Written by tinkerbell6469

7 Dec 2012

Following on from Part 2 the next morning i went off to work knowing my hubs would be home later, I had a call from Jason telling me what he had told Hubs what had gone on Saturday night, i was worried now! Jason told him they picked me up and dropped me back home & i had given them a coffee before the pair of them had shagged me rotten all night, (i gasped )i think Jason heard, bursting out laughing! but actually told him they had a coffee & left soon after.

Then he told me he & Oz had planned something last night and hubs would probably tell me more, i was now unsure and eager to hear hubs story. He came in seeing me dressed in some matching undies carried me upstairs where i sucked him off & then hard again where upon he gave me a very nice fucking, i told him i had missed him ! We lay chatting he told me that he b got back to work filling in some paper work ,when Oz came up behind him wiping his fingers under his nose & over his lips hubs could taste a very distinct aroma clipping Oz around the ears.

A few minutes later Jason did the same thing, hubs told them to Fuck off!, he said is that pussy i can taste the 2 of them came over to tell him they had met a girl after they had dropped me off Saturday night. Then last night they had both fucked her stupid and thought they would give me a taste as they hadnt washed their dicks since last night & as hubs was unlikely to have tasted any while away. I told hubs they are dirty sods doing that he agreed!

I knew right away they were teasing him by making him taste theirs and mine cum juices, i had a call at work from Jason a few days later arranging for hubs to spend sometime away from a Weds thru to the following Weds/Thurs so again the weekend was free, the Thursday sooon arrived & i had a text from Oz asking if he could call that night. I told him to park his car down the road & i would leave the door open for him, he turned up bringing me a small present, we kissed as he told me he had missed me, i had worn just a g-string, hold-ups, heels with a Maids costume over the top.

Oz said Fuck i want you now as we went upstairs he told his maid to undress him i got him down to his boxers see a wet stain forming pulled them off to taste his pre-cum,i was wet & ready for him as i had a rub while waiting for him. Oz told me to lay back licking my pussy, telling me how he loved my juice, he asked for a condom i took some out the draw rolling one over his cock for him i told him to lay back as i wanted to ride him so he could play with & suck my tits for me.

Oz held his cock upright as i slipped down onto it his balls hard against my arse,he loved my tits making me cum twice then asking me to turn around facing his toes Oz kept telling me i had a perfect arse as his cock seemed to get even harder he began to play with my tight hole easing his wet thumb into me i had another cum as it entered my hole. Then i felt his cock throb filling that condom, he asked if i minded Jason not using a condom when he had fucked me before - i just said well its too late once he had done it as i hadnt realised he wasnt wearing one but i did think it was strange i could taste myself on his cock afterwards.

We lay there cuddling until i went down to lick his cock again, Oz said youre a sex pot & one i like to fill.We lay in a 69 his cock in my throat pumping his cum into my belly my pussy was awash with his spit & my juices, i got upto go lock the house up & to make some drinks we chatted and Oz asked to see my toys. He had a look thru them picking out 2 he handed me the smaller one asking me to play with it, as he pulled out my camera again telling me to show him how i pleasure myself.

I turned the control & began to rub it over my tits, my nipples were soon erect i ran it down my front & up & down my legs before letting the tip touch my clit i gasped for air running a finger between my pussy feeling how wet it was, i looked at Oz i said i want you Please! Tho Oz insisted i carry on as he used the camera, i lay the toy over my pussy clamping my thighs around it rolling side to side as i was near to cumming, then i stopped opened my legs wide pushing that toy deep into my pussy Oz whispered a Wow as i bought a hand upto one nipple rubbing it as i started to cum.

The next i knew was Oz,s tongue licking my pussy drinking up all my juices, i begged Oz to fuck me now, he crept up my body as we kissed each others faces & lips,Oz pulled the toy out of me licking it clean,his cock stiff against my inner thigh i pulled him into me i needed fucking! He began to rock back & forth inside me suddenly saying i dont have a condom on i will have to take it out, i grabbed his arse keeping him inside me ,i whispered fuck me please just fuck me!

I soon had another cum with his cock inside me & with all the excitement i could feel Oz was about to cum soon, i told him to fill me up i lay there humping my pussy up to meet his thrusts as he said i am cumming Wendy but pulled backwards covering my tits with his warm cream i was upset he hadnt filled me with his cream but had noticed he always used a condom. He kissed me telling me how wonderful this evening had been & how he loved my pussy gripping his cock milking it of its cream.

We lay there drifting off to sleep his hand between my legs my hand on his cock,next thing i noticed was my alarm going off i pressed my arse back against Oz to feel his cock erect once again, he lifted my leg to slide into me in the spoons position this time with a condom on. He fucked me that way for some minutes with me telling him to bite the back of my neck as he did i had a cum, my arm reaching back to pull him into me,soon Oz,s body jerked as he filled that condom once more.

We had a shower together washing each other, then some breakfast and while Oz sat back drinking his coffee i knelt between his legs licking his cock ,he was soon hard once more as i carried on to suck the last of his man juice down my throat before i let him go off to work even tho he was late. I dressed & opened my present he had left me, i looked to see a skimpy bikini set which i thought would struggle to cover my nipples and my pussy but thought maybe that was the idea & made my way to work also late.

I had a call from Oz to say thank you for letting him sleep with me & hoping i liked the present i told him i would try it on later, where he told me it would be useful over the coming weekend as they had plans for me, i couldnt wait ! TBC.

BTW thanks for the comments folks love to hear them, dont stop now !Hope you have as much fun reading my story as i did acting it out ! xxxxxxxx