Written by Ex prude Kate

6 May 2010

It was my husbands 57th birthday the other day, and he'd invited a few friends around for drinks, but the day after was a work day so the friends went early. After they had gone he locked the door. We started to mess about on the the floor, and in no time at all I was naked. We started kissing and he then he moved down my body, on his way back up he said I'm going to fuck you with my tongue, I said go on then. Now that surprised him, and me for that matter, has we used to have and like oral sex a lot when where younger, but over the last 10 years or so I have been saying no were to old for all that or I don't like it anymore, I had turned into a bit of prude.

Anyway he slid down to my shaved pussy, and started on my clit and my pussy flaps, after a few seconds he parted pussy flaps and start fuck me with his tongue. I had forgot how great it felt and it was not long before my first orgasm. He got up and took the reat of his cloths off and got on top of me in the 69 position. I had not sucked his cock for years, but once he started licking my pussy again, I just went for it, he went on to open my pussy flaps so he could tongue fuck me again. Whilst I was sucking his cock I remembered he liked me to lick around his japs eye that always gets him more aroused.

I had several more orgasms before he chucked his load into my mouth, after I had swallowed, I went into another world I was sucking and licking like a mad women, and he was still fucking me with his tongue only coming up for air then back in again. I had 2 more orgasms before he collapsed in a heap, as he climbed of me.

After a few minutes he said I love you and thank you for my present. I was going to thank him but it was his birthday, even though I really did enjoy it, and who knows now that I have the taste for it again, I might do it again for our wedding anniversary in few weeks time.