Written by tinkerbell6469

12 Jan 2013

I stepped out of the shower with Tony (my hubs Boss)as he grabbed a couple of towels & we dried ourselves chatting as we went to his kitchen, Oz followed us still filming with the video cam. As i sat down at the table while Tony made the 3 of us some drinks, Pat walked in went over to Tony spoke to him & Tony nodded, Pat came and sat down to chat & asked me to come & sit on his lap. I stood in front of him & he told me to straddle his muscular thighs and sit facing him, Tony gave us a drink each then appeared again with the camera while Oz still filmed.

Pat chatted to me his hands running over my body he was very attentive to my boobs & arse pulling me forward till my clit & pussy was rubbing against his hard, thick cock (i looked down to see it was about as thick as my wrist)while Pat told me he wished he was 30 years younger and had met me. He lifted me up resting me on the head of his cock while he buried his face in my boobs his stubble burniing against my boobs as my hands held his shoulders i wriggled until my pussy lips parted sliding my wet pussy down over his fat cock.

I told him it was so thick & i loved it as i moved slowly up an down it, Pat said its about time he had his cock inside me as even tho he had enjoyed me sucking him off twice tonight,this is what he had been looking forward to after hearing all about me from Jason & the others.I was soon riding his cock with a bit more ease as my juices covered his cock as Pat nibbled,sucked on my nipples,i closed my eyes as he took mouthfuls of my boobs biting them leaving them covered with teeth marks like tatoo,s it was enough to give me my 1st cum on his cock which he seemed to enjoy.

He told me in all the years he had been married (his wife had died 5 years ago) she would never suck his cock for him and sex was always on her back in bed,he added he had only seen her kiss 1 man while drunk at a Xmas party just after they married. Pat told us all he had loved watching us this evening especially me as i enjoyed myself taking one cock after another & even seeing me with 4 men at one time. I told Pat i was cumming again & he said he would soon lifting me up as he grabbed a condom off the table took it out i tried to roll it over the big plum coloured head of his cock but it split i took another, tried again it split again.

I could see the frustration on his face & lowering myself down on his cock again i whispered to him to fuck me an fill me up with his cum, tears appeared on his face as i rode him bouncing up an down his mouth leaving my boobs,shoulders & neck covered with his dark tatoo,s again, i was cumming over his cock again & again until he groaned filling me with his cum, biting my shoulder making me scream. We sat there holding each other as he said sorry for biting me & making a old man very happy, before telling us he better get off home now. Oz put the video cam down saying he had better go as well asking Pat for a lift home as he had to be out early in the morning.

I stood in the hall naked kissing & thanking them both for a lovely evening with their hands still feeling my body, i closed the door returning to see the other 3 men waiting for me in the lounge. On the TV was the film of Pat an myself, Jason held his hand out to pull me to the floor he turned me on all4,s towards Tony & David sat on the sofa, David was stroking his long coffee coloured cock as Tony pulled my face over to lick his cock as Jason fed his long ,thick cock into my cum filled pussy.I switched my attentions between Tony & David,s hard cocks as Jason,s cock bore deep inside me making me cum yet again.

Tony began chatting to me about the evening & my hubs & whether i wanted him to keep sending hubs away on these site jobs, i was giving him muffled answers & nods as it was difficult to speak with 2 lovely cocks taking turns filling your mouth & throat. David joined in chatting in his sexy French accent saying how much he was enjoying himself & hoped Tony & I might pay him a visit to his home in France & that he had some friends at the local Fire station who would also like to meet me, just then Tony said here it cums Wendy!, pumping his cum into my mouth with me gulping it down. I licked my lips catching some cum on my finger as it ran down my chin, David said so sexy Wendy as i licked my finger.

It seemed to set Jason off who banged my pussy so hard lifting me off my knees causing me to cum with Jason as his cock throbbed & pumped my pussy full with his cum, it had become the norm now for Jason to fuck me without a condom as he seemed determined to help put a baby in my belly (to help hubs out he told me), even Tony had said that earlier to me.I was falling for Jason & his cock with what he did for me to date, he made me so horny & excited when he fucked me, but not enogh to affect mine & hubs relationship.

As Jason pulled out i rested my cheek on Tony,s thigh to lick his soft cock as he touched my hair, David crawled behind me kissing my arse cheeks before filling my soaking cunt with his cock i reached out my hand to rub Jason,s creamy cock as i could hear David,s cock making my cunt suck & squelch with his thrusting. Jason threw David a condom but David didnt stop pounding my wet pussy as Tony,s cock began to grow with my attention, then a shout from David as he pulled backwards sending a shower of his sticky cum over my back & arse running down between my open pussy lips, my pussy quivering with a cum as David pulled out.

I rolled on my back onto the floor feeling exhausted my knees up & spread wide when Tony knelt down to push forward & put his hard cock into me again he lifted my legs turning me this way & that as he fucked me, while Jason & David lay either side of my head their cocks presented to my lips & tongue. I was licking & sucking along their lovely cocks tasting all our juices my nose seemed to pick up the smell of sex until Tony folded my legs over me & leaning over me on his outstretched arms began to pump me full with his cum (i wasnt aware if he had a condom on or not) as Jason seemed to be dolling them out to the others.

We turned the lights off making our way upto Tony,s huge bed, David went to his room to get some sleep as i curled up between Tony & Jason, as Tony held me kissing my lips, Jason spooned behind me lifting my leg to put his semi hard cock inside me as we all drifted off to sleep. We woke in the morning to have a good breakfast after our nights exertions, Jason asked if i was ok to get home as he had to go, Tony said he would look after me as Jason & I snogged on the door step. Then Tony asked me if he & David could take me shopping we set off to a couple of stores where he bought me some lingerie & then off to a shop selling various sexy outfits, he insisted on buying a couple of outfits one as a sexy Miss Santa & a PVC sexy Nurses outfit which they had me try on in the shop.

I walked out of the changing room to show them, Tony & David gave me the thumbs up but i was unaware there were a group of young lads behind me who had come into the shop & gave me a surprise as they shouted & cheered making lots of comments as to what they would like to do to me, i lifted the back of my dress flashing them my naked bum & ran back into the changing room to even more cheers. I came out with the outfits as Tony paid for them (they were out of my price range but very nice) as we walked out the shop the lads had waited for us making comments as we walked off me arm in arm between Tony & David.

We got back to Tony,s home i asked him if i could leave the outfits there as my hubs might ask questions, he said only if you get that PVC Nurse outfit on to show us again, we went to the bedroom as they watched me put it on & model it for them. I soon ended up back on the bed with a cock in my mouth as the other was in my pussy while i wore the outfit all under the lens of Tony,s Video cam as they swapped places several times & they had both cum in my mouth & pussy.

After Tony asked me to go back around to his house Wednesday night as David was leaving Thursday & they both wanted to have me again in the lingerie they had bought me but thats another story, TBC

Thanks again for the comments keep them coming as it all worth while typing my story X X