Written by yates

29 Apr 2011

that it wasn't going to be my day for relief. It started off well enough. A trip to a well-known lay-by a few miles from me and within a few minutes I had met a young man and gave him a bj. He was about to return the favour when a police car cruised by. He was off like a shot. And I did likewise.

So back to the pc and the swinging heaven chatroom. Several hours later and still none of my 'friends' had come out to play. So it got to the evening and after dinner I had one last look at the website. A chap from a few miles away asked if I liked being fucked. There was only one answer to that and so, a few minutes before 9 o'clock, I was knocking on his door. A good shafting followed but still no relief for me.

On my way back I decided to call at the lay-by again. Full of hgv's I found a gap and parked. Several cars cruised slowly by and disappeared then suddenly out of the dark a chap appeared at the window. Down came the window and after a few pleasantries I asked him what he was looking for. 'Anything', he said. I asked him if he was a truck driver and he replied he was in the one behind me. 'Do you want me to join you?', I asked. The answer being yes I climbed in his cab and he drew the curtains. He started to strip and then I got the surpise of the day. Underneath his work clothes he was dressed in sexy lingerie, stockings, the lot. Needless to say, that had my cocks' attention and it wasn't long before he was getting what I was enjoying a short while before.

So, in the end, not a bad day, especially for a man a few weeks short of his 80th birthday!