Written by alanally

11 Jul 2012

I am writing this story which is 100% true. My wife has decided in the last few weeks, after 20 years of marriage to confide that she has had the odd sexual adventure during the years of our marraige.

Two of the adventures were 'one night' drunken escapades with one being a longer term on- off sexual realtionship with a younger guy in her workplace. However the most shocking revalation came out last and a bit reluctantly and leaves me wondering have I been humilitated and if so why is my cock hard at the thought of what she did.

We both work for a large organisation in Northern Ireland as did one of my friends who was part of our wedding party. My wife tells me that before we were married she had sex with this friend a few times and used to wink at him to remind him whenever we vistied him and his wife. However they stopped before we got wed and about 5 or 6 years passed without any activity between them.

We will call him Robert and he was moved to an office in Belfast which saw him working a few miles from my wife who we will call Allison. Robert then began ringing, at first just for a chat but then the calls became very flirty and off a sexual nature. Robert then asked would she come to his office Xmas party. At first she declined as she knew many of the people there would know me and that she was my wife. However she eventually gave in and on the day in question headed off to work having put a blouse, a shortish slirt and black hold ups into her car when I was not about.

Allison changed in work and Robert came to pick her up. She says when she got into the car her skirt rode up and he said 'fuck you are wearing stockings' the journey to the party consisted of her constantly pushing his hands away as he tried to get his hand higher and higher up her skirt. He told her he would love to fuck her again but she said that wasn't going to happen. When they parked he reached over and grabbed her kissing her passionatly, she could see people in the car park looking and pushed him away even though she said he now had made her extremely horny.

On entering the party there were over 40 people there from all over Northern Ireland including at least 2 who knew she was my wife. Robert took her around and introduced her to lots of people including several who he told her had worked with me in the past. One or two asked where I was and she said that I couldn't make it. Robert was obviously very turned on and kept winking at her and asking would she come down to one of the other offices. Eventually she relented as some people were looking and wondering what was going on between them.

They walked to an office some distance away and once inside Robert locked the door and grabbed Allison kissing her and putting his hand up her skirt to feel her hold ups and silky black undies. He was now finger fucking her, which she loves, and in minutes her blouse and skirt were on the floor. She now had given up any pretence of being faithful and dropped to her knees sucking his hard cock. She said she could feel him coming but he pulled her to her feet and and said he was desperate to fuck her. She bent over his desk and he started to fuck her hard doggie style with his fat hard cock pumping into her very wet pussy. He then turned her around and put her on the edge of the desk with her legs wide open. She begged him to lick her pussy and he obliged getting down on his knees and licking her wet clit. Allison loves oral and she says she was so turned on by fucking one of my friends and workmates that she came almost immediatly soaking his face with her pussy juice. He was obviously getting off on fucking my wife and said he wanted to cum in his mates wife whilst snogging her. He asked where I was and she told him I was at home waiting for her as she told me she would be late as she was getting her nails done. He was rock hard at this point and Allison says he then slid his cock into her pussy and said I want you to think about Bill (me) and what he would think if he could see me fucking your wet pussy on my desk. She said this pushed her over the edge and she came again all over his cock clenching her legs around his buttocks. Robert said he couldn't wait any longer and stuck his tongue in her mouth whilst he fucked her hard and fast pumping what seemed like gallons of thick spunk into her pussy.

They then got up and dressed. Allison said she felt a bit sheepish and wanted Robert to drive her back to her office but it got worse as he said he had to say good night to his mates and pursuaded her to go back into the party. Apparently several people asked where they had been and Robert laughingly said 'I had to show her something in the office'.

Allison said she could feel her face going red knowing that friends and work colleagues of mine were suspicious and doubtless she and Robert would now be the subject of office gossip and snpeculation. She said she could also feel spunk leaking out of her pussy and evetually managed to get Robert, who was walking about winking at people with a massive grin on his face to take her back to her office.

She said she did feel a bit guilty but loved it when I licked her out later knowing that I would be tasting some of Robert's spunk. She also gave in to him on a year or so later but thats another story. I can't work out whether to be humiliated or turned on by the fact that a mate of mine who was at our wedding fucked my wife and that they blatently flaunted this in front of some of my workmates and colleagues. I would love to know what other husbands and wives think of this.