fucked me, but with only 3 quarters of his cock inside me. I felt him shudder and he pulled out, stood in front of me, and l grabbed his cock and started to wank him. After a few strokes he shuddered and a ton of cum spat out covering my tits and bra. l flicked my tongue over the end of his knob, cleaning up the last wee drop of his spunk.

I looked over and saw Steve standing beside me wanking like mad. l moved my head over to him,opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. " Give it to me," l pleaded. With that, he shot his load all over me. " What about you Robbie," l asked. " I came 5 minutes ago," He replied," That show was too good and l couldnt control myself. That won,t happen the next time." He smiled. I tidied myself up and a taxi was ordered to take the guys home. When everyone left, l went to bed and hubby fucked me. It was nice to feel a set of balls beating against my ass again, but l will always remember my big cock experience with fondness.

No-one ever told what happened that night. But Robbie always kept asking when he would get his turn with me, eventually l did give in, but thats another story.