Written by outdoorman0

12 Mar 2010

Some years ago my wife stopped wanting sex with me in fact no touching or kissing , this was quite a shock for me at the time

but over the years i have got to live with it . She did still wants something from me that is to wank off in front of her this i have done

every day since she stopped wanting me to touch her .

This can happen any time of the day all she will say to me is cum for me now , this has become quite a task as late as its not just in the bedroom she now wants me to perform on demand so to speak when we are out .

The other day we were out walking and she suddenly wanted me to perform there and then , i suggested to her we should try and

get behind a tree in case some one comes along . No do it now while i sit on the wall soon i am wanking off then a guy walks around the corner with his dog he just smiles and looks at us nice day for it he takes a good look at my cock as i try to hide what i am doing

my wife smiles at him , we started to chat with him he seemed to relax her then he asked if she would like to see him cum that would be great she said . Well my cock is not small but i am cut and about 6'' i guess well this guy must have been 9'' at least and not cut .

She could not take her eyes off him .

I could see what was in her mind he was soon in tune with her and had her in his arms it all unfolded in front of me while i held his

dog . He undone her jeans with her help eased her jeans and panties down and off one leg so he could gain access to her pussy

a stranger was about to fuck my partner in front of me in seconds he was touching her pussy his finger slipped inside her she moaned

and quickly cum he then helped her lay down for him to enter her . I looked on as she let this man ease his cock inside her it all happened so gently and quietly in front my eyes soon she shouted with joy as her moment came he pushed into her and shuddered

as he had his moment he gently withdrew himself from inside her , standing up to look at me and smiled .I could not take my eyes off his cock it was huge and just hanging down now spent in side my wife . His words lovely meeting you guys bye for now off he went .

I looked at my wife as she put some tissues in the crutch of her panties to soak up his cum she got dressed while i wanked off for her .

We never seen the man again and things have not changed for us .