Written by lisa

20 Jul 2015

Hello everyone. I'm usually very private but my life has gone so weird lately I have to share it.

I'm Kelly, I'm 24 and married to Geoff. Like most women I have always had an issue with guys talking to my chest (DD) instead of my face and that includes Geoff's friends.

Some of who are ok but there are one or two weird ones including Alex. Now, when I first met Alex I couldn't make out of she was a masculine girls or feminine boy but Geoff soon made it clear that she was an out and out lesbian. She has a flat chest, cropped hair and a very cocky attitude.

Anyway, on with my story. Like the lads she would be talking to me and glancing and my breasts, I told Geoff that he needed to speak to them becouse it was beginning to piss me off.

He did so but thought it was funny that Alex told him that she wanted to 'play' with me. It then came to light that she has told Geoff numerous times that she wanted to fuck me. Geoff thought it was funny but apparently she was serious and had asked Geoff to actually ask his wife (ME) if I was up for it.

Of course as I'm not BI or a lesbian I was horrified. Over the following months Geoff would go on about how I should let her kiss me, then I should let her touch my breasts as long as he could watch, I though he was just being a prat but he was serious. Geoff even told me that Alex wears a strap on all the time so she could feel more like a guy ( sorry if you a lesbian and that's out of order, just telling you what he told me).

This went on and on and caused a few arguments until I decided to call his bluff. One weekend the gang, including Alax came to the flat and as usual Alex was trying her best to chat me up so I told her to stay behind for a coffee when everyone left, she looked surprised but I told her not to get exited, it was only coffee.

Around 10pm everyone had left except Alex. I made us all coffee and sat next to her on the sofa. The idea was that I would flirt a little and maybe let her have a little feel.

Geoff fell asleep and Alex was trying to get fresh. Her hand was resting on my stomach when she started to kiss my neck. I told her to behave but she carried on. I have to admit it was quite a turn on. Then in one move, one hand unclipped my bra and the other cupped my breast.

She was gently massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples. I coughed to wake Geoff up but that didn't work. I should have stopped it there but I admit it wasn't unpleasant.

Again in one swift move my top was pulled of and my bra pulled up and thrown on the floor. I was sat there with my breasts on show. Alex kissed my lips and then started to suck my nipples before pulling her top off. She is flat chested except for quite long nipples.

Alex pulled me up and marched me to the bedroom. I told her I wasn't a lesbian but she just pushed me onto the bed, dragged my jeans off and went down on me. She was quite rough but the feeling was amazing.

Before I knew what I was doing we where both naked, Alex was finger fucking me and taking my hand and putting it between her legs.

She pushed me onto my back and well I guess, fucked me. Alex loved gorging on my tits with her hand deep inside me followed by her apparently permanent strap on. The feeling of this fat long 'cock' deep inside me was too much for me to handle and neither of us saw Geoff standing there until after we had both cum.

Now he's pissed off becouse Alex comes round about twice a week and without saying a word takes me to the bedroom and we have the most amazing sex. Geoff thought that becouse I'm now pregnant with his baby that it would stop but Alex is just more gently now. And to be honest I don't know what Geoff is complaining about becouse I have a greater need for sex now so he gets to fuck me more now than ever.

The only worry I have is who is more jealous, Alex or Geoff :)