Written by Confused hubby

2 Jul 2015

My husband and I separated a few months ago after I found him cheating. I'm Alison, I'm 31 and up until we married 5 years ago I was a member of a well know airlines cabin crew but decided to change jobs when we got married.

I still cant' understand why he cheated, I know this sounds arrogant but I'm a little under 6', slim with long red hair and I know I have amazing firm breasts becouse I'm told regularly when I'm out clubbing. I love the fact that guys stare at me when we are out.

So onto my story. Last month we had had our awards do in the office, after the formal part was over Eric, the original owner of the firm and father of the present owner who is a bit of an old flirt made a bee line for me making comments about 'if only he was 50 years younger' (the guy is about 70 or 71) and making all sorts of comments about my figure. His son (my boss) had to tell him to behave.

He decided that as it was his first time in the new offices he wanted me to show him around, I though why not. I took him to the third floor where my office was and showed him around.

He asked if he could put his hand on my waist to steady himself, I agreed but it became clear that he just wanted an excuse to feel my bum, but what was the harm.

As we walked around he told me how attractive and sexy I was, we went to my office and not to put it too bluntly he simply asked if I would make an old man very happy. I looked at him wondering what he meant and he asked if he could have a feel of my breasts.

I told him I was shocked and started to walk out but he apologised and asked me not to say anything. I felt so sorry for him I agreed to let him touch me. I locked the door, sat on the edge of my desk and put his hand on my breasts.

He squeezed very gently and then put his hand inside the dress and under my bra and gently squeezed my nipple. It was a little uncomfortable so I undid my dress a little and unclipped my bra. In a second he unzipped my dress letting is fall to the ground with the bra and put his mouth over my nipple gently sucking.

As weird as this sounds it was quite nice so I let him continue. After a few moments I could tell he was unbuttoning his trousers and taking his cock out. He didn't say anything but just took my hand and placed it on his cock.

I was quite shocked at how thick and hard it was. I though that he would have had a problem getting a hard on at his age but trust me he didn't.

I know your going to tell me I should have stopped him there but I gently tossed him off. This went on for a good few minutes until he stopped, pulled down my knickers and pushed me back onto the table with one hand whilst he went down on me.

He knew exactly what he was doing which is more than can be said for my ex husband. It was ecstasy, he worked his way up my body, back to my very hard nipples. He kept making comments about how dark and big my nipples are as he flicked them with his tongue and then he just slipped into me. His thick cock stretching my pussy and he fucked me.

Sex with my husband usually lasted 15 min or so but I swear to you, he was still inside me nearly 45 minutes later fucking me hard. I didn't care how old he was or that his body had seen better days. I let him fuck me doggy style on the table and briefly give me an anal fucking against the wall before I was on my back again on the table. I had the longest and deepest orgasms of my life as his hot cum poured into me as he banged away as hard as he could holding onto my tits grunting.

After we had finished He slid to the floor. I though he was having a heart attack but he just looked at me and smiled holding onto his half limp cock telling me it was wet.

I cleaned him up with my mouth and then some tissues before going to the loo and clean myself up.

I have a boyfriend more my own age but I have fucked Eric one more since then and I love the feeling of his cock inside me.

So my thoughts are 'what the hell' I love sex and what's an age except just a figure.