Written by alanally

3 Jan 2013

Further to my account of my wife getting fucked by a friend at a Xmas party she has now opened up to tell me more.

She worked shifts and sometimes dropped the kids off to school. One of my work colleagues We will call him Colin would also drop the kids off and worked for the same hospital. They got chatting and he phoned her a few times. One morning he appeared at the door after the school run and asked was there any coffee on the go. She said off course and they chatted although nothing happened he did get a bit saucy remarking on the way he loved her wearing fishnets on occassions. He asked were they tights or hold ups and she simply said I never wear tights.

A couple of phone chats followed with compliments about her dress sense and figure then he turned up again for coffee. This time she said you could feel the sexual tension in the air - she also fancied him but he was a work colleague of both of us and we often sat facing him and his family in church not to mention the kids being in the same school. He started to leave but as he went to the door he grabbed her and stuck his tongue almost down her throat. Ally was so horny that she let Colin carry on and he soon had his hand up her skirt and into her sooaking panties. He finger fucked her which she loves right infront of the glass door - lucky none of our neighbours were about to see her coming all over his hand. He asked could he fuck her and she almost ran to the kitchen bending over the table and pulling up her skirt. She said he moaned that je loved her fishnets and started to fuck her with a very impressive cock. He said he had wanted to do this for years and as he pounded her she stared to come again. Colin apparently could not hold back and flooded her pussy with cum. They straughtened themselves and she said they were both a bit embarrassed. He left and she said she was extremely embarrassed at church the next Sunday when they stopped to chat to us. She was talking to his wife knowing she had fucked her husband. However she said that this seemed to add to the situation and much more was to follow.

I dont know that I want to know more - meeting him regularly knowing he fucked my wife is disconcerting. However for some reason I do want to know more - what do you think.