Written by sheff_col

26 Jun 2010

Hi, first story so excuse the poor style. This is a true story of a horny time me and hubby had a couple of weeks ago.

We had taken the kids to Carsington Water. The weather was warm so just walked around for a bit then sat on a bench whilst the kids went off on their bikes. Whilst we were sat there, hubby said "Take a look over your shoulder". I did--2 young women were laid out on the grass sunbathing. We could see stright up their skirts. One had the skimpiest nicks and her lips were quite visible. Itold hubby to stop perving but then found I kept on looking. I started to get tingles especially when one girl bent her legs and then stretched her knees apart. Absoltely everything was showing. Hubby was getting a hardon and I was wet. He casually slid his hand up my skirt and slowly pushed finger inside my panties. I couldnt stop him. I spread my legs whilst he fingered me but he had to withdraw when a couple walked past. I wanted to finish things off so virtually dragged him back to the car.

Although the car park was busy we found we could still wank each other off by keeping our movements small. I had the most amazing orgasm and hubby hsd to hold a tissue whilst I wanked him off so he didnt cum all over the place. My cunt absolutely throbbed and when we got home I made him shag me senseless once the kids had gone to bed.

Many thnks to the 2 girls--we were both convinced you knew what effect you were having--all I can sat is--I wish you'd been in the car as well !!