Written by Dakin

28 Mar 2016

I am in a situation where my wife see’s a guy and they have sex. She has my approval and I could have said no but I feel I could not deny her the pleasure.

Before we met she had a boyfriend who was a doctor, well an intern in his final year. She is a speech therapist. They met at a hospital that they were both working in.

She told me the sex they had was incredible, the best she ever had.

It was all down to one thing. He would put her knees, bend her head down so her bum was in the air. He would then lick and ream her arse hole and then put his index finger in her vagina and bend it so it pushed down on the front wall of her pussy. She would have the most mind blowing orgasms possible. She would convulse until she almost passed out and collapsed. The best part was then over for her.

He would then mount her or roll her over and fuck her. She just took his cock as she was so weak she was done in.

When she told me this I found it hard to believe as she is a very energetic fuck and normally moves well. My wife orgasms on my cock when I fuck her but she tells me it is nothing like what he used to do.

I have tried the finger thing which is good but not the tongue in her arse. It’s not my thing and I find it quite repulsive.

We have tried anal and I have fucked her twice in the arse but having my cock there didn’t do much for her. She would rather have it in her pussy. I have no problems licking her pussy and clit and do it regularly but I can’t do the arse thing.

Their relationship ended when he got caught with a drugs bust at the hospital. He was in a group of young doctors that made some money on the side. He went to jail and of course that finished him as a doctor.

We have been married 12 years and my wife is very talented and good at her job. She travels and trains other speech therapists in new techniques.

This brought her in contact with her boyfriend from the past when she visited a large rural town hospital. He now works as a journalist on the local newspaper and was there to cover the hospital training. She had lost all contact with him and had most probably forgotten him.

Seeing him made her remember what pleasure he had once given her.

They met and had coffee and then dinner but nothing more. When she came home she told me about the meeting. I asked her did she want to have sex with him again and she assured me she did not. We went to bed and fucked 2 times. I tried everything I could and although good it obviously wasn’t what he had once been able to do.

I didn’t use my tongue but used fingers in her bum while I fingered her pussy but never got the desired reaction. She doesn’t hold it against me as she finds arse licking repulsive herself and told me she tried to stop him the first time he did it but soon gave in when she had such an explosive reaction of pleasure.

When she had to return to the country hospital for more training I told her to go ahead and let him do it to her again. She was unsure but I assured her I was ok and happy for her to try it once again.

She is a wonderful wife and when she is away she calls me 2 times a day at least.

She told me they were meeting on the second evening. She called me a third time late, about 11 pm and told me he had just left her hotel room. They had had dinner and then walked and talked and she admitted to him she missed what he used to do to her.

She asked him if he would do it again and he eagerly agreed. She then asked him not to fuck her. She knew she would be almost too exhausted to stop him. She told him she would make it up to him when she recovered.

They went to her room and he did exactly what he had done many years before. That was the licking, reaming and the fingering. She said it was just as good and the same as it had been years before. He just let her callaspe on the bed and he waited.

After about 15 minutes she felt ok and went to work on him and played with his cock and sucked him till he came in her mouth. She is a swallower so that was no surprise to me when she told me.

When she came home the next evening she told me all about it again only in more detail. We fucked and she kept thanking me. Even after we had fucked she went down on me and sucked me off just like she had done him.

It was seeing her so happy and satisfied that I said to her to see him again when she wanted to and to go through with full sex. I could see no harm and I felt strangely obligated to him that he was doing something for my wife that I would not or could not do.

Nothing happened for 6 weeks as the scheduled training at that hospital had finished for now. But she was visiting another hospital not far away and arranged a stopover of one night to see him on her way home again.

She waited until they were undressing and starting with some foreplay before she told him she wanted him to go all the way with her. She took a packet of condoms from her bag and gave him one just encase he didn’t have any with him.

After they had finished she told him that she and I had discussed it and she had my approval. He left then as she made it clear she didn’t want to sleep the whole night with him.

Over the past 18 months she has managed to see him a number of times. Every 2 or 3 months depending on her program. I can live with the situation. I am only too happy knowing that she experiences this unique pleasure.

I have no desire to be involved or watch them. Just knowing she is getting something she missed is enough. She has no real feelings for him and if I could do what he does then she would not see him at all. She has told me as much.

Sadly I just can’t bring myself to do it but I do respect him for availing himself and giving her the pleasure again.