Written by tinkerbell6469

17 Jan 2013

I had David & Tony chatting to me as i had just finished washing my hair & was laying in the bath they were asking me if i had enjoyed myself last night when some Firemen from the local Fire Station who all knew David had come around to meet me at his home in the Frrench town where he lived. As we chatted David asked me if i was ok with going down to the Fire Station to meet the other Fire crew as they had changed shifts today, i said that,ll be nice would like to have a look round the Station as well as i finished in the bath Tony & David went into my room to lay out what they wanted me to wear for the visit.

I walked into the bedroom to see they had laid out a black see thru gypsy style top of mine a matching g-string, stocking & suspender set with a wraparound PVC Micro Mini skirt i had,nt seen before. I dressed to look at myself in the mirror, thinking the skirt was so short that unless i stood upright all night the men would be able to see my pussy & most of my bum.I went to show them both what i looked like & Tony said it looks even better than we thought as David came over to run a finger between my wet cunt lips.

They both dressed & we headed off down to the Fire Station a short car ride away, we walked in to be greeted by a couple of the Firemen who came to give me a hug & kiss removing my long coat at the same time.I noticed David & Tony going up some stairs as 1 of the men chatted to me while the other took my coat & led the way upstairs, i followed to feel the guy behind me running his hands over my bare arse as the g-string had almost tucked itself in from view.

I was taken on a mini tour by the 2 guys of the upstairs offices, rest room equipped with a pool table & some Gym equipment gradually meeting the other Firemen as we went into the shower room to see a guy stood their tall,muscular,dark hair soaping himself under the running water he hadnt heard us come in as we went over to him he turned around holding a huge erection. I looked on open mouthed to see this hunk of a man as he removed his hand from his cock to pull me too him for a lingering kiss his cock pressing against me,one of the other guys said this is Donk as we parted i asked Donk thats a unusual name they all laughed as one said we call him that as he has a Donkey,s dick.

As we turned to go i sneaked a glance at Donk as he dried himself, we went back into the rest room where i was asked to play a game of pool,we began to play & i soon realised why as the men all stood around to look at my tits & bum as i bent over to play my shots.One of my shots i had to stand on 1 leg with the other on the table,i suddenly had a Fireman helping me line up the shot as i got ready to take the shot he tongued my neck & ran a finger under the back of my g-string pulling it aside so my pussy was on show for all to see as my skirt had creased up around my waist.

That set the tone for the evening as he put a finger in my wet pussy i had cum in less than a minute as i was so horny he rolled me onto my back on the table my bum on the edge he lifted my legs upto my chest dropped his trousers running the head of his cock between my cunt lips before prssing it into me. I lay there looking the Firemen now in different states of undress staring at us while Tony had his videocam working & David taking some photos until i had this guys lips on mine as we kissed & he rocked back & forth with his cock inside me, someone took my legs to wrap around his waist as the table rocked under us.

He soon had me cumming as his cock exploded inside me filling me with his cum as he moved my skirt was pulled off me with my g-string as i was lifted on to the floor & bent forwards my arms outstretched as my top was pulled off me, my hands gripping the table, my legs spread apart as a cock pushed into me to the hilt while 2 men began to feel my hanging tits & suck on my nipples.

My pussy was getting a hammering, my nipples ached but not with pain & didnt feel like my own as i had cum again when the guy went rigid behind me lifting my toes off the floor as i felt him cum inside me. I was,nt given a rest as one of the guys who had sucked my nipples moved behind me to take his place with his hard cock inside me while the other guy held my hands as he moved to sit on the edge of the table pulling me to him so my mouth was poised over the purple head of his cock.

As he leant back to watch he smiled as i lifted my eyes to look at him as i wrapped my tongue over & around his hard cock i heard the cock inside me squelch as it thrust in & out,i was now in a dream like state as i was really enjoying sucking on the cock in my mouth as the guy grinned back at me. My arse was pushing back to bang aginst the cock & groin fucking me his hands gripping me tight giving me every last bit of his cock, i saw stars for afew seconds as i felt my cum juice soak the cock inside me making me suck the cock in my mouth even harder.

I was straight away rewarded with my mouth & throat being filled with warm cum my eyes looked up to see a even bigger grin appear on his face, as seconds later i felt the cock inside me twitching as it added another load into my soaking pussy.

I lay across the table tasting the cum in my mouth,gasping for air as Donk came over to me carried me into the shower room along with the last Fireman stood me under the warm water as 2 pair of hands soaped my body easing my aches & bringing my body back to life.As i stood between them taking turns kissing them,, hands all over me i was pulling on both cocks & feeling their hard balls full of cum.

I turned with my back to Donk bent forwards holding the other guys cock against my lips pushing my mouth down over until i felt his pubic hair against my mouth, my head began to pump up & down his cock with a urgent need to have him cum down my throat as i rubbed my arse back against Donk,s huge cock..

I felt Donk,s fingers run over my back,arse & pussy along with his club-like cock, it felt so big & hard as i rubbed my arse crack along his length i think i must have been giving the other guy the sucking of his life as my mind was on fire. The guy held my head down as he thrust up filling my throat & belly with his seed, he moved aside as Donk turned me round to kiss & probe my cum tasting mouth his cock solid between our bodies.

I had my arms around his neck as he lifted me up my legs wrapping around his waist as he leant me back against the wall,i could feel his cock trying to find entry to my inner core, i put a hand down to spread my cunt lips as he lowered me down onto his length he was,nt going to stop until his cock could go no further. I took a breath as i said to him you,re so big, its lovely, filling me up completely as he smiled & said so is that a yes or a no if you like it inside you then?

I said its a yes! now please fuck me & make me cum, we kissed again as he lifted me almost off his cock to take big bites of my boobs causing more pleasure than pain, my arse soon became a blur as i had one cum ater another & bounced up & down on that huge french stick of his. He then stepped back pushing my body away from him as we joined still at his groin as i could feel him begin to cum like a express train inside me filling me full with his man juice.

We stood under the water just holding & kissing each other faces for several minutes as his cock subsided in me i eventually looked up to see Tony & David still filming ,taking pics along with all the other Firemen stood watching. I let Donk take my hand & lead me back to the rest room to get my clothes he asked if he could keep my g-string i nodded as i just bundled the rest together on the table as he held my coat out for me to put on my shoulders, David carried my clothes as i walked hand in hand with Donk to Davids car where he pulled my coat open put 2 fingers inside me & bought them up to rub over my lips as he kissed me good night.

As we reversed out in the car a light flashed at the front of the station & i watched as the Firemen all ran back inside the building off to their next emergency.

We got back to Davids had a drink as i sat naked between them on the sofa a cock in each hand & led them both onto Davids bed where they both added to the cum in my pussy before we fell asleep , David made love to me in the morning before we left to get the ferry back to England, we had both thanked him for a wonderful stay as we left.

We did get home later in the day , mind you Tony & I still fucked in the cabin on the trip back , he dropped me home, saying he would be in touch soon as we kissed & he rang the next day to say he was editing the filming & would give me a DVD along with one for David & the Fire Station of our weekend of fun. TBC