Written by BrazilSylvia

28 Oct 2011

My husband loves the idea of me with other guys, but hates the idea of me getting pleasure with it. He loves to think of me giving a guy head, but was angry when I told him that I had cum when a guy went down on me in the shower. I wanted to know why and it transpires that he likes me to be humiliated, punished even. What's more of a worry is that I feel I deserve it in some way. I clearly have unresolved issues about my sexuality and often feel a deep-seated guilt whenever I am enjoying sex.

So despite my frequent visits to this site and my brief forray into the exciting and naughty world of swinging, a full on swinging session with me screaming in pleasure whilst my husband looks on as another man thrusts into me is pretty unlikely; and the both of us seem to have come to terms with this.

We had a frank and open chat about this last night after I demanded to know exactly what he wanted from me. He had clearly thought long and hard about this and I imagine he had enjoyed plenty of alone time whilst going through his perfect scenario in his head.

I'm sure all you experienced and open-minded people on here are well aware of what he wanted but I certainly wasn't. In fact, although I had frequently heard of the term and had an inkling of what it entailed, I had never seen it on video and I really wasn't aware of the (now obvious) humiliation and punishment connotations - Bukkake! He wanted me naked whilst a number of guys cum over me. There is more to it though...

Despite an exciting and varied sex life in which I have pretty much done all you can do with a man, there is one thing that makes me shudder! We have indulged in a little water play and I found this nothing more than a bit silly. We have used all SORTS of toys and phallic objects, some of which were pretty painful but I can take or leave this. The one thing I hate to do is this: Masturbate in front of anyone, even my husband. No, especially my husband! I cringe at the thought of getting caught pleasuring myself so have only ever done it in the bath with a locked door, or when I'm CERTAIN my husband is at work (I phone him from my bed to make sure!)

So his fantasy is taking shape now. I lie there naked masturbating, as I cum, the surrounding guys all empty their seed onto me, my husband will then do the same, making sure he is the very last to cum. My humiliation is complete! But there's more....

I have to know all the guys involved, they must be friends, colleagues, even relatives! I have to face these guys afterwards, to chat to them knowing what I did! I'm going red as I even think of it!

I asked him nervously if he had anyone in mind. my voice was shaky. I suspected and was right. Any big sporting event, football match, the recent rugby world cup etc. and a group of guys came around to our place to watch it. A few of my husband's mates, our next door neigbour, one of my husband's cousins. He has even suggested that I invite the guy from work who I recently sucked off in the shower!

I guess I should have declined straight away but I didn't. It doesn't appeal to me but It's exciting. My husband is like a child on Christmas eve! Grinning with excitement and being oh so nice to me for agreeing to it (although I can't remember actually saying yes!!!???) Today he is busy making his plans, who he wants there, who he can trust, who he would like to see me humiliated in front of! We decided that the best idea was to wait for the next big box office Vegas fight. They spend the evening drinking and playing cards and having a good laugh when these are on - I often come down as it hard to sleep while this is going on. They flirt, and I flirt a bit I guess, dressed in a small nightie, bringing them snacks and drinks and avoiding their grabs as I walk past!

I never thought I would say this but I'm about to check the boxing schedule for the next big fight!