Written by Junes Husband

23 Nov 2015

So I have to say from the outset of this story, that I dont consider myself weird, or any kind of fetish merchant, what happened was certainly a mistake on my part, a major one, and maybe hinged on a weakness of mine, that I didnt know existed.

Normal day, mid morning, June my wife down in the town at aerobics. I was late up and had just showered: June had been washing, so I put some stuff away, including some of her underwear, just the usual day time stuff; in the same draw was some of her prettier girly stuff, which I admit I do like.

Now what possessed me I dont know, but she has several pairs of what you might call burlesque style full knickers, see through black net, frills around the legs etc, real forties style .

Without thinking I picked them up, just handling them really, probable thinking of june in them.

The next minute I had them on, now I am a lot bigger than June who is a size12, so they were a snug fit, to say the least, but god were they sexy, I had an immediate erection.

Now ok I should have just wanked myself off and got dressed. The mistake I made was to then find a pull on suspender belt that June has, followed by nude stockings, a chemise top, there was no stopping me now, an orange skirt next part of a suit , the jacket far too small, but the skirt , with a lot of wriggling and leaving the zip down, I managed to get on.

God knows what I looked like but , talk about feeling sexy !!! my cock straining against the knickers and skirt, which of course was far too tight, and short.

Ok so now I would wank myself and was about to, when I heard a noise downstairs, June of course hadnt locked the doors, and heard Elaine who is a neighbour in her sixties calling, she obviously knew I was in; but I didnt answer her, instead I desperately tried to get the skirt off, but it wouldnt come over my hips.

I was so intent in getting Junes clothes off, that I didnt notice Elaine standing at the bedroom door, with a grin on her face, I just recall her saying,” Now what have we got here” I stammered some pathetic response, and my face burned with embarrassment. What I didnt anticipate was what she would do. She told me in to stop struggling as I would damage the zip on the skirt, and to lie down on the bed and she would help. I did as I was told, feeling very vulnerable of course.

Elaine then expertly tugged at the hem and quickly had the skirt off, now of course my unrestrained cock sprang up tenting the material of the knickers, I tried to cover myself in vain, Elaine just laughed, commenting on what a state I was in. She sat on the bed beside me, and pulled the waistband of the knickers over my cock, she didnt take them off altogether, I found out later why.

You can imagine once she took hold of my cock, it was a matter of seconds before I came , massively, my cum spurting up and over junes knickers, infact Elaine kept pumping me till every drop was out , wiping her fingers on the material of the suspender belt, and for good measure the front of the knickers.

Whilst I lay still gathering my thoughts, Elaine was undoing the suspenders,deftly pulling down the knickers, followed by the suspender belt, she said I had made quite a mess of them, so she would wash them for me. I protested , worried about June noticing them missing, Elaine simply said that I wasnt really in a position to argue, and that she had some ideas of her own, that she would expect me to participate in, unless I wanted June to find out about my behaviour.

She told me to get showered again and dress , I was to be over at her cottage within the hour.

June would be out for several hours, so I complied, not that I had much of a choice.

Elaine lived by herself, her husband had died some years ago. The door was open on my arrival, I called and heard Elaine tell me to come upstairs. To be fair I was expecting what you might guess, for a single woman with needs; But walking into the bedroom, I was confronted by a selection of her clothes on the bed, everything from underwear to suits and dresses.

Not what I expected, feeling braver now I told her that she could do whatever she liked but I wasnt going to play her game and turned to walk out, Elaine simply opened her hands revealing Junes crumpled panties, I simply crumbled , I knew June wouldnt understand and likely our marriage would be over, so I was doomed it seemed.Elaine knew it of course.

She told me she was lonely and would like a female friend that it seemed was to be me, now I know what forced feminisation is really like, within 20 minutes I was dressed in her clothes, today it was a day dress, full slip, full knickers and a girdle and tan stockings, shoes were to be obtained it seemed , as were bras, and other items she thought fit.Even a wig was mentioned.

The above was six months ago, every week while June is at the gym class.

My forced wardrobe has expanded, Bras with prosthesis, several suspender belts, Suits, and more dresses.

We talk , watch tv, chat, I have even got used to the occasions, often but not always, she will sit next to me on the sofa on my visits, pull up my dress or skirt , put her hand in my knickers and masturbate me, she nevertakes them off me, so everytime I am chastised for making a mess inside my knickers.

So far she has not returned Junes knickers either.

I suppose thats it, there is no way out for me I suspect. In a weird way its sort of a turn on. I cant account for the fact , that very time Elaine helps me get dressed, I get a raging erection. Which she of course teases me about.