Written by tinkerbell6469

14 Jan 2013

Following on from Hubs work mates have fun with me Pt7, i had a call from Jason a few days later asking how things were after Sat night, we chatted as he went on to tell me the Friday before Xmas at lunch time we were all going to have a drink at the local pub & go on to a party at Tony,s house again. He also said your old man will be there unless a site job comes along as its all the staff & girlfriends in the evening but we always insist on any ing along to wear fancy dress as it usually ends up a snog fest.

I told him i would love to come along even if hubs was there & as far as fancy dress i told him to have a word with Tony (the Boss)to get his opinion if the Miss Santa outfit he bought me would be OK or too naughty ! The Friday soon arrived & i told hubs i would meet him at the pub lunchtime i was still in my skirt suit & jacket when i walked in to some cheers from the men, Hubs kissed me, claiming me as i took my jacket off leaving me in a white semi c-thru blouse & a white sheer bra which did nothing to hide my perky nipples.

I think Hubs was pleased with the attention i was getting as he had told me before it makes him horny when Men look at me & chat me up as he looks on from the sidelines, we all had a few drinks as a Mini bus turned up to take us all to Tony,s house. We all piled into Tony,s house spreading ourselves around the kitchen & lounge to see more food & drink the music was on in the lounge & as i was in the kitchen with hubs i kept getting invited to the lounge for a dance by the other men there as only 1 other girlfriend Karen turned up & she was with a tall, bald young guy Simon who also worked with my hubs.

Then Tony came over to Karen & me said now girls it time for you to go and get changed into your fancy dress outfits, Tony led us upto the spare room to change my outfit was on a hanger in the room as Karen had hers in a bag,we changed amongst some laughter as Karens hire maids outfit couldnt cover her bum and she only had g-string & Hold ups under with some spikey heels. i stripped down to my g-string & hold ups putting on the miss Santa outfit it to was so short, Karen looked at me said you cant wear a bra with that its to tight.

So off came my bra Karen looked at me in a drunken state said you have lovely boobs Wendy & proceeded to rub ,pull my nipples which surprised even me, i tucked them in the outfit then Karen looked at the walls of the room to see Tony had 4 of the framed photos on the wall he had taken of me, Karen said there rude & very sexy luckily none of them showed my face as i took Karen back down stairs.

We walked into the lounge to a huge cheer from all the grinning & drunken men, we had 2 groups of men around us chatting, groping & kissing us then some of them danced with us as we tried to preserve orr modesty as the men had their hands in our nix & pulled our boobs out.I looked at Hubs to see him sat drinking, smiling & drunk looking at us both with the men as Simon took my hand leading me upstairs we went into the spare bedroom he pushed me against the wall saying i have heard all about you as he kissed me & pulled my g-string down my legs his hand cupped my pussy as he rubbed my clit sinking a finger into my wet pussy.

I pulled the top down to free my boobs he sucked urgently on my nipples as i undid his jeans pushing them down with his boxers his cock sprung out i slid down the wall to kneel in front of him, he pulled my head so his cock pressed against my lips. I opened my mouth as he pushed it deeper he was saying how good it felt as i licked an sucked him & the other guys had been right about me being sexy, i stopped to ask him what about Karen downstairs he said well Oz had asked him if he got the chance could he fuck Karen as he fancied her & i told him go for it mate!

Simons cock was throbbing in my hand as i sucked him, he told me to lay on the bed, i threw Karens & my clothes on the floor as Simon climbed between my spread legs sliding into me, i said have you got a condom! He said ive heard i dont need one with you Wendy! so i resigned myself to the fact that another of my hubs work mates would fill my womb with his cum Simon said he loved my tits with his face all over them as he fucked me our tongues playing tonsil tennis, he soon gave a grunt as he pumped his baby juice into me as i was trying to get over 2 succesive cums i had just had under him.

He kissed me said thanks & stood up to get dressed as he to looked at the photos on the wall, he glanced at me said is that you i nodded he said very nice i will see you downstairs in a minute leaving me with his cum seeping out from my pussy. I lay there playing with a wet nipple as the door opened & Tony walked in he smiled said you OK stripping as he made his way onto the bed,He kissed me saying how horny i looked in my outfit downstairs, where upon i asked him wheres Karen ?

He told me that Simon has just walked into the lounge to see Oz fucking her on all4,s as she was sucking on Pat,s thick cock & she has only just finished sucking your old man,s cock for him, telling him that Simon was upstairs fucking you with his much harder cock.I said she didnt did she - Tony nodded then asked me to lift my bum to pull the outfit off me so i was just in my hold-ups & heels.

Tony asked if i liked the decor as i held his cock coating the head in juice, i nodded & said Fuck me please, he replied it,ll be my pleasure he was as good as his word making me cum again & again before he to added to that baby juice inside my womb.I went for a quick shower with Tony as he soaped my body, kissing me all over as well he then led me downstairs just as Oz splashed his cum all over Karen,s back & bum as Pat sat on the floor his fat cock shrinking.

Tony took me over to Jason who was sat stroking his big cock, Tony threw some cushions on the floor as Jason told me to kneel up on the cushions & suck him as he stood in front of me,i looked across the room to see Karen sat next to my hubs pulling on his limp cock as she rubbed Simon,s cock with the other hand. I then returned my attention to Jason,s cock licking, sucking it covering it with my dripping saliva determined to put on a show for my hubs to see, Jason pulled my hair told me to go on all4,s knelt behind me making me jump as he slapped my arse several times i groaned as he slapped me my cum juices already running down my legs with excitement.

I then felt Jason slapping my arse with his big hard cock stabbing it between my pussy lips before slapping me with it again, then he thrust into me making me gasp as the air left my lungs, he slipped in an out so it felt like he was taking it out of me befoe ramming it back deep inside me. I knew Jason was performing for my hubs benefit i opened my eyes as Oz put his stiff cock into my open mouth i could taste Karen,s cum on his cock as my tongue wrapped itself around his cock.

So there i was being roasted between Jason & Oz, as Pat joined in by reaching under me to feel,rub & suck on my hanging tits, i suddenly became aware of Oz forcing his cock down my throat as he pumped his warm cum into my belly,i licked his cock clean as he withdrew from my mouth. I looked across to see my hubs had just cum over Karen.s arse as she was gulping down Simon,s juice but as my hubs covered Karen he was watching intently what was happening to me & gave me a smile.

It then became obvious to me the way Jason dug his nails into my flesh he was going to cum soon, i said out loud for everyone to hear to Jason please fuck me fill me with your cum, give me your babies as i was about to cum with him when he suddenly pulled out of me & shot his cum between my open pussy before he pushed it all back inside me as he made sure everybody knew he was filling me with his cum juice.

Jason just held me there as the spasm,s from his cock stopped & as he pulled back from me i became aware of lights flashing as I saw Tony taking photos of us there, i looked under my body to see strings of Jason,s cum running from his cock to my gaping pussy. I looked again to see him winding the strings up on his fingers & pushing them back inside my pussy, Jason lifted me up in his arms to kiss me, we kissed passionately like long lost lovers as he took me over to my hubs & sat me down on his lap.

My hubs kissed me & said he loved me, after that people began to leave i went to change , came down kissed Tony thanking him for a lovely time & went over to Jason who was chatting to my hubs i kissed Jason thanked him for fucking me & filling me full with his cum as he reached under my skirt to put his fingers inside me pulling them out to give to me to suck clean, his final act as i took hubs hand leading him out to the taxi. TBC :- i have more to tell if you would like to hear xxxx let me know ?