Written by New woman

10 Apr 2015

Ok,this is going to sound odd but please bare with me. I,m 35, I have been married to a great guy (52) who is a bit of a hippy for 6 months. His friends Tony and Paul are great friends of his but are quite odd.

Tony is a 55 year old woman, very attractive but won't put make or female on application forms as she doesn't consider herself to be either so I just assumed she was BI. She has a great figure but will regularly wear a strap on if she feels like being male one day. (I said this was going to be strange). Paul (her partner) is also in his mid 50's, he has long grey hair and is quite slim with muscular arms and is the typical anti establishment hippy type.

Several month ago my husband and I went to stay with them for a few days. We get on but they live in a large 'hut' in the middle of no where with no electricity so no TV or anything. They live off the land, it sounds odd but is quite relaxing.

My husband had always told me that he would be quite happy if I agreed to swap partners or if I had a sexual relationship with someone else as long as he knew about it. To be honest I was horrified but accepted what he said as part of his 'free spirit' thinking.

On the last but one evening of our visit my husband had to go to bed early after drinking too much home made brew and he left me on my own with Tony and Paul.

They are nice enough but way too anti establishment and free thinking for my liking. I had taken a bath in their recycled copper bath heated by a wood burning stove and was just wearing a dressing gown and had sat down to read when Paul walked in completely naked, followed by Tony wearing nothing but her strap on.

I had sort of gotten used to their odd ways but was a bit taken aback by this and I think they could tell.

They told me that they never wore anything when they settled down for the evening and suggested I try it telling me it would make me feel free. I tried to read my book but found myself glancing at them, I was quite surprised at Paul, his cock was bigger than I had expected, thicker and longer. Tony had quite a nice body for someone who had lived quite a rough outdoors life.

She was slim, had small breasts but large deep red nipples. I had imagined her with a hairy pussy but she was quite smooth.

Tony started to caress Paul's cock, rubbing his shaft. She asked if I was embarrassed but I lied and told her I wasn't.

After a few minutes they asked if they could sit next to me on the settee. I could hardly say no, it was their home after all.

Tony pulled me to the middle and she sat on one side with Paul on the other. They suggested I take my gown off as it would make me feel free. At first I refused but Tony pulled at the belt holding it closed. I took hold of her hand to stop her so she just leaned over and started to run Paul's shaft with the other. I could see the two of them looking at me, the whole thing was so strange, here I was sat in between naked strangers, one with a big hard on and the other with a strap on cock. I started to get very aroused but didn't want to show it.

At some point I must have taken my hand off hers and she must have taken this as a sign that I was agreeing to something.

Tony pulled my gown open and together they pulled it down and off my arms.

I was sat there naked, I have quit large breasts which Tony caressed followed by Paul before she slid her hands down my tummy and slid her fingers into my hole.

I just sat there and let the two of them touch me before they both took one breast each into their mouths and started to suck me hard.

Tony pulled my legs so I slid onto my back and went down on me, her tongue exploring deep into my pussy whilst Paul stood next to me and fed his cock into my mouth. Within a few seconds Tony was onto of me, her 'cock' inside me fucking me whilst Paul fucked my mouth, his pre cum dripping into my tongue.

She pushed him away and replaced his cock with her tongue and we fucked like a man and woman and I enjoyed it. In fact the feeling of her Tony's small breasts but big hard nipples pressing against my chest and a thick long cock pounding me made me cum. I must have made a lot of noise because she covered my mouth to stifle my groans.

She pulled me up, lay down on her back and told me to sit on her, I fed her 'cock' back into my pussy and started to ride her, Tony grabbing at my big breasts leaning up to suck my nipples. The two of them said something, I didn't catch what, but Tony pulled my head down to kiss me and held me down with her strong arms, her tongue exploring my mouth. I felt Paul move in behind me pulling my legs so I was laying flat on top of her and with her 'cock' still deep inside me he entered me and I had my first anal fucking

I was sandwiched between the two of them, Tony moving so her 'cock' was sliding deeper into me and Paul going deeper and deeper.

I had never believed in multiple orgasms but I was aching so much from little explosion after explosion. I must have cum quietly a dozen or more times before my last major eruption causing Tony to stifle my scream with her hand again.

They turned me over and Paul entered my pussy and pounded me and I felt him cum two or three times. The three of us just lay there for ages until I told them I had to go to bed before he woke.

I didn't sleep at all thinking about what I had done and worried that I smelt of cum and sweat. The next day my husband and Paul went for a walk and it felt natural for Tony and I to go to bed where we made love, this time without the artificial aid. Apparently my husband and Tony had been fucking for some time with Paul's blessing and so when they came back Tony went to my husband and Paul replaced her and I fucked again, this time a thick long hard real cock replaced Tony's smooth pussy.

Our fucking lasted most of the afternoon and now we visit most weekends and share each other. Apparently there are others they share with but I'm not sure if I want to bring others into our relationship just yet.